What´s your happy place?

Posted 2 weeks ago2023-05-12 23:27:55 UTC
When things get overwhelming in your life, or when it gets too hard or too tough, what do you do? How do you relax and get yourself together?


Commented 2 weeks ago2023-05-13 09:10:44 UTC Comment #105258
I have a happy place but I don't know how I get to it.

Though maybe it's drawing stuff that is my happy place.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-05-13 11:45:00 UTC Comment #105260
There is a small park five minutes from my house that I literally call "Happy Place" on my map.


I love taking my dog there and let her roam around in the urban oasis. When she's happy, I'm happy.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-05-13 11:56:35 UTC Comment #105261
I honestly don't know. Whenever I'm feeling very bad, first thing I do is just talk to a few friends about how I'm having a bad time and let them listen to me. Next best thing I do is take a long walk alone in the nature and convince myself everything will be fine.

What happens is it either goes away gradually and/or something good enough happens to calm me down a lot. Most often though, it's gradual. I'd say it's less my mind that relaxes, more so my body. Weirdly enough they're very interconnected in the sense that if something makes me extremely upset, it also makes me actually physically sick. Also vice-versa, illness severely affects my thinking.

I don't think I particularly have a happy place. A happy place would be one where I can just forget about it all, but I can't if it's always on my mind. Once I start clearing my mind up a bit, whatever place I'm in turns a little bit happier. Hence I like those walks in nature.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-05-14 04:21:32 UTC Comment #105263
Eat, sleep.
Commented 2 weeks ago2023-05-14 11:35:34 UTC Comment #105264
Sometimes I have to remind myself to be kind to myself and ignore the stupid self-critical thoughts that creep up on me - recognizing when they are irrational and not helping me become a happier or better person is often enough to make them go away. Exercise or cooking something nice helps otherwise
Commented 1 week ago2023-05-17 08:01:17 UTC Comment #105267
Black Mesa Xen soundtrack
Commented 1 week ago2023-05-17 09:51:14 UTC Comment #105268
Whenever I feel sad or just un-happy about the current situations in my life, I will tuned in to some comforting music and re-assure myself that everything would be fine. I sometimes sing-along to the music that I listen it too, and for the whole duration of that, I forgot everything that make my day go bad.
Commented 1 week ago2023-05-18 13:42:19 UTC Comment #105270
If I'm feeling overwhelmed it's usually due to either work or my kids having a difficult day. In any case, my happy place is probably gaming online with a couple of close friends. Honestly the game doesn't matter. I'll play a horror game or an RTS if that's what they want to play, but really it's about the banter with a couple of like-minded people.

If nobody is online then I'll throw on some synthwave, get myself a fresh cup of coffee and do something creative whether that be writing or level design.

That being said, if I absolutely cannot deal with staring at a screen, I live a couple of minutes walk from a canal which meanders off into the woods in both directions. Makes for a lovely nature walk when the sun's out.
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