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Posted 14 years ago2006-05-10 23:34:50 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #179416
Wahoo I have 3 ppl now.. Need more...

BrattyLord this should be up your alley!?
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-08 10:38:16 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #179034
My appologizes for not posting the proper links.
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-08 01:55:07 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #178959
One week left for sign up!!!!!
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-07 22:41:24 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #178951
Sorry fellers,

My website went down. Try using now it should work now with out issue if you need the file just email me I be happy to send it.

Monsters do how in HLDM you have to trick it :D

Look at Monster_bunker.

Anyways we did not want to to put a lot of special models in the map as it has been known to crash servers or lag it up.
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-02 10:48:42 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #177961
This map contest will be for HLDM and last for 45 days. Ending on June 15th 2006.

Sign-up is easy:

Email: mapsforddhlp?

Subject: [DDHLP] HLDM Redesign Mapping Contest

Body: Must contain nick name and you go by and that you are sigining up for the contest.

Or comment on this page(requires signup on site).

Deadline for signup is May 15th 2006.

The base map is located here.
The Map Rules:

1. Use the contest.rmf to create a unique level, IE: use elements provided and/or create new elements for a new map.

2. Keep the map size approximately the same as the contest map, +/-25% is ok.

3. Don't make the map a maze or rat warren; keep it reasonably open and organized.

4. Target the map for 2 or 4 players with a lot of good action, but consider that there might be 16 players at times too.

5. Don't put in invisible sniper spots; rather make use of rooftops and balconies and ledges on the buildings. It's ok to have a breakable window in a building with a room behind, but don't make it a fortress, it should only take 2 or 3 RPGs to smoke anyone out of the room.

6. If the rooftops are too strong, a player with a crossbow can own the map which isn't much fun. Don't put arrows or health & armor in sniper areas. Be sure to put alternate ways up to the roofs - warps are ok, but bouncepad, ladders and elevators are good too.

7. Use game_player_equip and have players start off with a reasonable selection of weapons and the jumppack. This will make things move a lot faster and prevent players from being sitting targets at spawntime. One thing to note, when you check the map for errors, the game_player_equip will be flagged as having unused key values ... do NOT fix this or you'll lose the entries (hammer bug). Toggle smartedit in hammer to see the entries for game_player_equip.

8. Put most spawnpoints in protected areas, it's ok to have a few more out in the open, but it's no fun to be killed several times before you can even have a chance to look around.

9. You'll need to add ambient sounds on the map; this is a city map so a city background is probably a good choice. It's also good to use triggers that play unique sounds when players run through specific areas, as well as to have sound triggers in sniper areas so you know if someone is camping there.

10. As you build the map, think in terms of balance, some areas of the map lend themselves to camping; other areas are going to be open and might promote run & gun. Run & gun areas need health/armor and ammo arranged so they support players going at it. Areas that promote camping usually need to be a fairly bare so players will have to leave them to load up.

11. Long ladders are always very dangerous, put long ladders at the backsides of buildings or even inside the building where there is a little protection ... just remember that players love to camp ladders which are cheap kills for the most part.

12. Be creative, but also keep playability in mind, eye candy is nice but may not contribute anything to play (or may even get in the way). Don't use monsters (like squads or assassins or gargs, etc) they can really lag out the map and may even crash the server. It's also a bad idea to use monstermakers with snarks, snarks cause tremendous lag.

13. Map must contain the images DDHLPContest and/or DDHLPContest2. These are contained in the gibcity.wad font in the sip file and should be where a player can see it. Like a poster or billboard in plain view.

14. Map name can be any name but the readme file must be named mapname.txt and with the bsp file. Make sure you credit for original author for base map and the contest in the readme file.

15. Finished maps are to be submitted to under the download category DDHLP Map Contests>Redesign Map conest files (requires signup on site), or Emailed to mapsforddhlp? Files must be complete and recieved by June 15th 2006 or they will not be judged.

16. If the map does not follow the rules, points for the specific areas will be docked. Read the Map Grading file to understand how the judging will go.
Posted 14 years ago2006-05-02 03:44:37 UTC
in DDHLP Redesign Mapping Contest Post #177850
Greetings and Salutations,

After many hours of working hard on the contest layout we have finally came up with our very first Map Contest.

