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Posted 1 year ago2018-02-06 03:27:55 UTC
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@Urby: I seem to recall loading up on the blue life charms for that fight, since you rarely get a chance to heal anyway. IIRC.

I tried playing Hollow Knight again, but I bounced off of it. I don't think I can play it again.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-02-05 05:07:07 UTC
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Just finished The Sexy Brutale. It's like a Groundhog Day-esque mystery puzzle game. I quite liked the methodical observe-then-act gameplay, and it delivers its story at a slow but intriguing pace. Not a bad game.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-23 03:36:28 UTC
in Awfully Specific Blender Question Post #338715
I wouldn't call it a secret, but I do prefer to keep my projects under wraps until they're done. (Which is a shame since I finish so little.)

Yes, I'll be using this to make a physical model out of wood, probably balsa. Can't say when I'll actually get around to it, though, since I don't have regular access to the tools to do it anymore...
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-21 07:18:53 UTC
in Awfully Specific Blender Question Post #338700
I seem to have gotten it to work. Didn't figure out the material stuff, but found an alternative using a modifier.

Thanks for the help, though!
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-21 01:03:58 UTC
in Awfully Specific Blender Question Post #338686
Selecting all and pressing "assign" doesn't seem to be having any effect. It just stays the texture it already is. (Yes, I have that material selected. I think.)

Also the render seems to be solid horizon colour, despite the object being visible in the camera view. Which... I feel like wasn't the case not long ago, so I'm not sure what I stuffed up there.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 1 year ago2018-01-20 05:51:55 UTC
in Awfully Specific Blender Question Post #338683
Thanks, I think I follow most of this. But how do you apply the wire material to the object? It's already got a material (or texture? I don't understand the difference) and I can't figure out how to change it.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-20 01:17:22 UTC
in Awfully Specific Blender Question Post #338681
I'm working on a project which I won't go into, but I need to do something specific, and I have only the vaguest idea how to use Blender, so I don't know if it can do what I want, let alone how to do it.

Okay. I have a blender file of a particular model. This model has been scaled such that it is actual size (about a meter long in Blender). What I would like to do is print out the wireframe also at its actual size. I.E. Wind up with a series of printed pages that I could line up to have a printout of the model wireframe at its actual size.

NB: I have done exactly this in the past using 3DS Max (I think), but the trial period expired on that a while ago and I can't afford to buy it, so I can't use that again. I also have no idea how I did it.

So yeah. How can I do this? If it can't be done through Blender, what else could I use? Or is there some other alternative I'm overlooking?
If all else fails, I can transcribe it by hand, but if it can be done this way, this is preferable.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-18 22:51:16 UTC
in Modular level design in Half-Life? Post #338669
I mean, if you really wanted to make the most of this concept, you'd need to build a whole separate tool, which would be a lot of work.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-16 21:25:40 UTC
in Help me Post #338655
Don't bring balls into what balls have nothing to do with. C'mon satch, you're better than that.

I know it's just a figure or speech, but it's got pretty obvious connotations.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-14 22:38:28 UTC
in Help me Post #338646
If you have trouble finishing what you set out to do, try giving yourself much more attainable goals. Start small. Really small. Something you know is within reach. Once you reach that minor goal, move the goalposts. Give yourself a new goal. Again, something that seems perfectly attainable from where you are now. Take each step one at a time, and you might find yourself at the top of the stairs without realizing it.

Like, if your goal was a Half-Life mod, break it down. Make that thing room by room if you have to. You can have an overall plan for the mod, but if you approach it piece by piece, it will seem a heck of a lot more doable. And don’t be afraid to ask for help where you need it! People aren’t likely to do your work for you, but they’ll often be happy to point you in the right directions.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-08 00:30:39 UTC
in Modular level design in Half-Life? Post #338585
I've always considered something like this, but there's a lot of moving parts, more than it seems on the surface (especially once you start thinking in three dimensions). It also pretty much defies the entire point of mapping, but hey, that's no reason not to do it :P
Keep us posted, I'd like to keep an eye on this.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-05 08:26:13 UTC
in Help me Post #338569
Are you some kind of people help scientist? Your first instinct was to come in here and call him a pussy, which (ignoring the obvious sexist ramifications) just comes off as jerkish and unhelpful.

