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Posted 14 years ago2008-01-09 22:51:18 UTC
in VIS just fails ... Post #243092
What version of the tools do you have?

I had the same problem in one of my maps, I downloaded the latest zhlt and it fixed the problem.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-09 21:42:21 UTC
in My Laptop Problem. Post #243087
Hay guys, I have a problem with my laptop which is less than a year old.

The laptop wont turn on if its hot (like normal laptops) or even a tiny bit warm. The laptop has to be completely cool so it can turn on. Once its on its fine, but why is this problem happening?

Note: When I turn it on, and it doesn't work, the lights turn on, but the screen doesn't light up, no usual noises from the hard drive, nothing.

Any ideas : ?
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-06 12:33:52 UTC
in Laggyness Post #242757
The half-life engine is a very old engine, the way it renders the levels is very inefficient in todays standard, a very laggy map in half-life 1 ported to half-life 2, will most likely work fine.

My point is, half-life doesn't like big maps, it cant handle it very well, so either your map has poor vis or you have a poor computer. Don't use fast vis, see if that helps. A 4 hour compile time is nothing, trust me. Also don't tie big geometry (unless its complex) to a func_wall because to the engine, these entities are transparent, and the game engine will draw whats behind them, rather than blocking whats behind them as they should.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-04 13:18:38 UTC
in Shader Water in Spirit - The Tutorial Post #242579
Ok, I added this in, at first I put some code in the wrong function and I was getting some nasty graphic glitches, after I fixed it it worked properly.

This effect is very good, its just like source water, thanks for posting it here chicken fist, and thank jason for me for the best water that we may ever see in goldsource.

If you got any other code snippets let me know because I am very interested:ciggie:.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-04 08:21:52 UTC
in HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY -coding Post #242565
I solved the problem folks and thehalflifedude, it had nothing to do with the code, in fact it was the crows walk animation. I'll cut it short because I don't want to create a wall of text, the crow's walk animation behaved like it had the "LX" flag, but it didn't, I have to fix that.

By any chances, is any body here a good modeler, I have a different question, still related.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-04 08:14:01 UTC
in halflife2.wad Post #242564
Hows it going thehalflifedude :)

Anyway, its not that hard to convert a hl2 texture to a wad, but its not a bad idea.
Posted 14 years ago2008-01-01 12:43:29 UTC
in Shader Water in Spirit - The Tutorial Post #242239
Thanks chickenfist, I'll check this out. I'm a bit concerned about this performance cost though, hopefully its worth it :)
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-31 08:44:31 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #242168
Overall, looking very good Highlander, very good.

I must say that (forgive me buddy) some of the screenshots look a little plain. And everything is to neat, there is no rubbish on the floor, cracks in the wall, weeds, or any other imperfections, every thing is perfectly linear and in its place. These kind of imperfections is what makes a space more interesting. Just even some milk cartons on the floor or a plant of wood there or something. I've got plenty of models that I can send ya, just say the word :).

Over all, I like what I see, cant wait till the next set of pics, or update or whatever :D
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-29 20:15:25 UTC
in Oh my god this can't be possible Post #242101
Spike said:do it like 3 times and it will work.
Yeah thats always annoyed me.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-26 08:01:01 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #241947
Yes, its a placeholder crate texture, as srry said, haven't made one for it yet :P
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-26 01:25:58 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #241930
User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

User posted image

Yeah, goldsource is a alright engine to work with, limitations are annoying though. Valve, please release the engine code, please.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-22 11:08:09 UTC
in func_monsterclip off/on? Post #241717
Hmmmm, how are you triggering the monsterclip?

And what do you need the monsterclip for?
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-22 11:05:44 UTC
in Wally is a fag , Need help Post #241716
I don't understand you. Wally is a great program, it works perfectly fine for me.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-21 21:15:54 UTC
in [UTILITY] Compilator 3 Public Beta Post #241683
Nice work muzzleflash, I like this.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-21 08:34:17 UTC
in HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY -coding Post #241660
Ahh, thats a good idea. Nice thinking.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-20 18:26:20 UTC
in HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY -coding Post #241633
Thanks so much guys, love ya all.