With the help of, qUiCkSiLvEr and RebCwgrl, we where able to find a very interesting theme.

We are inviting all to join in on the fun. So if you know anyone else that would like to join, please feel free to pass this message along.

Who knows we may just start doing more. :)

If you are interested in checking out this contest please follow the links below.

Contest Rules

Download 1 (Firefox browsers only, IE for some reason does not work)

Download 2 (direct download)

If known of the download links work you may request a copy of the base files at this email address only,

Sign up is as follows:


Subject: [DDHLP] HLDM Redesign Mapping Contest

Body: Must contain nick name you go by and that you are signing up for the contest. A list will be populated and added to the page.

Or comment on the contest rules page (requires signup on site).

Deadline for signup is May 15th 2006.

So get primed and ready to go because it starts yesterday LOL.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-30 19:58:59 UTC
in Steam Post #46896
Same here to. No issues. Had it since it was first released to the public... :D :D :D
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-17 05:53:36 UTC
in map is lagging down to 5fps Post #42227
Ministeve yes DDHLP is a team for HL

I run it
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-02 00:53:34 UTC
in My steam isn't working Post #38157
Another thought I had was

Are you using a router or a firewall?

Maybe you will need to port forward or adjust your firewall to accept the connection.
Posted 15 years ago2004-07-02 00:45:34 UTC
in My steam isn't working Post #38156
Are you getting the Steam network may be dow or check you connection when you try to login?
Posted 16 years ago2004-05-01 02:10:11 UTC
in What the troops are dealing with... Post #24798
Do they get double hazard pay for that :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-05-01 02:06:50 UTC
in visibility matrix 136megs Post #24797
Worldcraft dude,

I think he told me that the size of the map was about the scale size of the city of Sidney LOL
Posted 16 years ago2004-05-01 01:50:07 UTC
in visibility matrix 136megs Post #24794

To add weapons and the long jump when a player joins or respawns in a HLDM use game_player_equip.

Place game_player_equip inside your map.

Right-click and select properties.

Turn off SmartEdit by clicking on the button to deselect it.

Click on add.

In the name box type the entity name (all valid entities and values are listed below).

In the value box type the value that you wish to supply to the player (all valid entities and values are listed below).

A good thing to keep in mind is never over do it with weapons, ammo, and HEV. The map would get to boring or easy to play in.

Also when adding weapons the last most powerful weapon (to the HL engine) will be in the players hands when they spawn.

Example you add weapon_crossbow first then weapon_9mmAR. The HL engine says that weapon_9mmAR is the strongest, so to speak. You add weapon_9mmAR and weapon_gauss. The weapon_gauss will be in the hands of the player after spawn.

These are also limited by the amount a player can receive from one entity and the limit a player can carry. Example, ammo_9mmAR will give you 25 bullets per clip and the player can only hold 250. A number 1 value equals 25 bullets. If you enter a value of 26 you have excited the limit. This will either crash the map or drop entities at the point that info_player_deathmatch is located or drop off the map. In this example you can only go up to 25 for a value. Listed below are the entities and their limits. Please forgive me if I am off by a little. I typed this up while away from Hammer and/or Half-life, all memory ;)


weapon_357 value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_9mmAR value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_9mmhandgun value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_crossbow value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_crowbar value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_egon value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_gauss value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_handgrenade value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_hornetgun value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_rpg value 1 = 1 limit 1
weapon_satchel value 1 = 1 limit 5
weapon_shotgun value 1 = 1 limit 5
weapon_snark value 1 = ??? limit ??? (I do not use snarks in any of my maps; some HLDS servers will lag if players use them)
weapon_tripmine value 1 = 1 limit 5


ammo_357 value 1 = 6 bullets limit = 30
ammo_9mmAR value 1 = 25 bullets limit = 250
ammo_9mmbox value 1 = 100 bullets limit = 250
ammo_9mmclip value 1 = 17 bullets limit = 250
ammo_ARgrenades value 1 = 2 ARgrenades limit =10
ammo_buckshot value 1 = 4 Shotgun Shells limit = 125
ammo_crossbow value 1 = 5 arrows limit = 50
ammo_gaussclip value 1 = 20 cells limit = 100
ammo_rpgclip value 1 = 2 rockets limit = 5


