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Posted 15 years ago2005-12-04 08:49:19 UTC
in I hate comedy central Post #150362
I agree entirely with the South Park comments. Not having access to comedy central myself, I wouldn't know anything about it, so I'll assume it's crap.
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-26 09:46:02 UTC
in life? Post #149235
Although I have no power on this site, I would like to request that people tone down their criticisms about religion. It's all very well to think it's a load of bull, but there's no need to put people down by saying things like "religion is for pussies". If you don't believe in anything, that's fine, as everyone's entitled to an opinion, but tone it down. Who knows, maybe one day some stressy bastard'll join this site and you might offend him...and stressy bastards can be a nightmare at times, especially when stressed.
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-19 12:17:47 UTC
in Next Compo ideas! Post #147994
I say we do an intro map. Haven't had a competition for that, and it'd be interesting to see what people came up with. Wouldn't necessarily have to be a tram, could be anything.
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-14 16:13:18 UTC
in Now Playing Post #147136
Men At Work - Down Under
The Proclaimers - Letter from America
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-14 15:46:04 UTC
in Now Playing Post #147133
Gorillaz and Blur are both excellent...Blur are great if you want just one kind of music, but Gorillaz are so random that you can enjoy them in any situation. I love 'em both.

Are there any more Pet Shop Boys fans here?

Pet Shop Boys - What have I done to deserve this?
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-10 18:58:22 UTC
in Now Playing Post #146450
Blur - Beetlebum
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-10 18:57:14 UTC
in Goodbye, Friends Post #146449
I know we never spoke much, but goodbye. I wish you well in all future ventures.
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-06 15:11:16 UTC
in To anyone who lives in London Post #145767
If you said exactly what you wanted help with in London it would help.
Posted 15 years ago2005-11-01 13:10:19 UTC
in Competition 17 Post #144699
Captain P, yes it is. I think I meant to use the word's frustrating waiting for the results if you finish that early. Then again, if you finish that early, it's prob not gd enough.
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-30 18:42:24 UTC
in Competition 17 Post #144506
Two weeks is not enough in case you make a last minute change and it goes wrong. I've been struggling with time in two week competitions, never had a problem with four weeks. And I'm not entering this one, but if I can find time I'll do the next.
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-30 11:30:22 UTC
in Competition 17 Post #144462
Thing is, if you get your entry done nice and early, you get bored waiting, whereas if you have almost no free time, you're really pushed to get it in. Four weeks has been plenty of time to get an entry in for all the competitions I've entered before.
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-28 13:46:28 UTC
in Titles Post #144174
Ok sounds good.
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-28 08:13:24 UTC
in Titles Post #144129
Would it be possible to have multiple titles? Both "content contributor" and "decorated member" apply to me, but there isn't a title for both...multiple titles or a new one please?
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-25 09:02:30 UTC
in Now Playing Post #143573
Blur - The Universal
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-25 05:56:34 UTC
in Now Playing Post #143518
Finally someone likes my taste in music.

South Park - La Resistance Medley
Phantom Planet - California
19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) - Gorillaz

No, not simultaneously, that'd sound silly.
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-21 14:26:50 UTC
in Now Playing Post #142704
Ooh someone else likes Rammstein. Mind you I don't like 'em all that much, metal's not really my thing, but they're quite funny.

David Bowie - Space Oddity (love that song)

Coming soon:

blink-182 - All Of This
Gorillaz - 19-2000 (soulchild remix)
Pet Shop Boys - Go West (don't laugh at me, I love this song)
Posted 15 years ago2005-10-02 05:49:58 UTC
in Security Camera's Post #138712
They used a texture which was a picture of the area being filmed. If you used it, you could see it through a trigger_camera, and could see people doing various things.
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-24 04:35:18 UTC
in first impressions Post #137082
Seventh: atom/Andy's replacement, as neither are here much any more
SlayerA: Moderator that rarely shows up but is incredibly helpful
m0p: Computer nerd on TWHL, but has a great social life in reality
ZL: Good mapper not to be taken too literally sometimes
Vassy: GOD

Feel free to give nice opinions of me :P
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-15 13:20:06 UTC
in Now Playing Post #134902
Rammstein - Spieluhr
James Blunt - Wisemen
Kaiser Chiefs - You Can Have It All
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-10 14:29:30 UTC
in I got an Idea 2 Post #133807
Is this project even still alive?
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-02 18:07:33 UTC
in Windows SP 2 Post #131869
Works fine with me.
Posted 15 years ago2005-09-02 18:05:34 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #131868
I hate to think what they all sound like at the same time. I wasn't actually listening to most of them (not even sure if it was one of them), I just thought I'd post 6 of my favourites. So here are some more:

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

(I don't especially like pop, but it's hilarious after a recent joke on a cadet camp about it being what the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit march to...listen to the lyrics and you'll get it)

Pet Shop Boys - Go West

(More crap pop, but it's very well done even if it sounds shit)

Yanni/Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire

(I know it's again but I love this song...or rather piece of music)

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-28 12:31:36 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #130498
Blink-182 - Asthenia
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
The Libertines - Up The Bracket
The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now
Yanni/Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire
Muse - Time Is Running Out
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-25 11:26:57 UTC
in The real thing Post #129672
Being a cadet, I've fired the following weapons:

L98A1 Cadet GP rifle (single shot version of the British Army L85A2/SA80A2). Recoil is noticeable but not large, also fired this weapon with blank ammunition at people (from a safe distance), there is almost no recoil with blanks.

