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Posted 13 years ago2008-09-27 18:07:47 UTC
in Texture aligning help Post #256240
yes,my fault, lol

I wanted to say left
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-27 16:40:20 UTC
in Texture aligning help Post #256235
I don't know if it will work for HL1, but try selecting the interior face, then Alt + left mouse on the face to align.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-27 16:06:36 UTC
in Alpha channel on XSI Post #256232
The leaves texture has it's own alpha chanel
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-27 14:45:18 UTC
in Alpha channel on XSI Post #256227
I think Mod tool doesn't have any render :(
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-27 12:16:53 UTC
in Alpha channel on XSI Post #256225
How can I enable alpha channel on XSI Mod Tool?
User posted image
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-26 17:47:14 UTC
in random contents Post #256188
It can be done with a not that complex entity setup. Just look at the Random event tutorial, you can easyly make random events with an env_beam.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-26 17:45:14 UTC
in DX Ripper Post #256187
Cool, but I don't see how it could be useful. If you want the textures it can probably be done easier in some other way.
It's easy for Valve games, but... Assassins Creed for example, there's no exporter. Or imagine you want a complete scene of a game to rip things... Bioshock for example, or Crysis... and then export them to your Source level
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-26 16:54:28 UTC
in DX Ripper Post #256182
This program allows you to export game scenes to a model format. Only works on DX 9, it won't work on OpenGL and DX 10 games.

It just reads all the geometry of the game you're running and saves it on .obj and .3ds format. It also saves textures of the scene you're playing. Very useful too for mappers.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-26 08:43:31 UTC
in Comp From scratch: Motherboard Post #256173
You're advised, you will fill that HDD on a month.

My Steam account weights 26 GB with no MODS, and just Source games...
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-25 15:01:07 UTC
in _normal map problem? Post #256103
Maybe it's reflecting the light in the way it looks like this... :aggrieved:
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-25 14:51:26 UTC
in _normal map problem? Post #256100
Better example about parallax mapping:
User posted image
Notice all 3D you see is a flat texture.

And helping other is just fine when you have nothing else to spam.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-25 14:46:24 UTC
in Comp From scratch: Motherboard Post #256099
If you map ---------> Buy Quad Core Q6600

Compiling uses 4 cores and compiling times are ridicously short.

wtf 160 GB HDD??? I used 160 GB the first week of my new HDD! Buy a 750 GB or 500 GB which costs 80 ? aprox!!! And forget about files size!

I would get a better graphics card too... 8800 GT is better than 9600.

And belive me about the processor, get a quad for the same price and overclock it, you will get a 800 ? processor for 130 ?.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-25 14:38:35 UTC
in _normal map problem? Post #256097
normal map is the texture you use to bumpmapping. Bumpmap is the technique. But normal maps are also used to other things like parallax mapping, which is a better version of bumpmaping.

User posted image
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-24 13:24:42 UTC
in a gift for the modellers Post #256027

blueprints of all kind, plus all Star Wars vehicles and characters
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-24 12:22:08 UTC
in Vis taking a long time to finish Post #256022
I heven't used areaportals yet. And for the skybox thing... you have to put sky brushes on the limits of your map, dont round it with a sky box.

Use func_detail for complex brushes, don't make large areas, and put nodraw brushes behind displacements, because displacements doesn't block VIS
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-24 11:33:27 UTC
in Vis taking a long time to finish Post #256016
use sv_cheats1 1 and mat_wireframe 1 on official maps to see how they're optimized, it will help you a lot.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-24 09:21:56 UTC
in Vis taking a long time to finish Post #256010
"compiled" it with a quad core. I killed vis after the 10% VIS, it's an unoptimized mess of map, wtf you put a hollowed sky box around the map!!!

