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Posted 13 years ago2009-05-07 12:28:37 UTC
would you mind not spamming my thread tito?
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-07 12:12:27 UTC
this thread is going to withhold the greatest discussion ever to cross TWHL.

prepare yourselves.

Also what do you mean by "stood too close to kasperg"?
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-07 11:57:15 UTC
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-07 09:10:42 UTC
in I got a new avatar Post #266592
what ya think?
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-05 14:21:40 UTC
in TWHL's death? Post #266462
kasperg, did you ever even leave?

or is someone snitching for you?
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-04 08:21:51 UTC
in TWHL's death? Post #266397
I miss simehong2000
Posted 13 years ago2009-05-03 21:13:37 UTC
in TWHL's death? Post #266381
bangz 'll be pleased to know someone realised he was gone!
Posted 13 years ago2009-04-10 06:01:40 UTC
in Describe the person above you Post #265291
Posted 13 years ago2009-04-01 08:47:15 UTC
in Red Cliff Post #264846
It will go to the end of my movie list, damn cap.
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-25 07:04:13 UTC
in New member reporting in Post #264541
a german eh?
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-24 04:36:51 UTC
in Earth Hour Post #264497
you all need an hour away from the computer.
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-15 13:08:18 UTC
in Using Sketchup/3DMax/etc... Post #264144
into brush based objects or mdl files?

I'll assume the latter as brush based models would be stupid, yes it's very possible, provided you look up some compiling tutorials, I have no idea bout that though.
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-09 22:46:44 UTC
in Post your Ringtones Post #264016
I download every jamster ringtone I can get my hands on
Posted 13 years ago2009-03-04 00:52:22 UTC
in Free models! :D Post #263716
no way, for free????

if you want mine you'll have to pay.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-25 10:40:27 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #263263
dont think ill be able to enter, got some stuff i gotta deal with :(
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-21 07:19:23 UTC
in My setup Post #263065
nice, but you're tempting me to spend more money on my setup :(
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-19 07:49:35 UTC
in MS Paint Faces Post #262958
hahahaha that's hilarious skals, wish I was artistic as all you doods
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-19 03:58:16 UTC
in Is this possible? Post #262951
even if it was rendering the game and sending you images, you'd still need to render all the pictures on your screen.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-18 11:27:52 UTC
in Is this possible? Post #262920
sure it could be possible on a lan network with a kick ass lan connection, something us citizens would not be able to acquire :P
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-16 12:32:25 UTC
in MS Paint Faces Post #262810
what the fuck was that striker........
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-16 06:43:23 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262793
yeah that sounds fine zeeba-G, but no gameplay please
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-16 06:10:07 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262790
I thought it was a map a ship, that could be an airship, spaceship, sea ship, bath tub ship etc....

let's get some official restraints here and make this thing a little more official, and then im in.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-14 14:42:32 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262676
just pick something already man, I want to enter this.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-11 07:46:40 UTC
in New mini compo. Post #262508


Posted 13 years ago2009-02-04 07:44:18 UTC
in Movie Tips Post #262320
JeffMOD complex crazy transition are shit, simple cuts are good.
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-03 12:49:37 UTC
in Desktops of February Post #262298
Posted 13 years ago2009-02-01 07:13:57 UTC
in Top Maps Cleanup Post #262213
I report in my own map

definitely not 5 stars.
Posted 13 years ago2009-01-29 02:32:30 UTC
in Offline Gmail Post #262105
Posted 13 years ago2009-01-29 00:06:01 UTC
in Offline Gmail Post #262100
I knew it would just be some gay cache.
Posted 13 years ago2009-01-28 11:42:53 UTC
in I'm Back. Post #262068
welcome back, wish you well for your therapy. Damn interesting and entertaining story. Also I remember seeing your design for the tat, and I gotta say, I can't believe how big you got it lol.

did they tell you the cause of the tumor?
Posted 13 years ago2009-01-26 07:15:28 UTC
in Google's Rumored GDrive...... Post #261992
Kill off the desktop PC, what on earth, I don't understand this, why would it kill off the desktop PC, wouldn't it be preferable to use a local HDD as it's way faster...? Anyway, you'd need hardware along with internet connection to access your files...
Posted 13 years ago2008-12-29 10:59:09 UTC
in Steam Holiday Sale Post #260711
some games are a dollar
Posted 13 years ago2008-12-22 15:13:34 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #260434
Posted 13 years ago2008-12-22 15:02:28 UTC
in Smart Asians Post #260433
this is dumb, your dumb, america is the smartest and best, best country in world, all you losers are just jealous, we have best invetions and best celebrities, best army with the biggest guns. if u asianz so smrt why dont u make the best country?
Posted 13 years ago2008-12-09 05:34:13 UTC
in Desktops of Decembre Post #259654
User posted image
Posted 13 years ago2008-12-06 01:00:38 UTC
in (rant) Stay away from this site (/rant) Post #259460
Why is it a studio? All I see is a forum, and I can't be bothered investigating.
Posted 13 years ago2008-11-29 03:44:39 UTC
in Who will be the next superpower? Post #259186
Posted 13 years ago2008-11-27 05:52:53 UTC
in Who will be the next superpower? Post #259110
New Zealand will be the next super power.
Posted 13 years ago2008-11-19 14:24:16 UTC
in Vac Bands Post #258742
when I got CS I hacked and got banned. A year later I was unbanned. This was ages ago anyway :P

anyway, back onto the topic. When I host for goldsource, it gives me the option before I start the server whether it is VAC protected or not, it is pretty easy to see, so maybe l4d just doesn't give you that option.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-28 08:20:04 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #256262
ah inflames are alright, cstriker, you have cute animals lol.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-23 01:38:29 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255944
theoretically they should be able to
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-22 23:03:32 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255939
aliens from teh 4ourth dimens10ons Wo0o0o0o0oooooooooo, they can take shortcuts through space that we can't even see!
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 23:47:22 UTC
in The Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 so far...... Post #255909
metroid prime looks nicer than that game tito
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 05:16:10 UTC
in The Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 so far...... Post #255833
interesting how the least powerful is the most popular, I always thought average idiots preferred "awsum grafix" to gameplay. Anyway I am a proud owned of a Wii.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 09:41:53 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255759
you can not choose what you believe in. :quizzical:
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 05:49:50 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255741
I'm fine with you having that opinion, I mostly agree with it, but you are stating that what you think is fact, when you really just don't know.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 00:08:41 UTC
in Competition 26 Post #255731
ohhhhhhhhh man this is the BEST topic compo ever, and I won't be able to enter since my parents are making me move my computer for the holidays. Well unless I can do a map in all of tonight and tomorrow I'll be in lol
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 21:21:27 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255729
Madcow, I am not accepting nor denying it. But you don't know jack shit, you can't just say "WHY BIG FLASHY LIGHT?" it could easily be part of their technology they use, you also have no idea how they think either, perhaps they want people like you to think stuff like this.

We really have no idea though.

and spike, I am sure any form of life intelligent enough to space travel would be just as interested in extraterrestrial life as we are. But who knows, maybe they need a new planet... In that case, if they found us first, we are probably fucked.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-18 23:01:12 UTC
in have to see to believe Post #255646
it looks like such a waste of time.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-18 04:03:14 UTC
in have to see to believe Post #255585
Looks fucking shit, just like all that 3D chat crap. Rename the thread please, I did not have to see this to believe it.