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Posted 10 years ago2011-11-27 20:59:29 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301128
I set it to the highest graphics, too. I did the same with Crysis 2. It's fun having an epic computer.
I can't wait for the 3rd party graphics overhauls to be released. I could also get some custom water shaders to pretty things up a bit more. Also can't wait for the dev tools, I want my own special mansion with tonnes of weapon racks and mannequins!

Also I'm making a quick assassination in front of peoples faces video :badass:

Edit: here's how I play
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-27 20:14:10 UTC
in Skyrim Post #301125
Ah thats nothing. Wait till you get the perk further along called "Assassin". 15x sneak damage with a dagger, working out for about 30x damage dual-wielding.

Thats about twice the damage you would get sneak attacking with dual-wield one handed swords, axes etc.
Ahaha yeah, I went with that. I got 30x damage with shrouded gloves and one dagger, I like Mehrune's Razor and Blade of Woe. Also with 100 sneak and all perks, you can perform the 30x crit when ever you want by just ducking in front of an enemy and clicking. Very imbalanced. Great fun though!

Here are some screens I just took with some new custom shaders I got. Ultra settings, everything maxed.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Markarth is so beautiful.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-20 06:09:56 UTC
in Skyrim Post #300909
I've decided I'm going assassin/thief build. One of the sneak perks gives you a 6 times crit on a surprise attack with a one handed weapon. Sounds pretty cool.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-17 17:59:20 UTC
in Skyrim Post #300853
I have this game!!!!!....

haven't played it yet though... is it gewd?

But seriously... can mages put out heavy DPS comparable to warriors? I'm new to elder scrolls -.-
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-01 04:05:41 UTC
in Halloween Costumes Post #300412
I have now! Wow, what manliness.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-01 02:45:04 UTC
in Halloween Costumes Post #300410
Why the gorilla arms Mariownd?
Posted 10 years ago2011-10-31 02:33:49 UTC
in Halloween Costumes Post #300393
Damned is the adjective.
Posted 10 years ago2011-10-26 10:33:24 UTC
in bunny hop Post #300251
Bunny hopping is still possible, you just can't gain ridiculous speed like you used to be able to back in WON days.

To bunny hop without a script, most players use "bind mwheelup +jump" or you can use down. Also you need to learn how to air strafe. Basically you don't hold W, but instead you move like a snake, while holding A and move the mouse to the left then alternating to holding D move it to the right and back and forth.

If you need to boost your speed you hold duck, and release it right before hitting the ground.

EDIT: zeeba-G No body can do the edge-bug or jump-bug(this one is when you let go of duck just before hitting the ground to avoid damage) consistently, it's incredibly hard and requires fluke precision.

One other note, most newbs don't know, but if a wall is above around 120 units, running 10 units near the edge will apply edge friction and slow you down, bhopping avoids this friction, so does count-jumping, an advanced KZ technique.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-25 05:39:14 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #299370
Sorry if this has been covered, but what about light textures for goldsource texlighting?
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-24 17:45:51 UTC
in PayDay The Heist Post #299349
removed :(

is this it?

Pretty certain it's a Call of Duty mod based on what I can see.

Looks mildly entertaining, I wouldn't pay for it though. Yes the animations look a bit undetailed.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-24 17:38:47 UTC
in Remote compiling system Post #299348
Interesting idea!

Aren't you concerned about people hogging your CPU though?

I'm assuming this is the desktop you use based on:
The system runs on my pc so don't expect it to be on 24/7
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-23 00:27:08 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #299288
Seems like he just needed some attention...

Well he sure got some!

Anyway what happened to admins + past competition winners judging?

Edit: wait was it ever like that?
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-20 20:50:16 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #299169
The texture pack should allow for widest use of themes. The texture pack you're posting Archie is quite good, but I would feel very restricted in terms of creativity. Perhaps try and include more material types and less decal and colour variations of the same material types.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-04 13:28:55 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298644
I just searched head explode. No idea where the image originated from.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-04 10:53:23 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298642
User posted image
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-04 08:24:19 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298637
What I still don't understand is how they stored the 32 trillion coloured atoms, has this been addressed in the videos? I didn't hear anything about it.

Also I'd like to hear more from Carmack, in that quote above he hasn't really addressed any actual reasons as to why a demo is so far off a finished product, suitable for games.

Apparently the demo from Euclideon doesn't use the GPU at all, and is completely software rendered.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-03 11:05:41 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298606 This is a little surprising, it look quite legitimate. Head to about 23:00 for what you want to see.
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-03 10:27:36 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298603
That's the point I was trying to make Archie, numbers always make an argument seem more valid. After reading that though, my belief that this is a load of crap has been reinforced a fair bit.

I love my polygons :(
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-03 07:59:46 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298597
You don't have any doubts Dragos?
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-03 06:58:08 UTC
in This is absurd. Post #298594

This company is claiming that they can run a particle rendering system that has no particle count limitations.

