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Posted 17 years ago2005-01-27 10:06:54 UTC
in Song you are listening to [closed] Post #86054
Your a musical person Anthony.,
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-27 10:05:12 UTC
in Song you are listening to [closed] Post #86053
NOFX - The Seperation of Church and Skate
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-27 01:47:42 UTC
in Post a picture... OF YOURSELF! Post #86024
i have lots of photos but i dont know how to post em. :nuts:
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-20 07:52:43 UTC
in Signarture fun Post #84662

there is no spoone... teh matricks
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-18 12:52:42 UTC
in Weapons Drop CS:S Post #84435
ummm also in those kind of maps you only seem to start with 30 bullets,
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-18 12:32:37 UTC
in Rimrook, put your maps back up Post #84433
what secret.???? :confused:
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-18 12:29:16 UTC
in Rimrook, put your maps back up Post #84432
what secret.???? :confused:
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-18 12:17:53 UTC
in Rimrook, put your maps back up Post #84430
ummmmmmm , ANy body still got any of rimrooks maps cause i kinda never downloaded them. Can somebody please send me some,
TA :) ;)
Posted 17 years ago2005-01-18 12:04:42 UTC
in griffyn knife Post #84426
nyce. umm errr. i want it to be my nife model in CS :)
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-26 00:37:33 UTC
in Hl2 SDK problem. Post #79711
OK i will ta
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-26 00:33:14 UTC
in So, What did you get for XMAS? Post #79708
i got....
Upgraded alien ware computer with kick arse everything, something like 7,000$
I got an I river or something, its like a mini computer.
Lots money from relative.
i also got an Xbox with halo 2 and xbox live,
I got a 4000$ laptop for next year,
And last of all i got a motor bike which is worth alot of money.
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-25 14:27:14 UTC
in Latest Weird Dream Post #79666
You think your dreams are weird.
My dreams are crazy, they dont even make sence.
A few i remember:
1, I was in a car and then i drove it off a cliff and then i landain near to face shapped fountains with strings hanging out of them. i grabbed onto one and i was pulled inside, i ended up in my primary school.
2, I was in some sort of high speed motor bike race, whena big planet came really close to earth and i died. Interesting bit is that i didn't wake up when i died, i went to heaven. Heaven was really boring, there was astone walls, a hole that lead to this land with giants, there was also kfc shop that looked like an ATM. i asked god (In person) how do i get out of here? He said that i need to find some wine thing that he hid. I couldnt be bothered so i just went into a room with bunk beds and then woke up? weird eh?

And hey isnt weird how dreams change into other dreams?
AND does anybody here get this weird feeling, Your about to go to sleep and you start falling but then you jolt up and your fully awake? weird eh. BTW these dreams are interesting to read, I wouldn't mind reading some more. :)
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-25 10:15:41 UTC
in Hl2 SDK problem. Post #79664
hey guys. I just downloaded the HL2 SDK so i could use it. Except when i enter hammer, it is increadibly slow and a message pops up saying something like " high system load" to make faster try making undo levels smaller. I made them 10 but its still really slow. It take like 5 minutes to fully load the HL2 WAD when im browsing textures. any help? ta
Posted 17 years ago2004-12-24 22:28:25 UTC
in Probably the funniest log EVAR!!! Post #79653
ummmm wtf is going on.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-24 07:17:50 UTC
in Post #68752
At school one day during maths i was on my laptop. Some weird kid came up to me and told me to check out the site or something( then months later i was on IRC #twhl and some how a hacking conversation was started and i mentioned the stupid site ( and now it spreading like crazy. I couldnt even beat level one i had to ask some kid and then i was on to level two but i gave up and havn't been on it ever since.
its jsut to hard for me. :
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-24 06:21:09 UTC
in Post #68745
why did i ever mention the stupid site in the first place :
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-12 05:10:27 UTC
in Custom WAD prob, HELP!! Post #65535
Happened to me. turned out that it was a stupid prefab that i forgot to turn of. it was jsut a glass block and i ended up making a map out of seethrough walls lol. I would think thats the problem though.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-05 06:56:02 UTC
in Wally Post #64171
Get wally now, it is worth it and its not really complicated at all. your friend may mean making textures by painting and stuff in wally. but if you just get a picture thats easy..
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-05 06:53:22 UTC
in the skybox Post #64170
ok ok. i have read the enviroment tutorial and i know how to set a up the sky properly but i am wondering what a skybox is. and how you make one and what are the problems with it.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-03 23:50:08 UTC
in Game Executable Post #63953
but it isnt Halflife ist counter strike.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-03 23:41:37 UTC
in Game Executable Post #63950
I just got steam and i am configuring it for counter-Strike and when i get up to "Game Executable" in build programs It is suppost to be pointed to the Ctrike.exe, anyway, the point, i cant find mine. Would somebody mind helping me with the location for counter strike or ctrike.exe in steam. Thank you.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-03 21:05:03 UTC
in REAL horror (redone) Post #63945
guys reasd bratty lords tutorial about horror it could help, it gives you some ideas on how to really include the buildup of suspence in a map. Yes just ask Bratty Lord
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-03 21:00:21 UTC
in Question... Post #63944
ice chat is good.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-03 20:56:23 UTC
in Model download section Post #63941
This is a mapping site. its not a wally site or 3dmax or what ever the modelling thing is called. i reckon it would be cool but i can just get all that stuff from a bunch of other sites. like if you want prefabs go to it has textures and prefabs.
Posted 17 years ago2004-10-02 01:26:52 UTC
in Players dying at start of rounde Post #63531
Peace and love it dosnt matter about players it will just say some thiing like " the terrorist team is full"
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-30 12:53:40 UTC
in FGD's Post #63207
HI, could somebody please answer my question i would be very greatfull. any way i downloaded an FGD file and i know wat to do with that but it also came with a sprite file with lots of stuff in it and im not sure what to do with it. please help ta/
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-20 07:45:12 UTC
in Like Airsoft? Post #60794
airsoft is legel though...............right?
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-20 07:31:15 UTC
in Like Airsoft? Post #60790
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 10:18:14 UTC
in Light Beam Post #60416
UMM it came with an RMF
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 10:15:23 UTC
in need help Post #60411
any way i renamed it and cut down the spawns to 2 on 2 and it works ta
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 06:56:09 UTC
in need help Post #60388
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 04:05:20 UTC
in just curiosity Post #60380
i see people change other maps and i just want to know how they get the RMF, im not goin to grab there work and change it, im just curios :nuts:
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 03:56:34 UTC
in need help Post #60379
i have another map that works on CS but then when i add info_deathmatch_start for a terrorist spawn it dosnt work
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 03:51:48 UTC
in need help Post #60378
no it dosnt happen with other maps
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-18 03:03:32 UTC
in need help Post #60373
i have made a map and i test it and it works then i go into CS and create game and select and it starts loading and just dosnt load? im not sure what the problem is.
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-12 07:50:58 UTC
in kz maps Post #58467
Try down loading kz_man_alienbase its a climbimb map just give it a try.
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-12 07:47:53 UTC
in kz maps Post #58466
Camon honestly now ;)
Posted 17 years ago2004-09-12 07:42:16 UTC
in kz maps Post #58464
I don't know what KZ means but every kz map i have every played are the best and the funnest maps they are like climbing maps miny game maps and all that other junk that no one really cares about accept me. any way im dieing to know exaclty what Kz maps are so if any body nows can you tell me? some sort of novelty map?