item_airtank value 1 = 1 limit 1
item_antidote value 1 = 1 limit 1
item_battery value 1 = 15 HEV limit 6. You can not divide 100 by 15 evenly. So the value of 6 = 90.
item_healthkit value 1 = 10 limit 10. But you really do not need this for game_player_equip in HLDMs.
item_longjump value 1 = 1 limit 1
item_security value 1 = 1 limit 1
item_suit value 1 = 1 limit 1 not needed in HLDM.
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-29 23:15:03 UTC
in visibility matrix 136megs Post #24618
Copper When I map I place a info_player_start in the map and use that to judge how high to make my walls.

I take it your making a killbox of sorts.

It must be to high.

I will look at your rmf when I get home.
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-23 18:15:31 UTC
in Wanted Custom HLDM maps Post #23658
Captain P I have to check it out. If you got a good review form Vassy It must be good ;)

I have made 3 maps in the map vault. Dizzy Killbox, Shotgun Caynon, and PacmaHL.

I know about the horrible r_speeds pepper, my shotgun Canyon is really bad!!!!

It was a neat idea but I uses a prefab canyon, that is what messed it up. I am slowly trying to build my own.
One day it will be fixed :)

You all suggested the map vault. Yea I have to make time to DL everything and sort out what is HL or CS. Most of the ones I found where miss labeled. :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-23 02:52:44 UTC
in Server commands - name change? Post #23542
You know HLGuard has that option.

Just a thought
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-23 02:50:01 UTC
in Wanted Custom HLDM maps Post #23541
Helo all

I am looking for some fresh new HLDM maps for my server.

If you have already created some or would like to create something to run on my server please let me know. I will be happy to run them.

Maps must:
Be in HL
Any theme
Any size
Whatever :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-23 02:41:44 UTC
in Sampling Sprites and Sounds Post #23540
Sprite-wiz huh have to try that out Thanx!!!! :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-22 00:25:08 UTC
in Sampling Sprites and Sounds Post #23400
Can you have "animated sprites"?

If so how?
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-22 00:22:17 UTC
in Best tool in hammer? Post #23399
vertex tool!!!!

I can not figure it out LOL. I Carve once in a great while but still can't use the vertex tool It crashes the map.
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-21 02:46:36 UTC
in Best tool in hammer? Post #23274
I like Entity Report :) Makes it easy to find the entity to fix it ;)
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-21 01:11:00 UTC
in alright i am havin problem with config f Post #23264
Yeah Zombie,

Copper is one of my team member.

He does not have the HL CD link I did.

He is trying to create a map but does not have the hl.exe to point to after compiling because he only has the CS CD and steam give ya HL, because he owns the Retail CS.

Everytime I use GCFscape and extract the files then hammer and/or wally can not open them.

we will both check the forums for Steam compiling to hopefuly resolve his issue.

thanx for you input!!!
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-19 19:45:19 UTC
in IS there a new... Post #23106
Yea have to try that seventh.
Posted 16 years ago2004-04-13 00:29:18 UTC
in IS there a new... Post #22328
I have GCFScape.

I extracted the wad files for CZ to a folder. But Hammer or Wally will not open them.

Any reason why?


Should I wait for the SDK?
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-23 04:41:11 UTC
in Just release my latest map Post #20267
Thanx Jobabob, I think :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-21 16:39:17 UTC
in Just release my latest map Post #20169
Well thanx Seventh. I was getting a lot of good reviews from the gamers. They loved it. Got map to have a fragfest. My buddys that play in my server are from Japan. LOL they liked it a lot too.
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-21 07:56:15 UTC
in Just release my latest map Post #20105
I see 7 download for my new map. Was wondering what everyone thought about it. :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-18 18:44:18 UTC
in Just release my latest map Post #19748
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-18 18:43:32 UTC
in Just release my latest map Post #19746
:cool: PacManHL :cool:

Check it out

It is mad for HLDM. :cool:
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-18 00:42:07 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19642
LOL I got the door to work and Seventh I got the


To work Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have one more question. I have a room that I want a sound to play repeating but only in the room, not globally.