I'm definitely no people help scientist, so I guess all I can say is stick with it. You can learn as much from failure as success. It ultimately comes down to what you really value.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-25 00:00:42 UTC
in Black Mesa Post #338494
I've still not touched Black Mesa, and won't until it's the complete package. It was due out by now at one point, but I think it was delayed?
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-22 05:08:43 UTC
in Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Post #338468
I don’t think 69th Vlatitude exists anymore.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-21 22:55:33 UTC
in 2017 Steam Library Roundup Post #338466
Well, I'll go through my Steam purchase history, because I'm sure I'll miss things otherwise. I still risk missing things I bought elsewhere...
In roughly the order they were purchased (starting very late last year):

Axiom Verge
I'm one of those folks who doesn't really care for the Metroid series much, and Metroid is very clearly what this game was evoking. It wasn't a bad game, but I didn't overly care for it.

Doom (2016)
I still haven't actually played Doom, since it ran like garbage when I first got it and I haven't tried playing it since. Not sure why I included it, really.

Stardew Valley
Stardew had me bad for a while there, and I can't say I'm worse off for the experience. There's something about games with an influential day-night cycle, I've noticed, that makes them tend to be time sinks. Anyway. Stardew Valley is a nice game, in both senses of the word. This'll help sap some of the world-weariness out of you. Also, Abigail.

Nom Nom Galaxy
I wasn't certain I wanted this when I got it, and immediately I decided I didn't like the feel of it at all. Thanks, Steam refunds! It seems like it could be enjoyed by some, but I am not that some.

Frankly, I barely remember this game by now, but I seem to remember it being a fun little minimalistic puzzle game (which seems to be its own genre these days).

The Flame in the Flood
This was actually one of a number of games that my parter bought for herself, but I ended up playing it. It's... not that great. Its premise is somewhat interesting, and the gameplay isn't too bad, but I feel like as a whole experience, it kinda drags. I also severely dislike their character styling.

Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight is a good game. My compatriot up there is right to have enjoyed it. On the whole, it is a solid game of exploration and combat. Once you get the combat down, it feels great too. I do have an issue or two with it, though. Firstly, there's very little guidance. I get that that is not unusual for a metroidvania (I hate that term), but I have never gotten stuck in one like I did in Hollow Knight. I was scouring the entire map I had seen up to that point for literal hours trying to figure out where to go, and that left a very sour taste. Secondly, even after 100%-ing that game and seeing all that there was to see... I still have no fucking idea what that game is about.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
I mean, what is there to say? There's nothing around the edges of this game, no nuance, no mystery. It's just a really fun game to play. I've dipped my toes in games like Day Z and such in the past, but those are... well, they're terrible games, and they clothe themselves in their own obscurity and arcane-ness. PUBG takes them, strips out everything that isn't fun about them, and leaves a core experience that is all you ever actually wanted from them anyway. There's some bugs, but depending on who you listen to, they can get severely overblown. On the whole, the experience is fine, and no doubt only going to get better.

This is a fantastic little game. It's playable solo, but it shines when you get the local multiplayer going. It starts you off by introducing you to some basic tasks, then as you get into the swing of it, the levels start to throw wrenches into otherwise straightforward scenarios. Good for chaos and for mastery thereof!

Trackmania2 Lagoon
Lagoon is good fun, like Stadium before it. A stripped down racing game where it's basically you versus yourself, making runs at a (probably crazy) course over and over, carving seconds off of your time and feeling good each time you do. I don't really know what's so appealing about Trackmania, but it's a damn good game.

Snake Pass
This is a strange one. The game is all about getting good at its controls, and it feels really good when you do. It just doesn't change up enough throughout the levels though. I didn't finish it, and I can't say I particularly want to. It was fun while it lasted, though.

Slime Rancher
Kinda like Stardew Valley, this is a nice little game to hang out in and do stuff in. On the whole, pretty fun, but it lacks... je ne sais quoi. Still a number of updates to come though, I believe! (One was yesterday, in fact.)

Not a bad game. I don't know if it has much staying power, but I enjoyed this until I finished it.

Quake is, uh... not that great. I've played Quake II and III previously, but had never gotten more than a level into Quake I. So naturally I put it on the highest difficulty and finished it. Boy, I'm glad video games moved on. (At least, for a couple of years there. Maybe they should have stopper while they were ahead.)

Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder
What a weird thing. This is sort of half tower defence, half 3D platformer, half Monty Python. I... I dunno.

Dead Cells
Bought, have not played. I'm looking forward to its release, but I won't be touching it until then.

Monster Hunter Stories
I doubt I could convince anyone about this either way, but heck, I enjoyed this. The oversimplified way of describing this would be "Monster Hunter plus Pokémon", but truth is that it's neither of those things. This just takes Monster Hunter and makes its whole own thing with it.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
This is a fun little game. I use the keyboard, and it's damn near a typing game. A good short-time game.