Daubster, I really like your idea of looking at the cockroach code. Thanks.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-20 01:26:25 UTC
in My new steam group Post #241580
No problem Tetsu0.

Thanks to all who join.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-20 00:15:22 UTC
in My new steam group Post #241569

I have made a new steam community group for goldsource modders (mappers, coders, modelers). Feel free to join here:

Have Fun.

BTW, I'm going to add more stuff to it later.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-19 23:28:30 UTC
in HELP BEFORE I GO CRAZY -coding Post #241556
I have a huge headache and I'm about to go insane, I need some help :(

I'm trying to add a crow into half-life. I have the crow's sounds and model, thats not a problem. I managed to make a new entity called "npc_crow" and link that up to the crows model and all, thats fine.

Now I'm not going as far yet as to putting the crows AI in, but I want to know where the hell you define a monsters animations in the code. I tried to look up the zombies animations, and had no success. HOW THE HELL DOES THE ENGINE KNOW WHAT ANIMATION TO PLAY WHEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is where I need some help. Basically, I just want to make the crow do an idle animation (and the next step would be randomly more than one animation) and I want to be able to kill the crow, and (this is what I don't understand) to let the code know which animation is the crows death animation, and to make the killing of a crow act truly work (not that I am for the killing of animals).

Any help would be much appreciated. Sysops, you've been doing some ai/monster changes in arrange mode. Pietrekder, how did you do it with your poison zombie/poison head crab, how does the code know?!?!?!?!

Thanks in Advanced,
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-17 19:27:20 UTC
in Spirit 1.4 source code Post #241382
My mod is based of spirit of half-life 1.5a alpha 4. All I can tell you from experience is that all versions spirit has a lot of bugs. I recommend against using version 1.4 and 1.7.

And if you're a coder, you should get rid of the crappy spirit elight and add Highlanders elight code which is much better.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-16 22:32:43 UTC
in Monsters don't follow path_corner Post #241274
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-16 22:12:45 UTC
in Monsters don't follow path_corner Post #241269
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-16 21:45:44 UTC
in Monsters don't follow path_corner Post #241261
srry said:Quote:
Well that doesn't matter because you obviously like guys ZOMG - :zomg:

I dont like girls, or guys. I like dogs, too much :zomg: .
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-14 17:31:51 UTC
in Rock/Boulder Construction Post #240934
Why don't you convert the hl2 models of rocks to goldsource. Its not hard to do.
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-01 20:07:41 UTC
in SV_Startsound: volume= 2550 Post #239591
Posted 14 years ago2007-12-01 00:12:47 UTC
in Problem when running the map [+textures] Post #239525
Hmmmm, I think I have gotten this error before but cant remember how to fix it. Load up the map in hammer, and press alt p. See if there are any problems there. Oh yeah. See if the error is listed here:
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-30 20:43:08 UTC
in source sdk dose not map for HL1 Post #239506
Huh, downloaded two files from your site. Not bad ;)
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-21 02:17:26 UTC
in Well hidden leak, curse you. Post #238924
Upload it in the map vault. I will find it for you ;)
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-17 18:08:38 UTC
in 1st Mod: Compiling Custom Content? Post #238713
I find most of the coding tuts from wavelength don't work.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-17 08:00:33 UTC
in 1st Mod: Compiling Custom Content? Post #238679

Have you read a c++ book or something like that before?
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-17 07:55:07 UTC
in ambient file size restrictions? Post #238678
First of all, why the hell you making the sound such a shit quality? Half-life can Handel a 16bit mono 22050hkz sound. Also, according to the info you have given me, the correct pathname is ambience/kratos.wav. The "sounds" bit is not needed. Also, if you are triggering the sound, than you need tick the start silent flag.
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Posted 14 years ago2007-11-14 23:37:11 UTC
in Well hidden leak, curse you. Post #238512

