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Posted 11 years ago2010-10-25 18:41:10 UTC
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You must have some nice equipment cstrike, those photos are lovely, please, more panorama!
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-19 04:10:26 UTC
in Lets All Be Awesome Post #286508
Mines better!
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Posted 11 years ago2010-10-18 17:11:03 UTC
in Lets All Be Awesome Post #286499
Good luck to you guys Rim. Hope everything turns out okay, I'm sure it will.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-18 07:20:24 UTC
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ja heutzutage, wer kann deutsch nicht verstehen?
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-09 03:38:56 UTC
in Desktops of October Post #286228
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Very nice! Mines the same as last time.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-05 06:03:16 UTC
in Time in hammer (hammertime?) Post #286150
What's a better indicator of what's a lot is the "hours played in the last 2 weeks" thing. Then you can figure on average how much you play per day.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-05 01:20:18 UTC
in Onlive Post #286143
Talk about ambitious. This is not something we have the technology for yet.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-04 04:13:03 UTC
in GTX 460 or 470? Post #286083,2484.html?prod[4506]=on&prod[4511]=on

I'd go with the 470. Substantially higher frame rate for only $50 extra. Screw the noise crap.

You'll have to copy the URL.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-03 03:32:48 UTC
in Funny internets Post #286034
To make a viral video. I laughed pretty hard at it.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-02 23:58:25 UTC
in Last movie you saw? Post #286028
Wall Street (1987) on TV.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-02 11:22:48 UTC
in What's the origin of your username? Post #285989
You can't make an oxymoron out of two nouns.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-02 04:11:33 UTC
in Desktops of October Post #285978
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Always good to use these threads as a chance to clean up my desktop. I really wish I had a widescreen though, so many backgrounds are specifically made for it.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-02 01:43:57 UTC
in What's the origin of your username? Post #285975
Wish I could, but the thing about that is; I'm actually not the Kraken, rather I just use it as an alias on the internet.
Posted 11 years ago2010-10-01 12:56:51 UTC
in What's the origin of your username? Post #285942
Kraken is a large mythical sea-monster squid like creature. I'm unaware of its origin. It was featured in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, which I haven't seen.

I came across this name playing the game earthbound, as it appears as a boss battle in the game.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-29 22:00:42 UTC
in I used to map Post #285878
Because I took a gap year and went to europe, was stressed from engineering work, and also broke my toe.

I'm back in the game now though and my gym upgraded and got a foam pit and a tumble track, and a trampoline, so expect a sampler from me in the future. Also I'm guessing you're GSimpson.

They also offered me a job there, and I have to teach a 1 hour tricking class a week, and I get $45 worth of training time a week. For free.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-29 02:17:33 UTC
in I used to map Post #285832
Well thanks for any sort of recognition vox. Anyway, what's your TS user?
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-28 09:36:13 UTC
in I used to map Post #285813

I can't believe you actually live in the tricker house bro, if I ever visit america, I'm definitely coming to visit.

edit: In spirit of the thread, here are some old videos of me.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-12 09:02:57 UTC
in 100 cats in IKEA "just to see what Post #285289
As far as I know, it's a good store because for many of the products you don't pay for some of the fabrication costs as you put it together yourself. It's also mostly nice simplistic furniture that isn't overly flashy.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-12 00:55:41 UTC
in 100 cats in IKEA "just to see what Post #285283
Upon review, I think Rim was talking in a different sense :/ Dude cats are very good with their toilet skills.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-11 00:19:54 UTC
in 100 cats in IKEA "just to see what Post #285268
Should have at least cat-proofed the place first. :/
hahaha, anyone who has ever had a cat would know this is impossible. Cats are amazing.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-10 14:13:27 UTC
in 100 cats in IKEA "just to see what Post #285258
Crap, not awesome at all. I totally dislike the way they completely neglect any real reason to as why they are doing it; advertisement. There's nothing wrong with admitting that they were just trying to make an ad, even just for a viral video.
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-05 02:11:57 UTC
in Desktops of September Post #284981
It's part of his desktop background.

In regards to the blurred files, the bottom left one is "Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming"

Now to uncover the rest of this mystery!
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-04 02:30:30 UTC
in Desktops of September Post #284935
Posted 11 years ago2010-09-04 00:17:19 UTC
in How much health does this site have? Post #284929
For me, the colour scheme has a sense of nostalgia. I wouldn't ever change it. Also that green is absolutely eye-bleedingly horrible. The blue is nice.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-29 08:04:40 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #284703
One's Vista. 7 has that flat task bar.

Doesn't really answer the question, but 'EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
You're right.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-29 01:40:46 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #284681
Yes Trapt, they're exactly the ones I use, they only have 8800GT's though. The cases are indeed fucking monstrous, they look so stupid.

