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Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 17:18:59 UTC
in Say goodbye Post #44456
Whoa, did I join just in time for the fall of TWHL? :(

Too bad...

But you guys are right, there are too many ppl join too fast and submitting crap. Most of my maps get 3/5 and 4/5 ratings (thank god) but whenever I go to the map vaults, I see tons of 1/5's and 2/5's. It's ridiculous at the number of mega-noobs just joining and submitting maps that are made up of a room into the completed map vaults! Not only is VOX leaving, but so is Pepper.

This site is like a city. It's a pretty good small town, but people notice the beauty of the land around it, and many people come to the town. They find some minerals in the ground that would make everyone rich. More people hear about this and come to the town. Soon, there are big factories everywhere, polluting the land. The old town is ruins, because everyone now lives in apartment complexes near the factories. Soon, there are commercial bussinesses everywhere. People from all around are flocking to the city. The city grows massive, but the quality of the land goes away.

And that's the story of TWHL...

Here's some comparisons:

Town/City: TWHL
Land: The maps in the map vault
People: Members of the site
Apartment Complexes: Forums
Factories: Tools used to create maps
Commercial Bussinesses: Members telling others about their maps in the forums.
Old Town: Old parts of the map vault

"As the town grew into a city, the land quality got worse and worse" is the same as "As TWHL gets bigger, the maps get worse"

:( :( :( :( :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 17:03:43 UTC
in the good old gman Post #44448
The HD pack gave him too many wrinkles, which he has almost none of in HL2, except maybe a bit near his eyes. :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 17:02:18 UTC
in I need a modeler. Post #44446
No more mods from noobs! Well, a noob trying to make a mod is a good thing I guess, because once they try to make a mod, and fail, that seems to be the end of their noobish days. :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 16:57:55 UTC
in Nihilanth Post #44443
When you fight nihilanth and you get warped for the first time during the battle, while you fall it sounds like he is saying "You're alone, you're alone, you're alone," and it seems to echo three times. But that's just what it sounded like to me. :|
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 14:54:18 UTC
in The HL story Post #44384
The Xen Aliens made Half-Life to make us believe that they don't exist but they really exist and they're going to invade us soon and the Gman really exists and he's watching the invasion for his own amusement and I think I heard something outside so I'm getting really freaked out and what the hell was that I heard it again I'm going to go get my crowbar and then the oh my god is that a headcrab holy s*** they're coming for me because I know and I'm going to get out of here and let me just tell you again that the gman is watching you and the aliens from Xen are coming for you and portals are opening in my room and my bed just disappeared in one and so did my TV and now all these headcrabs are coming and oh my god run everyone because they're coming and they'll get you guys after me because they think that you know that they're real and the Gman is my neighbor and I didn't even know until now because he just walked out of his house and I just killed a couple of headcrabs they aren't getting me I think loud music scares them so I'm turning on my stereo and they're running away and I think I just heard a Gargantua and oh my god there he is bashing through my wall and I'm going to run now bye!

lol, is that what you thought of us zeeba-G?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 00:52:30 UTC
in Post #44247
2 mins? LMAO! :lol:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-24 00:48:25 UTC
in When is HL2 release date? Post #44246
You mean SDK (Software Development Kit)? :confused:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 20:53:39 UTC
in Post #44175
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 18:38:17 UTC
in Post #44141
Me too... I already have about half of my map down. :P

Then I'm getting to work on the entities.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 18:20:09 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #44128
I wanna be part of the mod, but I couldn't get to that chat thing. You need to give a direct link to it. :confused:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 16:03:08 UTC
in my new map Post #44090
The map doesn't have enough detail in it. Work on detail in that big first room. :roll:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 16:01:19 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #44089
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 15:59:33 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #44088
You can check out my work in the map vault. Search for my old map, Zombies. I made that quite a while ago, so I'm better then that now, but that was my only horror map. Here, I'll give you the link:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 15:57:01 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #44087
Put me down for mapping if you need help with it.
I'm not really busy right now. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 13:22:20 UTC
in what do i need Post #44010
Hey hiccups, why don't you submit some maps to the map vault so we can see what level you're at. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 03:37:37 UTC
in what do i need Post #43917
Yeah, you should wait for HL2 to make a mod. There's not much time left if you're going to make one for HL. :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-23 03:35:06 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #43916
No, sorry. Do you need help with anything besides modeling and animation?
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 22:22:01 UTC
in Post #43887
How about, August 5th?
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 20:41:27 UTC
in Post #43876
I'll enter. My map will be here soon. BTW: What's the deadline? :confused:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 19:58:41 UTC
in Post #43870
Sure, I'll probably be in it. I just need to know what I have to do. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 19:57:03 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #43868
Sorry, nvm, my modeler isn't working. I thought it was but I never checked it after my comp got a virus until now. But I could give you the suggestions that I thought of. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 19:17:27 UTC
in Model/Animation Makers - Step Right Up! Post #43852
Hey dude, I could model the melee weapons for you. I have all kinds of ideas for it. :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 15:35:07 UTC
in Joke's Post #43807
Here's one:

A doctor, a Jew, and a lawyer walk into a bar.
The bartender says, "What is this, a joke?"

