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Posted 14 years ago2007-08-27 01:56:29 UTC
in Funny Force Boss Post #232982
Whats funny force?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-26 02:05:00 UTC
in my little mod Post #232915
Lol trapt. I'm not a noob anymore at snarkpit. Does anyone have anything else to add?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 22:53:41 UTC
in Map tries loading old models? Post #232904
Are these the weapon models or are they custom models like trees....?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 22:51:55 UTC
in Hi Guys - New Weapon & Looping Sound Post #232903
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 22:31:38 UTC
in Hi Guys - New Weapon & Looping Sound Post #232899
I managed to get all the code into the source and compile without error,, but theres one line that I cant figure out where it goes.

// custom items...

// AK74
UTIL_PrecacheOtherWeapon( "weapon_AK74" );
UTIL_PrecacheOther( "ammo_AK74" );

any ideas?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 18:28:39 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232881
I thought it was the other way around. I'm missing a referance. Hmmm thats interesting.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 18:25:42 UTC
in Hi Guys - New Weapon & Looping Sound Post #232880
OMG I cant belive you where able to code a weapon into half-life. I've been trying to do that for sooooo long. Could you post the code or something.

As for the sound. Did you create it by yourself or take it from somthing else? If you took it from someone else, it is possible that the sound file has cue points. Basically this will loop the sound in game. Download a program called "Goldwave" and check if the sound has cue points. Its in one of the menus. If the sound has cue points than delete them.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-25 18:16:38 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232878
What exactly does "undeclared identifier" mean? How do I decear it and could someone give me a short example os somthing being declared?

Thanks Jess that helps a bit, thanks caboose that is a good website/
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-24 18:22:01 UTC
in my little mod Post #232797

Please visit this site, come back and tell me what you think.

The mod is called reddawn. Its for half-life 1.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-23 02:19:48 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232656
I followed the tut, did exactly what it told me to. Mabye its because I have the 2.3 sdk and it was a tut using 2.2 sdk.

Here is the tut:

I was hopeing that mabye someone like muzzleflash could follow the tut using the 2.3 sdk and tell me what is wrong and how to fix it. It doesn't take me long. I finished the tut in 10 minutes with my low level of experence.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-22 03:54:39 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232585
I didn't realise that there where tutorials on coding. I've tried a tut to add a weapon but failed. I'm getting 2 errors:

C:Documents and SettingsAaronDesktopCodecl_dllev_hldm.cpp(254) : error C2065: 'M16_FIRE1' : undeclared identifier
C:Documents and SettingsAaronDesktopCodecl_dllev_hldm.cpp(300) : error C2065: 'BULLET_PLAYER_M16' : undeclared identifier

Does anybody know how to fix?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-21 03:19:19 UTC
in Hl2 water effects in goldsource Post #232525
What sucks about spirit though is that you cant get hold of it. Whitplasma wtf? I have been looking for spirit 1.5 alpha 2 for ages.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-21 02:41:56 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232523
No, c++ is a cool language, Microsoft Visual ++ 6 is microsofts modified version of the code, or so I hear.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-20 16:47:34 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232499
Well I was reading coding for half-life before and they mentioned MSVC++6. It Kinda sucks how it is in that language and not in normal c++.

Anyways I found a compiler and gonna test it today after school. Its only 70 megs so thats awesome for me.