Rim the lighting isn't usually that crappy, I only had pointlights in the map as worklights at the time.

Skals, it is better for pretty much any type of game I can think of. Obviously source can still can get the job done, but it's just getting a bit old and outdated now. As much as I would like to map for source or goldsource, I just can't deny how easy UDK is.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-29 01:20:50 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #284680
why is one windows 7 and one is xp?
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-27 08:39:01 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #284596
User posted image
User posted image
Just began UDK for uni. It seems like a good editor and a good engine nonetheless, this my first map in it, only a few hours work.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-22 06:09:56 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #284465
Does it actually take up that many resources processing those 3D graphics?
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-20 08:16:06 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #284403
Apologies for my banter, any stupid replies by crollo will not be followed up. Back on topic.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-20 04:35:07 UTC
in I've been planning on buying a server fr Post #284398
Simply put; no.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-19 22:43:23 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #284393
here you are

EDIT: Crollo, it doesn't one hit kill to the arms or legs, and it has no aimer, it only has 10 bullets per clip, it shoots incredibly slow, it costs a lot of money. M4 and AK-47 are much easier to aim as they aren't scoped views and have an insane rate of fire, the AK-47 will take anyone out in one hit to the head even with a helmet as the m4a1 will do about 90 damage and bink they player very hard meaning their aimer flies into the sky, and then you simply have to land another shot to take them out. Not to mention the AK-47 costs 2.5K which really makes it the greatest gun in the game, for its amazing power, accuracy, fire rate, large clip and reload speed.

Not to mention it'd be useless if it didn't kill people in one hit to the body because it'd just be inferior to the scout, which gives the player the fastest move speed in the game.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-19 11:57:38 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #284368
I used to play CS competitively. The only guns good players use are:


and the terrorist autosniper is actually very powerful after one of the last changes to 1.6.

all the other guns are rubbish.

EDIT: None of the guns are by any means cheap, if you think that, you're simply a bad player.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 12:09:48 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284192
I always enjoyed having potatis around.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 09:41:08 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284188
I lol'd at godwins ZL, but it can be applied to any topic, not just Hitler. Infinity covers every situation.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 04:50:17 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284177
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 04:42:27 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #284176
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 02:12:25 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284174
Maybe if 2manyvideo games was smart enough he would have just surveyed samples from other old threads, from different websites, who's users differ in terms of demographics. Judging by his alias he probably frequents forums which pertain to gaming, which from my experience means he's going to be researching a group of competitive young males who strive for an elite title.

edit: for crying out loud crollo, I'm just going to completely ignore your post as you are just ignoring mine.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 01:54:31 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284172
The whole point of my post is that it doesn't support his research... How can you miss such a basic point?

edit: also too MANY video games.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-13 01:44:50 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284170
Once again I agree with soup miner. We may be giving him valuable substantial data, but it's all null and void really, I wouldn't have said it, had he done his research correctly.
Posted 11 years ago2010-08-12 21:40:29 UTC
in Forum Consistency Experiment Post #284155
I agree with soup miner whole heartedly, you told us about the experiment in the first post technically rendering any data you collect in this thread inconsistent to regular forum posting trends. Should have done a blind testing instead of telling us in the first post.

edit: for the sake of the thread, my first pokemon was squirtle.

Double edit: this thread is now about how OP screwed up his research.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-07 15:11:13 UTC
in examples of goldsource forest maps? Post #283996
Looking good! If you're going for spooky add some fog in, but it's important to do the fog right, look up the map frigid by the_hunter I believe for some good fog. What's great about fog in this case is it actually hides your eyes from lackluster details, which are inevitable in this engine. Essentially it will make a small area feel larger, granted you can't see 3 vertical edges of the map!

EDIT: cs_frigid by soup_miner
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-07 03:35:47 UTC
in Hello here Burner Post #283960
Actually TWHL is home to many elitist grammar nazis, and I suggest if you want any sort of respect here at all you jump on board the grammar train.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-06 05:57:08 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #283942
Everything from pendulum's amazing album immersion.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-05 12:14:25 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #283936
rimrook, very funny.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-05 08:46:00 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #283934
Damn windows 7 makes XP look so fucking ugly.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-04 01:46:13 UTC
in Speccy! Post #283880
My computers becoming a piece of crap, I wouldn't even bother showing the specs.
Posted 12 years ago2010-08-03 11:33:28 UTC
in Car shooting games Post #283826
vigilante 8
Posted 12 years ago2010-07-31 06:29:03 UTC
in Desktops of August! Post #283655
I really like my new one!
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Posted 12 years ago2010-07-13 12:46:43 UTC
in Best Video Ever Made! Post #283003
how'd they do the recoil so well?