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Posted 14 years ago2008-01-26 19:50:37 UTC
in coding? Post #244364
I'll help you two here. I am a begginer coder but I do know how to compile the dlls and modify the weapons and what ever you guys said.

After I explain to you guys hoe to compile to get a dll, read that tutorial carefully.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-25 22:53:42 UTC
in Desktops of January Post #244316
Here is mine:

User posted image

I got the wall paper from deviant art and I use Windows XP with the classic theme. Its a 2.0 ghz AMD laptop with 448mb of ram.
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Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 22:34:50 UTC
in help with model Post #244255
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 22:31:16 UTC
in help with model Post #244252
You cant really use the metrocop model in goldsource because it doesn't have a death animation, source uses ragdoll to simulate there death animations, so unless you want a metrocop with no death animations or you know enough about modeling to make you're own death animation....
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 21:51:52 UTC
in help with model Post #244249
Yes youre right, somebody must have modified it along the way.

I have converted the scanner model from hl2 into half-life format for you (including all the animations). Here is the link, quickly download it because files on sendspace don't stay uploaded for ever.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 21:22:10 UTC
in help with model Post #244246
They're not nulled, they're just simply selected and deleted. If you can edit the model in max or something, you can rebuild and retexture the missing faces.
I'm just trying to make it sound simple for people, thats why null is in a pair of these " ".
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 21:19:45 UTC
in help with model Post #244245
The person who made this model (valve) "nulled" that surface to increase performance in Half-life 2. I have no idea who gave you this, but it was originally from Half-life 2 and thats why that surface is like that.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 21:08:20 UTC
in help with model Post #244242
The creator of the model made it like this, just like mappers null surfaces that are unscene to the player to increase performance.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-24 21:02:01 UTC
in help with model Post #244239
That face on the model has been "nulled" because this surface is always unscene to the player. That little flying around annoying thing always faces the player ;)

You're going to have to modify the model to fix that up.

Nice to see you again btw :)
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-23 20:15:05 UTC
in Placing Dead Zombies Post #244151
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-23 10:12:06 UTC
in Placing Dead Zombies Post #244122
Huh, Thanks Cluadio :)
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-23 09:22:59 UTC
in Placing Dead Zombies Post #244119
I am wondering, have been for a while, how do I place dead zombies in maps. I can place dead hgrunts and stuff, but I cant place dead zombies because they have no "dead" animations.

Any ideas : ?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-22 07:14:40 UTC
in Models in map question. Post #244036
Thanks alot for the posts guys, special thanks to Captain Terror :heart:

Posted 14 years ago2008-01-22 06:55:23 UTC
in Models in map question. Post #244030
Hey guys

I'm just wondering, I have a multiplayer map, and I need somehow, to know which models that map is using. This multiplayer map is part of my mod which has 100's of custom models and I'm going to release the map to the interwebs, so I need to know which models the map is using. It would be a crazy thought going through and looking at every model in the map, there is way too many.

So is there anyway? Any parameters or console applications I can drag the map into to reveal all or something?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-20 19:37:07 UTC
in Lighting Issues Post #243910
Do you have the latest zhlt?

3.4 is the latest, here:
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-20 19:32:54 UTC
in Anyone know a good decompiler? Post #243909
Yes bsptwomap is the best. There are others around but don't bother with them.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-20 19:31:26 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #243908
Never ever ever ever ever ever put a sky box around your map. It drives the compiler crazy because it has to "compile" the outside of the map aswell. Not to mention horrid lighting and frame rate in the game. There is no soultution to leaks, just easy ways of finding them.

When you have a leak, the compiler tells you the closest entity for the leak. It also gives the co-ordinates for the leak. The first 2 are the x and y co-ordinates. This mean that you can hover your mouse over the top view in hammer until you find the entity. Using this will give you a rough idea of the area.

You can also place a big box over the suspected area or the whole map and make the box smaller and smaller, compiling every time. IF you suddenly get the leak error, you know that the error is in between the box as it is now, and the way it was before you last moved it.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-20 00:26:21 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #243867
Topic: Leaks

i know you all have leaks in your map. and really want to know where to find it and to fix it. well this is my advice.