Whats this bittoernt stuff that you guys are all giggling about?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-20 01:11:37 UTC
in Hl2 water effects in goldsource Post #232471
What sucks about Spirit is that every new version has more bugs than the last. They fixe 1 and 2 more appear. I use Spirit 1.2
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 23:55:11 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232468
OMG I can not find a Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Compiler anywhere!!!!!
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 23:50:51 UTC
in in-game models arent transparent Post #232467
The ones from steam do not work on the won version of half-life. Also, the spirit team did not make them, they just included it with there mod.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 23:13:51 UTC
in in-game models arent transparent Post #232465

Download that, open the rar and copy everything into c:sierrahalf-life.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 22:59:59 UTC
in Hl2 water effects in goldsource Post #232464
What version of spirit are you talking about with this "env_shine" entity, worldcrafter?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 22:50:26 UTC
in in-game models arent transparent Post #232463
You can download a few files to enable model transperancy in won version. No patch will do it. Let me find you a link.
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 22:40:08 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232462
Lol. So when I get a compiler what do I do to compile the thing into a dll. How do I use the dsp?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 22:31:51 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232460
Ahh I see, thankyou hl hotdog ( I lol'd at the name). Thats where I went wrong.

Are these dsp files inculded in the source?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 22:12:40 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232457
dsp? Dont you have to compile the *.cpp and *.h files? Anyway my compiler is called C++BuilderX (Name of desktop shortcut) I think its a normal c++ compiler, I got with a c++ book.

Does anyone know ehere I can get a cheap (small download size) MSVC++6 Compiler?
Posted 14 years ago2007-08-19 21:59:16 UTC
in Quick (Easy) coding question Post #232455
This is really going to sound n00by. How to I compile the source files into say "hl.dll"? I have 2.3 source sdk and I'm just experminting with the code and I cant figure out how to compile into a simple file. I know how to use my compiler ........ I think I am adding the wrong files or something.

Gold Source is in c++ right? Not MSVB?
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-14 16:45:05 UTC
in Right Click = Grenade throw? Post #232086
it might work in spirit? I don't know.
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-14 03:23:00 UTC
in arrange mode Post #232044
Bringing back old topics is n00bish but I don't care. I .... sampled this mod the other day and it was awesome. Its like hl2 engine for hl1. For all new half-life 1 modders, consider examining this mod!
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-10 22:55:31 UTC
in how do I... Post #231824
Lol, is that where you got the whole calling people "kids" from? The podcast mabye?

The outside world error, do not build to close to the edge of the grid, do not build past the grid area.
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-10 19:35:33 UTC
in how do I... Post #231813
light_environment. Emmits light from the sky, I like to give it a slight orangeyelloe tinge.

Offtopic: Firewalker do you like halo, or do you go onto
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-10 19:32:25 UTC
in Right Click = Grenade throw? Post #231812
You Could firewaler? That would be awesome!!!

Well here is an update, I have binded the the rmb to instantly swap to the grenade but the next step it to actually also through the grenade aswell. My question now is are you able to bind the rmb to more than one command, eg: bind "mouse2" "+gren1, +attack"

And thankfully the mod I'm wanting to do this for is using spirit of half-life. To be honest most people should be using it, soooo many features.
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-10 07:30:09 UTC
in Right Click = Grenade throw? Post #231747
I was wondering if there was a way to make the right mouse button throw a grenade (with out coding)? Maybe there is an impulse command that throws a grenade and I can bind it to the right mouse button?
Posted 15 years ago2007-08-03 11:14:26 UTC
in Where do i get the game exacuteables Post #231126
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-31 00:32:25 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230840
Wow, I have to turn all my settings down low to be able to play half-life 2 and the coastal/highway maps looked awsome. Just as detailed, mabye, as the rest of the game. The fog looked good imo. Probley because of the low settings :(
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-31 00:14:17 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230838
User posted image
By aaron_da_killa at 2007-07-30

This is kinda a picture of what I am trying to achieve. Excuse my super cool, awesome artistic skillz.

Sorry for double posting.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-31 00:00:14 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230837
Wow heaps of replys guys good job :) !

Anyways as a guide it would be about as big as the bridge in half-life 2, probley as long to, 10 minutes or shorter. Its theamed in a city Called "Hexam" a fictinal city in my mod 'reddawn'. The City is huge, like much bigger than any other city in real life and I think I have pulled of this theame quite well. The Bridge is extreamly high so not many buildings are visable. There is fog to so I can have a draw distance. I just think it would be annoying for the player to run into several trigger_changelevels while on the bridge, unlike the Bridge in half-life 2 where there was like only one, or none at all I cant remember.

