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Posted 15 years ago2007-04-06 19:28:48 UTC
in Creating 8-bit Decals Post #218279
Hello twhl people. Is there anyway that you can make a 8-bit couloured decal for half-life1. Not like orange. I'm talking 8-bit like the textures. I know you can make you spray 8-bit but can you with the decals? :)
Posted 15 years ago2007-01-20 06:32:34 UTC
in SkyBox lighting / Map preformance Post #210019
If you Increase the hight of your ceiling it WILL increase your r_speeds, Compile time and Frame rate. But not to much.

Not sure about the other question
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Posted 15 years ago2007-01-15 22:29:14 UTC
in func_train - Block stops in random pos.. Post #209699
Hmmm. email the .map file to
I'll take a look at the map. Sounds weird though
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-28 02:17:32 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207773
Ok thanks. I'm pretty good at computers and fixing things so I'll give it a go. Oh and can I also ask you somthing. You know for weapons, where does it store the information about how much ammo a gun can hold. I wanna increase the ammo limit on the machine gun
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-28 02:04:21 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207770
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 21:38:08 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207747
Hell yeah. The steam ones where larger in filesize than the older ones.

What I'll do is move my whole mod to the steam version of half-life and see what happens
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 21:24:09 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207744
Hay I have copyed over the dll's but the models still have the blue stuff around them. What do I do
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 08:19:23 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #207678
Good on ya tetsu0. Well dont worry about the storyline its the best one. There are still somethings that I'm not going to say till the release date because that would ruin the suprise, But when I revealed the story line to my brother He was so happy and ecited (bad spelling). When you reddawn is released trust me, it'll be good. By the way tetsu0 could you give us (me) your email address. thanks.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 07:36:24 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207672
Good work Chickenfist. You and Srry are smart son of a bitches
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 06:24:10 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207655
I have the steam version of half-life is there any way I could copy over the dll's, srry, you smart son of a bitch
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 06:16:34 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207652
Sweet as.And sorry people have told me not to triple post before. Sorry srry
HUH sickshit it works
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 06:13:53 UTC
in Models mate, MODELS Post #207651
I have a problem. Whenever I put in a model of a tree or bush or someshivers there is always some blue stuff on the model like on the texture of the ladder and you have to tie it to a func_wall with render mode Solid and so on.

How do you take wasy the blue stuff on a model. I tried setting the rendermode of the model to solid and render fx to 255 but it did'nt help.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 05:40:59 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207649
Hay srry I couln't find Black Ops

And another thing. How do you quote other people. They wouln't tell me on snarkpit so could you folk tell me. Or will i have to spend another hour trying to figure it out
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 05:26:13 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207647
Ahhhhh shit. Sorry rotorsplint. The guides for half-life 2. reddawn is half-life 1. I read anyways
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 05:21:39 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207646
Thanks you to guys. TWHL is very helpful
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 04:06:42 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207641
Hmmmmmm ok. But How do you make sprites emmit light. Its pretty important. Its a major part of the story line.

I am also worried about somthing else. Later in the MOD you .... somehow enter a city. The thing is going to lag as hell. Its a futureistic city (2263). Do you have any tips
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 03:21:24 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207636
Hmm yes I saw that. Its time to hang my head in shame. I have a 16mb Graphics card. Hmmm. Anyway I wish that the Lights would flicker because its part of the reddawn Story line. SHIT. I said to much.

Another Intredting thing I noiced. Textures made by Wally fade away at a short distance in standard mode but not in OPEN GL
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 03:11:47 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207634
Nuh Tetsu0 when I said noobish I ment the other guy who replyed's, name. But thanks for the reply man.

Anyway Srry, I'm not sure if its my graphics card but when you have a long line of sight it lags bad. Also Some lights dont flicker and some other problems. Is that my graphics card or me resoulition. (hmmm bad spelling aaron)
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 02:53:57 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207629
Hmm ok.And thanks for that end comment Noobish
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-27 02:24:25 UTC
in Open GL and other video modes Post #207625
Merry Christmas all

Anyway I found out somthing new a few weeks ago. Its called Open GL. Dam it was cool but I noticed that there where some major diffrences (bad Spelling) between the to. For Example in Standard if you have to many Brush based entities they will dissapear, also in Open GL the lights in my level dont flicker and Open GL dosent like distance ( Levels where there is a long line of sight)

Since I am making a major MOD called reddawn, I was wondering What people use more so I can build my MOD according to the video mode. The standard mode or Open GL. There is also another Mode called Direct 3d or some shivers but reddawn will not be using that mode. But tell me if you use direct 3d.

Also could you smart bunch of peoples could tell me the Pro's and Con's of the modes. So far My Mod is being built for Standard Mode but that can change.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 20:40:56 UTC
in Half-Life : Shortlife Post #206292
Where can I download shortlife
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 20:23:34 UTC
in Unfinished Map Ideas Post #206289
I swear all them pics are pro.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 20:03:34 UTC
in Need help on map... Post #206284
Me download now
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 08:23:31 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #206208
Nuh I get it all. I'll go to the link anyway
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 08:07:51 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #206206
Thats what somebody else said to me but it din't work. I should try again
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 07:53:13 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #206203
Well I am at my dads and he has the net but when I go back to my mums I cant go on the net. Now I have already started building my level. I showed the opening scene to my brother and he acted in the same way when He started playing halo2. Voice very high, happy and red. The movies in my mod are in game and I am aware at how shity in game movies are for hl1 BUT i assure you these are good. If there was some way I could give you my MOD I would but its almost 100 mbs and not halfway done. If I knew how do post screens I would. Sorry If i was confusing before.
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 07:27:34 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #206197
Well. Its for Half-life1. I'm pushing half-life 1 to its limits with features you would normly see in 'powerful games'. There will be movies and all sorts of cool stuff. Youre a person in the year 2263. You work at nasa. The earth has started recovering from an intense ice-age wich happened many years ago. The earth has run try in recourses and the survivers must make regular trips to neptune. You get one one of the ships and....

Thats all I can say. I have not registerd it because I do not have the net.Is there anything else you would like to know
Posted 15 years ago2006-12-15 06:39:44 UTC
in Voice Talent Post #206193
Hi. If you are intrested in 'giving me some voices' for my MOD please let me know. The mod is called reddawn. Have you heard of it?