1. you can find it in-game. when you compile it an extra file will appear. it is mapname.pts. its a pointfile. so you need it to test it in game on SP.
bring out the console and type "pointfile" without the quotes then there will be a series of points somwhere around your map then it will lead to the leak! can prevent to make a leak by putting sky brushes around your map. sarcastic - :sarcastic:
Ok. Thanks for the info.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-18 10:06:47 UTC
in wrong falling damage Post #243756
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-18 07:46:25 UTC
in wrong falling damage Post #243749
: What? I have had deathmatch games where I have fallen to my death.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-18 06:24:35 UTC
in wrong falling damage Post #243738
I had this problem with an old version of spirit, you been messing around with the dlls?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-17 01:50:15 UTC
in help with map Post #243585
It is assumed that everybody uses zhlt.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-17 01:44:01 UTC
in How do I remove the gun and hands? Post #243584
(also, aaron, i swear i saw your name in the credits for half life! :[] :o :0 surprised - :o ZOMG - :zomg: Gak! - :gak:)
Yeah, lots of people have my name, its a good name :glad:
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-16 20:09:04 UTC
in How do I remove the gun and hands? Post #243561
he shouldn't be seeing a gun or his hands when he starts
You do in a multiplayer map.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 23:08:40 UTC
in Shader Water in Spirit - The Tutorial Post #243453
Ofcourse not, you just need to be running half-life in opengl mode. I added the code into my mod, it works fine for me.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 21:15:04 UTC
in Shader Water in Spirit - The Tutorial Post #243444
Did you add the code properly? Try running the mod that comes with the package and load up a half-life map with water in it.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 20:57:59 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #243443
But aaron, you still haven't achieved greatness, so WTF? :P
Nuh, not yet my friend, its a work in progress.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 04:03:38 UTC
in block light with doors question Post #243383
Kinrah, you are wrong. There is a setting to make the door opaque which stops the light from shining through. It only works if you're using zhlt.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 03:45:47 UTC
in block light with doors question Post #243379
Easy, code in real time lighting into goldsource. No seriously, let me think about this.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-14 03:36:03 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #243378
Man, I haven't used the arching tool for so long I forgot it existed. Nice tip.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-13 20:23:09 UTC
in valv.wad Post #243366
Yeah, you can add it to a batch file. Here is what mine would look like with that parameter.
@echo off
"C:toolszhlt 3.2.1hlcsg" -estimate -high -texdata 17824 -lightdata 17824 -wadinclude WADNAME.wad %1
"C:toolszhlt 3.2.1hlbsp" -estimate -texdata 17824 -lightdata 17824 -high %1
"C:toolszhlt 3.2.1hlvis" -estimate -texdata 17824 -lightdata 17824 -high %1
"C:toolszhlt 3.2.1hlrad" -estimate -texdata 17824 -lightdata 17824 -high %1
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-13 04:55:19 UTC
in GoldSource Mapping Tips Post #243334
Errr, your quite wrong there bud.

When you group stuff together, it is local to the editor only. Invalid brushes are caused by a face from a particular brush not being flat.

And, always remember, quality over quantity, bigger minds don't build more open maps, with long levels and things, if thats what you mean.

Also, I recommend you re read your posts before you post em, quite a few spelling errors, the internet is not going to run away.

From a personal stand point, you seem new to forums or are young. You seem to be having a rough beginning, people might be giving you shit over the next few months or year or whatever, listen to what they say but don't take it personally. Half of us start out fine, and the other half will get flamed and yelled at and spoken about negatively, I started out like you, exactly like you. But no matter how we start, we all grow to achieve greatness in the end. If you have any problems, send a pm my way.

Nice avatar btw, you got good gaming taste ;)
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 23:29:13 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243316
Ahhh, yes, the invalid brush error, this is caused by a face of a brush not being flat. For example if you get a square and raise one of its corners, it will cause this error. I don't think you can fix this in hammer, unless if the sphere is made up of more than one brush, than it is possible for the object to be valid.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 23:03:21 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243312
Hmmmmmm, good work. I thought the challenge was to make a 3 bend, hollowed out, 90 degree pipe curve with 10 sides. I missed a post or 2.

Anyway, you're pretty much done, if you can do the bottom, you just have to repeat it at the top.

Create a sphere from one brush
Is that one brush buddy?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 22:42:46 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243309
Nuh, I don't think 10 sides is possible in hammer either.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 22:29:20 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243304
12 sides is easier than 10 sides
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 22:06:33 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243299
I just cant bring my self to adjust to the controls in radiant/quark, its to different, I just cant get used to it.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 20:16:07 UTC
in Shader Water in Spirit - The Tutorial Post #243290
What I find with the shader water, you loose alot of control over the water. You cant change the fx amount, speed and even water flow direction (which is the most annoying) In my mod, I have some areas with alot of water, and I have no control over which way the water flows. Can you at least change it so you can change the direction of the water flow by changing the yaw amount. I shouldn't be to hard to change in the code.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 19:55:57 UTC
in ...bevel. Post #243287
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 19:40:14 UTC
in ...bevel. Post #243285
Hmmm, I think I might use bevel instead of null from now on :)
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 18:36:51 UTC
in Geometry Challenges Post #243278
Quark is a bad level editor imo, there is nothing in quark that you can do that hammer cant, and the navigation is all weird in quark.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 18:34:04 UTC
in ...bevel. Post #243276
Well, unless if it creates leaks or some error when you apply this texture to one of the outermost layers of a map (hull), I don't see the point in null anymore.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-12 09:21:29 UTC
in ...bevel. Post #243252
Holy crap, I updated my zhlt wad, and there it is, bevel. So what you're telling me, its exactly the same as null, but you can walk through it?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-11 11:14:13 UTC
in models vanish with clip brush Post #243192
It depends on what brushed based entity it is, what its render fx settings are and if it moves or not ;).
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-11 04:47:56 UTC
in models vanish with clip brush Post #243187
No, clip brushes shouldn't make the model disappear. If the models origin is inside a wall, it will cause the model to disappear, if the models origin is way off from the model, it will cause the model to disappear.

The model is only drawn if the "engine" can see the models origin. Its hard because on some models, the origin is in an unusual spot. When you click on the model in hammer, the red x is the models origin, make sure that is not inside a wall.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-10 10:25:14 UTC
in VIS just fails ... Post #243121
Captian Terror, there is more than one zhlt final version, 3.4 is the latest version. If you don't have it, upgrade.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-10 03:58:42 UTC
in My Laptop Problem. Post #243108
Yeah, its a strange problem.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-10 02:58:15 UTC
in My Laptop Problem. Post #243105
No, it doesn't shut down, it I get it to turn on, its fine, but it its even the slightest bit warm it wont start up, it has to be completely cool for it to start up, after that, it can get as hot as it wants to, if wont shut down.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-09 23:16:21 UTC
in My Laptop Problem. Post #243094
I meant to say that the laptop wont turn in if its hot, and laptops are normally hot