L86A2 Light Support Weapon (LSW) (One kind of British Army machine gun, very similar to the L85A2 but with a longer barrel and bipod, I've fired it semi auto and full auto :D). Same recoil as L98A1.

Clay pigeon shooting shotgun. Recoil is ridiculously large, really hurts shoulder.

Clay pigeon shooting shotgun(s), I actually hit something :D Similar recoil to L98A1.

Just so you know, my target shooting is shocking and I can't shoot to save my life (possibly), but I haven't shot anyone yet, at least not with live ammunition (blanks from a distance are safe) :P
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-24 15:27:35 UTC
in Competition 15 Post #129468
Thanks for encouragement Seventh. I'll see if I can find some time soon, cos I have a ton of work to do in only a week :
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-24 12:31:15 UTC
in Competition 15 Post #129434
I might enter. Could be funny.
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-23 12:08:18 UTC
in An idea for compo 15 Post #129278
An intro map. We haven't had a compo for this, and it could be fun. It wouldn't necessarily be a black mesa tram, could be an osprey ride or truck ride or something. But it'd have to be interesting, fun, etc. Mapper chooses the story and situation. HL1.
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-07 14:02:36 UTC
in Which do you think of? Post #126595
Twull...or possible twirl. Nice easy way of summarising it in one syllable.
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-07 13:58:51 UTC
in Modeling Competition 1: Weapons Post #126592
Bloody american weapons...what happened to the good old SA80? How come it's not in any games...:x
I would enter but I'm not too good at modelling.
Posted 15 years ago2005-08-03 05:09:44 UTC
in Rep system Post #125582
There's a star system on HIT ( and no-one that I know of has complained bout it.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-28 14:20:26 UTC
in London Post #124157
Lol. In very bad taste but hilarious.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-22 13:39:42 UTC
in I got an Idea 2 Post #122754
I don't think I'll be able to beta test any more due to time constraints. However, when the time comes, I'll see if I can still do it.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-14 12:40:27 UTC
in Married Post #120818
Congratulations etc.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-14 05:41:49 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #120737
Team America - Freedom isn't free
The Darkness - Givin' up
The Killers - Smile like you mean it
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-10 14:21:37 UTC
in Chavs Post #120157
Just wondering, does trev stand for anything? For the uneducated:

Trevs are basically the same as chavs, although they have a tendency to wear their caps backwards rather than high and forward. I think trev is only used to describe them in some parts of the UK, and usually the term chav is used as well. Correct me if any of these details are wrong.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-09 12:57:39 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #119907
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-02 17:50:46 UTC
in assination hiring service Post #118272
Very amusing site.
Posted 15 years ago2005-07-01 16:14:20 UTC
in WAre you still with us, Dr. Freeman? Post #118111
I will probably remain active for sometime, but in a low profile.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-29 13:45:05 UTC
in WAre you still with us, Dr. Freeman? Post #117735
Although I rarely go on IRC and don't appear that often any more, I usually check the site at least once every day.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-27 14:57:37 UTC
in People You Like Here On TWHL [closed] Post #117526
Everyone add me. NOW.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-24 13:36:05 UTC
in Are you ready for it...? Post #116791
I say that sometime soon we have a big compo, where you get twice the normal time (so 2 months instead of 1) and have to make something bloody amazing, and instead of one distinct theme, have a choice (and allow more than one to be used).
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-23 13:47:57 UTC
in I'm back (again) Post #116429
Remember me? I remember your name but don't remember much else.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-22 14:09:07 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #116171
Outkast (Andre 3000) - Hey ya!

Listened to america fuck yeah several times in a row a few days ago, it's sooooo good.

Christmas FUCK YEAH
Immigrants FUCK YEAH
Democrats FUCK YEAH
Conservatives (fuck yeah?) FUCK YEAH

Great song!
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-19 18:01:27 UTC
in My Birthday!!! Post #115444
I tried haggis once, it's actually rather nice.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-19 18:00:11 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #115441
Team America - America, fuck yeah
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-08 03:41:45 UTC
in Hola! oh another new 1 Post #113209
Love the david brent thing.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-07 07:25:58 UTC
in what was your worse memory? Post #113070
The crazy frog is a complete disgrace. Whoever created it deserves to be tortured, shot, tortured a bit more, shot a bit more, and then be attacked by an angry crowd of crazy frog haters.
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-07 05:11:16 UTC
in Milkshape 3D Post #113060
I paid for mine and never got the registration code. It's not that expensive, just try to save up the money. If you don't get a code like me, there is a working cd key somewhere on the internet, although most of them don't work. I wouldn't recommend it unless you've paid. It's illegal ;)
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-05 06:20:57 UTC
in Song you're listening to now Post #112696
Red hot chili peppers - can't stop (live)
Posted 15 years ago2005-06-04 11:03:08 UTC
in what was your worse memory? Post #112538
Life until sometime between late 13/early 14. Atm I'm in late 14 and things are great. But before then I was a complete retard.