How do you even store that much data practically?
Posted 10 years ago2011-09-03 06:29:05 UTC
in Processed in a speedy 77 milliseconds. Post #298593
PM penguinboy next time.
Posted 10 years ago2011-08-23 00:17:50 UTC
in FallOut 3 Post #298310
It's all part of the Bethesda charm.
I'll go with this excuse. Yeah the game is VERY tacky around the edges. But it's just so god damn fun and addictive.
Posted 10 years ago2011-08-23 00:14:30 UTC
in Dreams Post #298309
Lately I seem to be remembering my dreams easiest when I put my alarm on hold and sleep in for another 30 minutes or more.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-17 17:19:55 UTC
in (Gman) look at this! Post #298124
Gordon freeman is a sexy man.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-17 12:45:16 UTC
in (Gman) look at this! Post #298108
Fuck, this guy is fail.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-17 09:29:01 UTC
in (Gman) look at this! Post #298099
Yeah, he does resemble G-Man a fair bit.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-17 03:40:49 UTC
in Google+ TWHL Circles! Post #298087
The only reason you all have social lives is because you all have to go to school.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-16 11:03:09 UTC
in Counter-Strike 2 Post #298031
Honestly, I just don't care about this game. And I probably played more CS than any of you. I was a real addict at one point, would play about 8 hours a day when I wasn't at school.

I will probably get a nonsteam version just to check out what changes they made to the game.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-16 10:35:52 UTC
in Dreams Post #298030
I have never had sleep paralysis. Apparently you can induce by ignoring the urge to roll over when you're going to sleep. It is a mechanism to check if you are asleep, and if you stay still, you trick your brain into believing you are asleep and you enter REM sleep.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-15 16:03:32 UTC
in Google+ TWHL Circles! Post #297996
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-27 18:07:17 UTC
in Minecraft Aether Mod Post #297065
Looks incredible, I might give it a whirl when I am bored enough.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-27 18:05:53 UTC
in Dreams Post #297064
I once had a recent dream where it was dark, and I said "Is this a dream?" Then I woke it. It was weird.
Not entirely sure if you're just being your humorous self, or if you're being honest. For many people one of the first hurdles of learning to lucid dream is to stay dreaming once you have figured out you are in a dream. Most people tend to just wake up as soon as they realise.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-27 11:13:21 UTC
in Dreams Post #297046
I've been taking 5-hydroxytryptophan, basically boosts serotonin levels. It helps me have dreams every night, just as a personal note of mine, the chemical is more so used for depression. Although I feel my dreams are a little too bizarre to share. They almost always pertain to current personal issues, but they don't exactly make the most sense.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-27 05:09:01 UTC
in allocblock:full Post #297034
Can't really say without seeing the RMF.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-23 11:22:21 UTC
in TWHL HDD Benchmarks Post #296943
User posted image
lol @ my score being determined by lowest sub-score, being disk data transfer rate :(

edit: epeen
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-23 09:43:58 UTC
in TWHL HDD Benchmarks Post #296939
I like it, it's not fantastic, but it's good. Computer boots in 10 seconds which is nice. Cstriker write speed almost doesn't matter because if you're writing to your SSD a lot you're doin' it wrong. SSD's are all about read speed in my opinion.

If you can easily afford $100-200 for an SSD I'd recommend doing it. Also waiting for them to be developed a bit more will help. They'll be much better in the near future.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-23 06:39:13 UTC
in TWHL HDD Benchmarks Post #296934
My $110AUD SSD scores 170mb/s read and 60mb/s write speed.

If you really wanted some speeds to boast about, I'd go for an SSD + raid 0 combo.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-07 17:10:00 UTC
in Desktops of July Post #296330
User posted image
Yeah, I know I'm cool.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-07 17:09:15 UTC
in Summer Camp Sale Post #296329
"Half Life 2 Episode what? Fuck no, we're developing DOTA!" -Valve collective
What? Valve collective?
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-05 14:54:15 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #296272
I play Heroes of Newerth. It's just a DotA clone. It's a pretty decent game, being completely stolen from DotA, but it has some network issues. The features they implemented really make it a worth while transition from DotA, such as stat tracking, reconnection capabilities, rebindable keys, and not nearly as many leavers. It's definitely worth the 30 dollars it costs, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went free to play after DOTA2 is released.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-05 06:22:36 UTC
in Summer Camp Sale Post #296265
I don't care about anything but DOTA2, which I assume is valves priority right now.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-05 04:51:17 UTC
in Steam's... Issues Post #296262
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-30 05:20:27 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #296053
User posted image
That's Spike Spiegel. I like the little Mermaid one because it makes sense that mermaids probably wouldn't use bras... and I'm a pervert.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-29 09:56:03 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #296037
Implying you can actually get hard from ASCII.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-23 14:37:54 UTC
in Minecraft Post #295778
Oh gawd I'm really tempted to play again.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-23 13:16:04 UTC
in MCobj - Show Off yours ! Post #295773
They look quite good, reminds me a little of tilt shift photography/editing.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-21 03:52:24 UTC
in Minecraft Post #295720
Played it for about a week, got sick of it pretty fast.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-21 03:44:31 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #295718
Hell yeah!
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-19 07:42:40 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #295644
Tomorrow I'll have my new computer, complete with widescreen, and I'll be making the switch to windows 7. I'll be duel-monitoring with a 4:3 19" screen too. So I'm gonna find meh a sweet new widescreen background in preparation! Well, maybe after dinner!
Posted 11 years ago2011-05-21 03:48:12 UTC
in New mapping engines to consider. Post #294867
There's always Unity, which I know nothing about.

I've used UDK late last year, and let me tell you it had A LOT of issues.