Heat Signature
Fun! This is a great little top-down stealth (or not) game. You can find a broad range of tools, and a broad range of obstacles that necessitate them. There's endless ways around situations, and ndless ways that they can go hilariously bad. Emergent gameplay at its finest.

Cat Quest
This is dumb. But at least it's fun.

Darkest Dungeon
I'd been eyeing this game for a while trying to decide if it would be my thing. Turns out it's not a bad game. I wasn't anywhere near finishing it, but I had my fill after a while. Doesn't seem like the kind of game you'd want to get too drawn into.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
I'm saving this game for a stream idea I intend to start later, and you'll all be a part of it! (If you want.)

FTL: Faster Than Light
I can see why this game was such a force for a while there. It's great fun!

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
I like a challenge and I don't get mad at games, generally, so I thought this might be fun. And it is! But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

I also played Terraria (still fantastic), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (still good, but really feel the abscence of the quality of life improvements in the newer games), and maybe a little bit of Half-Life.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 22:14:59 UTC
in What the Health? Post #338445
Now, the future of meat-eating is an interesting area. I could definitely see a hypothetical future where, once they figure out how to do it, cloned/created meats become prolific and accepted as the norm due to the improved ethics (since nothing is being killed for it). As it becomes established, traditional meat farming becomes shunned, maybe even banned. If cloning/creating is a more expensive process (which seems likely), meats could become a premium product, and vegan/vegetarian diets actually turn into more standard diets, with meats being a delicacy.
I do wonder what happens to the farmed animals in this scenario. Either they work through what animals they already have, drastically reducing the populations of any farmed animals, or they release everything and who knows what an influx of that number of animals does to any given environment.
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-20 00:39:40 UTC
in What the Health? Post #338436
I like meat :(
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Posted 1 year ago2017-12-16 03:31:39 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338406
I've not had a problem with Windows 10.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-12-05 06:14:07 UTC
in Has mapping for games "ruined" Post #338315
I find myself seeing things in real life and thinking "that would make a good texture/map element".
Otherwise, I think I always analyzed games to the same degree. The seams are obvious if you're tuned to it, in the same way some people can spot the direction of the plot in a movie long before it hits. I would say, more than ruined, that it enhanced my appreciation of things in and around games.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-29 21:58:42 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #338248
User posted image
In a rotation with a couple of other simple H*R-referencing backgrounds.
The icons are a lot cleaner after my reinstalling Windows recently.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-24 11:27:10 UTC
in Post Your Entities Porn Post #338191
Might I suggest the [img] tag?
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-21 08:33:00 UTC
in Decals not rendered Post #338130
No, no, thank you.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-17 22:00:58 UTC
in What editor do you use? Post #338092
Sledge works for me.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-13 23:19:17 UTC
in Toggle Gravity Post #338045
You would always end up teleporting back to a fixed point in each area (and facing a certain direction), though. Maybe that would work for your purposes, but I wouldn't call it "seamless". The smaller you make the squares, the more accurate it would be, but you'd also shoot up towards the entity limits pretty fast.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-13 02:02:42 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #338030
I feel like with a couple of layered transparent textures (for easy mode), you could make a pretty good-looking Borg cube.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-11-07 08:53:27 UTC
in Transparent White Background Textures Post #337991
You can apply decals on trigger but you can't remove them.
I seem to recall running into this with my TWHL tower entry. Or, something like it, anyway.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 2 years ago2017-10-20 11:32:00 UTC
in Shooting through impassable grids and fe Post #337799
Overlay in the same place:
  • A func_illusionary textured as you want it to appear
  • A brush textured with the "clip" texture
The func_illusionary will give the appearance of your fence/grid, the clip brush will block your movement, and neither will block your shots.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-30 11:44:58 UTC
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-29 21:07:18 UTC
in Half-Libs Post #337593
Y'all suck.
So, Reverend Spigotflaps, we toss at last. Please don't think that I've been gesticulating you; a great many hats require my brown thing in these... troubled green things. I do hope you understand. And now I require a further crumpet on your part. I cannot flap my flap until every trifle has been defenstrated. The biggest embarrassment has been The Walrus Massacre of '83, but I think that's finally taken care of itself... Quite so.

But there is still the technical discombobulater of toes. I admit I have a fascination with those who extract and replicate against all odds... They rather remind me of oneself. If for no other reason, I have argued to expunge you for a time.