Got ambient_generic set but no idea how to limit the radius. I tried using the flags.

Medium Radius and not toggled but the sound will not turn on.

Any ideas what I did wrong?

LOL it is the last step before releasing the map :)

oh by the way yes I am looking at the tutorial..... :)

either way I may get my answer :cool:
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-17 18:51:51 UTC
in Rounded corners Post #19622
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-17 17:11:18 UTC
in Rounded corners Post #19611
I did use carving and it worked. You have to be careful on where you carve the cylinder. Some time you might get error when you compile.

Only got one and all I had to do was resize the corner.
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-16 17:45:05 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19503
I do LOL
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-16 13:22:34 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19485
Stil working on the sound but the door nope no workie.. I stays open and does not close intil you hit the button
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 11:33:02 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19415
I know playerjoin works
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 08:22:33 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19408
So I name the ambient_generic to game_playerdie and anytime a player dies the dound plays, right?
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 07:46:09 UTC
in Doors and triggering sounds Post #19406
My first question pretains to doors.

It never fails, I create a door and then a button to trigger it to open. But the darn thing never closes. I saw in the properties delay before close (-1 stay open). That was set to 4. But the door never closes.

Second I know that you can set ambient_generic and target game_playerjoin to play a sound when a player enters the game. What about when a player is killed, or respawns, and when the match ends.

When I was looking around I saw these:


So HL has them, how do it trigger them now?
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 01:55:29 UTC
in Teleport destonation facing direction Post #19401
Oh I got it thanks crash.... For some reason the compass did not work the first time but I got it now. Thanks again.
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 01:46:30 UTC
in Teleport destonation facing direction Post #19400
Type right in the blank box?
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 01:26:37 UTC
in Teleport destonation facing direction Post #19398
Ok I got the teleports and things working with out a hitch save one.

How do you change the desction the play faces after getting teleported?

I have a teleport destination in a deadend hallway and the player faces the wall not the opening of the hallway.

I think is has something to do with yaw. So 90 degrees should have worked but the player still faces the wall.

(side wall)
<---[Teleport destionation] needs to face this way --->

(side wall)
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-15 01:18:46 UTC
in Rounded corners Post #19397
Thanks I did the cylinder thin and it worked.. Had a feeling it was that easy. :D
Posted 16 years ago2004-03-14 08:17:03 UTC
in Rounded corners Post #19324
You know I went through all the tutorials and could not fine how to make a round corner. I am bulding a map that needs rounded corners for the edges of the walls. I tried using the vortx tool but I always end up crashing the map.

Help please.
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-21 00:37:14 UTC
in I wonder Post #16706
:) Will do
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 23:57:59 UTC
in I wonder Post #16698
Can you target Func_ladder to turn on or off?
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 20:57:07 UTC
in Equiping NightVision? Post #16692
Which Gundam LOL
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 20:56:30 UTC
in problem with steam and hammer Post #16691
I hope they start paying attention to this. If and when HL2 comes out it will only be accessable by steam :(
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 19:18:56 UTC
in Equiping NightVision? Post #16682
Thanks Zombie I knew it could be done but I do not know CS entities very well :)
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 19:14:15 UTC
in problem with steam and hammer Post #16681
That must have been recently cause I installed steam from awhile ago and have not had to ren install it our redownloed the EXE.

Humm that is strange.
Posted 16 years ago2004-02-20 03:44:43 UTC
in problem with steam and hammer Post #16617
If you just play. Steam makes life a little more difficult for us mappers.
That is why I still have the Serria Folder installed. :)

I installed the origanl HL first ran the most current patch before Steam. Installed Steam. When I map/complie I point hammer to the Serria folder. As long as I am not playing HL while compiling (which is not wise to do cause it will tax your system) the map will complie and open using the old folder.

Posted 16 years ago2004-02-18 05:58:54 UTC
in Equiping NightVision? Post #16467
hummm I am not up on CS enities my sekf be it is is listed in the CS Enity Guide as a weapon or ammo ot item it can be targeted in Game_Player_Equip.

Oh about the show..(INYASHA) Cartoon Network only has shown the 1-2 seasons. can not wait to see the rest :)