I heard it from one of my friends, I don't know why he thought it was funny, just posting it to let you know how dumb ppl are. :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 14:31:43 UTC
in CS: Source on Steam Post #43796
I found out that you can start pre-loading it onto your steam on August 5th. It is playable on the 10th to I think the end of August. I'm not so sure on how long you can have it for, but the 5th and the 10th are right. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-22 01:23:59 UTC
in CS: Source on Steam Post #43641
I know that CZ isn't much an improvment from CS, especially the graphics. The only thing good about it besides CS:S beta is new wads and maps, but that isn't that good because ppl are taking the maps in CZ and making them into CS maps. :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-21 19:52:45 UTC
in CS: Source on Steam Post #43585
I found out that people subscribing to the Steam cafes and people who have CS: Condition Zero on Steam will get CS: Source beta for free on their Steam. That alone is making me buy CS: Condition Zero! :P

If you don't believe me check out the news on the Steam site. The news came out about 2 weeks ago, but I just noticed it yesterday.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-21 16:47:00 UTC
in first map Post #43529
lol, another "so"
I love that! :P
But he's right, what's so special about it? :zonked:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-21 16:45:28 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #43526
lol, didn't you read the rest of the forum esmajor? :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-21 14:45:52 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #43480
Yeah, that looked cool, because you get a lotta variety from just one room in those ones.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-21 01:01:21 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43379
Not, its:

Focal Point
A Leap of Faith
Power Struggle
A Leap of Faith

In the first a leap of faith you were returning from aligning the emitters. It only lasted about a minute. It was when you had to leap into the portal back to earth while all the enemies were appearing and shooting at you.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 21:23:17 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43375
Leap of faith has two parts. Its:

A Leap of Faith
Power Struggle
A Leap of Faith
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 21:23:14 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43374
Leap of faith has two parts. Its:

A Leap of Faith
Power Struggle
A Leap of Faith
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 18:10:37 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43330

BTW: How long did that take coolfat? :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 18:08:57 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #43327
There were old compos where you download a base map and change it to make your compo entry. They were called "Map from Base".
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 18:03:19 UTC
in Does anyone rate their own maps... Post #43319
Whoever rates their own maps should give it 5 stars. If you don't, I bet one of your best friends is your own gun. :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 18:00:54 UTC
in New Mod coming soon... Post #43315
It looks like its going to. There's way more info about it than last year.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 17:59:35 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #43312
Yeah, but I'm just saying, there has only been two in the past. Why aren't there any others? :
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 15:18:15 UTC
in A Horror Idea, Some Screens Post #43226
Yeah. Fog sucks. Everyone thinks it makes the map scary! But most of the time it doesn't! :x
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 15:15:11 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43225
Yeah, I think c3a1 is Xen.
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 13:48:32 UTC
in BedWetterz ideas Post #43194
lol... :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 13:47:37 UTC
in Map Ideas Post #43193
My ideas come from my toilet... jk. :D

I think up my ideas in my own imagination. I mix all of the things I see in life into one thing, and twist and tweak it into a map. Sort of like modern art. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 13:45:06 UTC
in New Mod coming soon... Post #43192
Better hurry. HL2 is almost out! :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 13:44:00 UTC
in Very Good Comp.idea! ! ! Post #43191
Pepper is right, that is a bad idea!

It's so bad, that it cursed the thread with this number: 666!

:badass: :badass: :badass: :badass: :badass:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 13:41:21 UTC
in Favorite HL/OP4/BS Chapters Post #43188
I love the biodomes in op4. Those are sooooooo cool. It's also the part where you get my favorite weapon, the barnacle! :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 00:59:41 UTC
in HL music Post #43062
I used windows media player. I put in the HL cd, opened up the media player, and copied all the songs onto my comp. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-20 00:57:12 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #43061
There should be. There was only two. :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-19 21:11:41 UTC
in YAY!! i'm gonna take my time this *t Post #42979
lol, I tryed to make you take your time, and it worked! :D
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-19 21:08:00 UTC
in "Map From Base" Compos Post #42977
Are there going to be anymore compos with the map from base rule? :confused:
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-19 21:04:44 UTC
in YAY!! i'm gonna take my time this *t Post #42975
Saw what I wrote everywhere? :P
Posted 16 years ago2004-07-19 20:57:44 UTC
in BedWetterz ideas Post #42972
Make an ending to the map.