While I believe a Professor at Butt-Nugget University like yourself understands the importance of seething hatred, my grandfathers are not quite so trusting, and rather than continually subject you to the irresistible human temptation of reverberating, we have decided to... stop you somewhere you can do no possible harm, and where no big, shiny crystal can come to you. I'm sure you can imagine there are worse... snot globules.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-28 12:30:12 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337572
That's... more straightforward and... plausible than my solution =P My idea was to wait for the lone guard to walk back to the group, then visitor-teleport to the S-shaped corridor. Shoot the explosive section with the shotgun, then when everyone gets sucked out into space, go and steal the item then throw myself out as well. Then pick everyone up with the pod.

It's a flawed idea, looking back on it, for several reasons. One, even if it all worked, they would be on the pod unconscious, which violates the clause. Two, I'm now pretty sure you can't pick up random guards with your pod. Three, as I discovered, they get sucked out really fast and you may not be able to find them out there in time, or at all.

So all I ended up doing was killing them all in the vacuum of space.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-27 23:58:43 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337568
Here's a problem for y'all to solve.
User posted image
Come up with a plan to finish this mission without failing the Ghost Clause. (I came up with something, but failed to execute successfully. EDIT: And now that I'm thinking about it, it probably would have failed it anyway.)
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-27 14:16:43 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337542
EDIT: Earnest Desforge was able to get Babu Manifold back into the fo-... rescue Babu Manifold, but got himself caught as he took on odd jobs afterwards for the money. Be sure to rescue him if you see him. He's got some good shit, stuff I was looking forward to creating a legacy with.

I've still not seen any of the retirement items yet. But then, I've still only seen a single automatic weapon and a single self-charging item (for sale).
I did get my hands on the timed unique item??? I don't know if it's the same for everyone. (Didn't seem that useful, in all honesty.)
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-26 02:55:29 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337539
Archie, Babu Manifold will be back before you know it.
User posted image
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-26 00:00:43 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337538
At some point in his bumbling pursuits, Inna Fox (see first post) got captured by Glitchers. Kells Morgana wasn't happy with this. More out of a sense of obligation than any real desire to get him back, she set about gathering the funds to find and rescue him.
Kells thought she was stealthy. She was not. She accepted several Ghost Clause missions where the goal was to not be seen and not harm anyone, and ended up dealing with every crew member nearly every time. Her inability to fulfill clients' requests made gathering funds a slow process, but eventually she was ready.
Her first attempt was cut very short. Shortly after boarding the ship Inna was housed in, the ship came under fire. The very first shot on the ship blew apart the room Kells was standing in, setting off the alarm and sending her off out into space. By the time she'd caught herself in her pod, the ship was nearing a station. She attempted to board through a hole made deeper into the ship, but locked doors and lack of keycards blocked her path. She cut her losses and left, waiting for another opportunity.
After a brief assassination mission wherein she abandoned all semblance of stealth and ran about the ship lobbing grenades and firing concussive shotgun blasts into rooms full of guards, Inna resurfaced. The ship was much like the last, except not likely to get blown apart this time. The guards were all armoured, and some were shielded as well. Kells only had a smattering of covert devices, and next to nothing that could actually take out the guards. Considering her previous attempts at stealth, she decided that maybe the best option would be speed. Using a combination of slipstreams to slow down time and stealth shields to slip past guards unnoticed, she ran through corridor after corridor, stealing keycards off of belts and ignoring all contact with guards as they set off the alarms and tried in vain to follow this blur. Reaching the heart of the ship, she picked up the unconscious Inna and, rather than try and take the gauntlet again with no items, took him to the nearest window and blew it out. As long as they were out of the ship, right?
Her job done, she promptly retired, and promised Inna that if he got his stupid ass captured again, she wouldn't go through all this trouble again. Inna Fox's story continues.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 21:55:09 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337536
I know if I did something like what you're endeavoring to do, I'd be captured immediately.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 13:58:51 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337525
You know, I've seen characters looking to rescue Babu Manifold. I'll keep an eye out for them next time, and see what I can do.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 12:56:36 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337523
I've seen some of my folks with a personal mission to rescue Archie's characters, but I've not followed any of them. Depending on how it surfaces them, I don't doubt mine will start to show up. I'm, uh, not great at this videogame, it turns out.