I am the master of finding leaks. I can find ALL leaks. I'll help you ;)
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-14 23:21:37 UTC
in something small I figured out Post #238510
In hammer 3.5 press ctrl+shift+g. I never knew that :P. Just thought i'd spread to people who didn't know to.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-14 19:09:19 UTC
in Merging brushs increase r_speeds? Post #238487
If you raise it one unit of the floor, than make sure you use the null texture on the underside of the cylinder ;)
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-14 05:59:35 UTC
in Merging brushs increase r_speeds? Post #238445
IMO, cliffs and other complex geometry should always be tied to some entity. It saves on compile time, wont cause glitchy lighting and shadows and in most cases, will save r_speeds.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-14 00:24:01 UTC
in Merging brushs increase r_speeds? Post #238435
If you tie the 2 cliff sections to make a func_wall so than you end up with 2 func walls, than make them intersect, that is fine. Another good idea is to place a clip brush behind the cliffs, this wont reduce the r_speeds but if the cliffs are complex, it will reduce clip nodes.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 20:15:20 UTC
in My website Post #238394
I dont need to. This is a mapping website :P
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 20:00:01 UTC
in My website Post #238391
Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to upload some more maps and add some more sections to the site.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 19:57:00 UTC
in HUD Color Generator Post #238390
Adjust the weapon accuracy and range.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 19:43:44 UTC
in Survey: Violence and videogames. Post #238387
Age: 15
Number of children: 0
Country: Sydney, Australia

Second, answer:

I play mainly first person shooters and racing games. I generally dont play rpg or third person games.

I like mapping and working on my half-life mod. I am very interested in the game development industry.

I am not a violent person, the only fights I get into are with my brother (13). I always win :P

I dont know to much about how the ESRB system works, in my oppion though, the games rating system seems to be very conservative. Games hat I have to be over 15 to play are not even violent. And everybody playes them anyway, no body really cares it they are to young.

I would let them play any game at any age unless if it was too violent. Games like Half-life 2 and Halo, I would let them play at any age.

I was allowed to play any games I want at any age. I do remember though, when I went to buy Grand theft Auto Sand Andreas, my mum was very reluctant of me getting the game (I was like 10 or 11) , and I had to be really good. But I got it that day.

No. Violent games and movies may cause like .0001% of this behaviour or encourage it, but they should not be at all responsible.

No problem :D
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 19:32:41 UTC
in My website Post #238386
Hello. I have made a website about half-life mapping and games in general check it out:

I hope you enjoy my website :)

Feel free to leave here any comments or suggestions.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-13 19:09:18 UTC
in sv_startsound:volume = 2500? Post #238384
This is an error with a sound entity or something that emits sound like a func_train can't quite remember. But whatever it is, the default volume for the entity is higher than what the volume can actrully go to. For example if the volume can only go between 1-10 and the volume is set at 200 than it will cause this problem.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-04 03:41:41 UTC
in hl1 tree models Post #237606
Yes, you create a cycler, than, you know the rest. Don't use env_sprite, there for sprites.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-03 05:58:13 UTC
in hl1 tree models Post #237562
Whoa, nice website Urbanebula. Try this one Zeeba-g

Download "fishy"'s tree set.
Posted 14 years ago2007-11-01 01:54:41 UTC
in Quiet down and listen to the Aussie Post #237438
Go the Australians!!!!! Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, oi oi oi!
Posted 14 years ago2007-10-31 03:20:56 UTC
in Decompile Problem Post #237398
Actrully this is a very interesting problem. This happened to me when I ported over a very old map from worldcraft 2.1 to hammer 3.5. I wasn't able to fox the problem.
Posted 14 years ago2007-10-31 02:55:58 UTC
in sprites problem Post #237397
I make my sprites in paint or a program like paint than use sprite wizard to make it into a sprite.

And ehh, hello....??? : , where are you simehong2000
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Posted 14 years ago2007-10-24 04:09:23 UTC
in Outdoor roofs Post #236924
I think making realistic and sexy looking destruction and cliffs/rocky surfaces is the real challenge.