But I have also encounted a problem. Its night time when youre on the bridge and the fog looks terriable at night. I'm using spirit of Half-life's fog and yeah.

P.S The bridge is there to demonstrate the Large Scale of this city, is cool and would be really cool ....... runs away
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-30 22:35:27 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230814
Heh thats interesting about the teleporter. hmmmmm
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-30 22:31:34 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230813
Its not that the bridge is big, but its long and it would be annyoing for the player to keep running into level transitions
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-30 22:25:12 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230810
The bridge has to be big. The whole city is of a very large scale. And how would I use the teleporter?
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-30 22:13:48 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230807
I'm makeing a mod and in one level there is this highway bridge that you get on. The highway bridge is very high up in the sky and there is fog so the visible distance is about 3000 units. Ir would be nice to walk along the bridge without hitting a level transition every say 5000 units. Compile times dont bother me and I can override the engine limits (other than the grid size) to make this level. As for the loading times, i'm pretty sure it will still be less than half-life 2.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-30 21:58:07 UTC
in Large Scale Maps Post #230804
I was wondering if there is anyway that you can expand the grid in hammer 3.5 so that there is more building space. I know that for the source version of hammer the grid space is gigantic and you know, I would like to get that much space for half-life 1.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-21 19:00:43 UTC
in (noob) need help with compliing Post #229882
Yeah I know that prefabs and models aren't the same thing, but if there was a prefab of a garbage bin and a model of a gabage bin, I'm going for the model.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-21 18:30:56 UTC
in (noob) need help with compliing Post #229880
Where I can, I use models instead of prefabs.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-21 06:17:58 UTC
in (noob) need help with compliing Post #229805
The engine limits have been increased, you can specify the texture and light data now instead of haveing an unmovable limit, lighting and shadows are so much better, faster compile times, lower frame rates. The list goes on.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-20 20:55:03 UTC
in (noob) need help with compliing Post #229755
You have quite a few errors there, don't build over or near the edge of the grid, and a brush with orign on it must be an entity. Other than that, you should download the zhlt tools and get rid of those old tools you have.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-20 11:46:56 UTC
in LED effect (lighting) Post #229666
Hmmmm interesting.... Kaspergs idea would work, personally I have never used textlights since mapping for half-life 1. Just the humble light entity for me.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-10 12:02:50 UTC
in sw/hw dlls Post #228231
I already have it through steam, but I dont map with that half-life. It is quicker and easier for me to map with won half-life.

And the steam hw/sw are not compatiable with won half-life unfortunetly :(.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-10 11:19:48 UTC
in sw/hw dlls Post #228228
Hay guys, again : .

I have been looking for those sw/hw dlls everywhere for model transperancy and can't find them. I used to have them but I got a virus and had to reformat. Can somebody please help me :( . Please

A download link or mabye you can email them to me or send em through windows messanger.

Thanks guys
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-06 10:15:35 UTC
in Animated VGUI in HL2 for HL1, can we? Post #227579
You could always do some coding. Coding solves all problems, but is not the best answer most of the time.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-05 23:25:19 UTC
in Ambience_generic Post #227541
I don't get it. Can you explain in more depth what you want, then i'll help. What sound do you want to be played, where, does the sound need to loop, is it a custom sound?
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-05 23:22:38 UTC
in Pre-disaster mods? Post #227540
Oh right.

A completely pre-disaster mod would be very strange. I'd suppose you could probley solve puzzels (move creates), to get to the end of the level, but that would be so boreing.
Posted 15 years ago2007-07-05 23:12:04 UTC
in Pre-disaster mods? Post #227537
By pre-disaster do you mean pre-black mesa incident or just before the action starts?