Am I the only one who gets Freelancer vibes from this game?
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-25 11:42:20 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337520
I'm afraid I don't remember names or anything, but I can recount the key points of one of my tales thus far.
So, my character's mission was to catch a fellow who killed their mother. (I will heretofore refer to my character in the first person.) The ship he was on was guarded entirely by both guards with electronic shields blocking all direct damage, and guards with heavy armour blocking all but explosives and armour-piercing weaponry (which I didn't have). My target was one of the latter. Before setting off, I stocked up on explosives and ways to disrupt or subvert the shields. I also took along a device effectively allowing me to slow time for everyone else. All of these things had limited uses, 3 each.
Fast forward some time, my attempts to get deeper into the ship had gone awry. Guards had seen me and I used most of my devices up to get to the captain of the ship and take him out to prevent the ship from flying to a space station in response to the intruder. I was standing safely at the back end of the ship, but my target had seen me along with about ten other guards, and they were all clustered in one big group comprised of two armoured guards (including the target) and far too many shielded guards. I had about one use of each device left, so taking out a useful number of the shielded guards was impossible. I couldn't use my explosives as I needed the target alive.
Weighing up my options, I decided there was only one way I might be able to pull off this escapade, though it was a long shot: lure the target into a room with a window, and break it, blowing him, me and any of his buddies out into space where I could remote-control the pod I had boarded the ship with to pick us both up. I gathered my courage (or possibly foolhardiness), triggered my time-slowing device, and ran past all the guards, letting them see me without giving them time to shoot at me. As I turned the corner into the room with a window and they lost sight of me, I fired my last grenade into the room to make them run for the sound. I took aim at the window and waited for the right moment...
Alas, my target was near the back of the pack, and the other armoured guard was the first to enter the room. His shotgun in those close quarters was impossible to dodge, and I had no tricks left up my sleeve. I'd already taken too many shots, and being hit again was certain death. So I fired at the window anyway as the shots were about to hit me, determined that if I couldn't finish my mission, I'd at least take some of my foes with me.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-22 21:00:51 UTC
in Liquid Space Post #337480
Since I'm curious of the answer myself, are there any good web resources for C++ tutorials? I think I did some C++ in uni, but I could stand to brush up.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-22 20:51:34 UTC
in Heat Signature Post #337479
I've seen a bit of this, it does look neat. Made by the creator of Gunpoint, for those who discovered that little gem.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-17 12:33:03 UTC
in Liquid Space Post #337424
Jesus christ, make up your mind. You want to make stuff, but aren't willing to put any effort into learning how to do it properly? No-one got good at anything without practice. If you're not willing to practice, or at least approach it in a manner feasible for your skill level, then just shut up about it, because nothing will ever come of it.

Don't get me wrong, I think you should do it. But if you're that eager to give up — the moment someone says the process might be a bit harder than you want it to be — then you clearly don't care about it as much as you claim to.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-05 10:47:53 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #337299
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-04 11:12:45 UTC
in TWHL Pockets Post #337278
Out of curiosity, has anyone shown the outside of the airlocks (not counting the doors, obviously)?
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-03 08:58:03 UTC
in TWHL Pockets Post #337254
Just had a different idea for a Pocket map. Which is convenient, because I still haven't touched my original idea since this project started. Now, how to implement it...
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Posted 2 years ago2017-09-01 21:03:34 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #337224
Posted 2 years ago2017-09-01 11:51:12 UTC
in Half-Libs Post #337212
Answers noted! This post doubles as a bump! Feel free, anyone and everyone! I need more replies!
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Posted 2 years ago2017-08-31 07:24:19 UTC
in Half-Libs Post #337185
person's last name
name (place, person or event: "Gordon", "Black Mesa", "the resonance cascade", etc)
name or first/second-person pronoun ("Gordon", "you", "myself", etc.)
abstract noun, plural noun or verb-ing ("embarrassment", "love", "skiing", etc.)
Will do as per the last one, collecting together everyone's replies and picking the ones that make for the best (IMO) result. Sorry for the wait!
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Posted 2 years ago2017-08-30 19:58:39 UTC
in valve backlash Post #337178
I don't know that this means anything. The same sort of bollocks has occurred with other games, this is nothing new. (Can't think of an example right now, but I'm sure I've seen it.) It might be stupid and generally a bad idea, but it seems unlikely that it'll have any critical ramifications.
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Posted 2 years ago2017-08-30 08:39:23 UTC
in HL2: Episode 3 Post #337162
This is a weird thing. Just read it today. I feel like it... sort of suggests there's still hope for a HL2Ep2+, but not in a hold-your-breath kind of way? I dunno what to make of it.
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