This map would take 1 hour to compile on my machine, but if things done correctly it wouldn't take more than 4 minutes. Go learn optimization and how Source works, because you can't make maps like this.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-23 08:35:03 UTC
in Cant make big maps Post #255950
SolidBSP [hull 0] Error: Exceeded MAX_LEAF_FACES
Description: This error is almost always caused by an invalid brush, by having huge rooms, or scaling a texture down to extremely small values (between -1 and 1)
Howto Fix: Find the invalid brush. Any imported prefabs, carved brushes, or vertex manipulated brushes should be suspect
Here's your error. Check which solid is incorrect and delete it
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-23 04:06:08 UTC
in Vis taking a long time to finish Post #255946
If your compiles takes more than 2 hours, you're doing things wrong. Source VIS is quite fast compared to the goldsource one. A detailed prision doesn't take more than 3 minutes to full compile.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 18:30:50 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255902
and that leaves a massive gap between the beginning of everything, and the beginning of us.
This giant gap is actually the creation of matter, stars, galaxies, etc etc

I don't mean there isn't a gap, I'm just saying after the Big Bang there's a big period where the stars and all the stuff on the universe were just hydrogen clouds
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-21 13:47:28 UTC
in The Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 so far...... Post #255885
PC ftw, and fuck 360
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 21:24:56 UTC
in Physics vehicle HELP CSS Post #255029
BUMP and...

I'm doing a car right now, it's fully working but source physics make it suck when you drive it. It always turns left/right when you're going forward, I just don't want physics to be that "realistic", why is physics messing it?

Random enviroment forces affects too much to prop_physics, nothing goes forward.

Maybe is friction what is causing it, anyone can help me?
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 13:05:54 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255786
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 11:37:23 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255776
agreed. some people are just retarded for not believing in aliens. there are millions of stars out there... there is no way we could be the only civilisation out of all of them, not even talking about the only life forms.
I would say there is a much greater liklihood of us not being the only life in our galaxy than an all-powerful beardy chap making everything we see.
Well... i was talking about UFOs... spaceships visiting our planet... that's what I don't belive in. But of course I belive there's life on the rest of the universe... probably on our galaxy.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-20 10:45:40 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255764
Are you trying to be funny or do you just not realise how offensive that is to some people here?
I'm trying to say religion is as much unbelievable as UFOs. If you get offended from that... well... I get offended from all the things religion does, so I'm carring a heavier weight than you.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 20:09:21 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255721
Is it better to waste the money on 9800 for example? Or GTX280? NO
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 19:05:11 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255719
Spike ATI does NOT support OpenGL.
With Nvidia everything just works (yes, I know that's exactly what Mac users say about Macs and sound like idiots).
OpenGL? 3.0 support - Phase 1
This release of Catalyst? introduces OpenGL? 3.0 extension support. In upcoming Catalyst? releases AMD will continue to expand its support for OpenGL 3.0 extensions. The following is a list of supported extensions in Catalyst 8.9:

? ARB_half_float_pixel

? ARB_draw_instanced

? ARB_instanced_arrays

? EXT_texture_compression_3dc

? EXT_texture_compression_rgtc

? EXT_texture_compression_latc

? EXT_texture_shared_exponent

? EXT_depth_buffer_float

? EXT_gpu_shader4

? ARB_map_buffer_range

Released 3 or 4 days ago. Since then I haven't had any XSI FPS drop, it's completely smooth. So yes, it does!
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 19:01:52 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255717
And you all expect a 2 months all graphics card to support a program made 10 years ago

How do you explain I run Hammer 4.0 (and you too), and XSI which uses OpenGL, without any problem?

Everything is fine except a 10 year old program, then ATI sucks for "not" supporting OpenGL (which it does). Your arguments aren't strong.

Have you ever tryed to forcing the card to run Hammer 3.5 on 3D Mode?
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 18:49:22 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255714
ATI supports OpenGL
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 18:41:19 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255712
Penguin is a Nvidia fanboy
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 18:11:34 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255708
If there were "aliens" on our planet, be sure we all would be dead long time ago
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 17:44:25 UTC
in Bugged model on importing decompiled Gma Post #255696
I've imported Gman reference smd with no problems, it looks ok. Problem comes when I import the reference animation, that's what happens:
User posted image
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 17:43:18 UTC
in Bling-Bling gone insane Post #255701
Most stupid thing ever.

Good choice if you want to be blind
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 17:35:27 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255698
Is it a multiplayer game?

I won't play custom HL1 maps anymore, I enjoy source games, I like HL1 but now... it's old. Doesn't mean I'm not going to play Hl1 anymore, but I'm not going to get into the HL1 world, so no custom maps.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 17:23:57 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255695
yes I know it's old, but nobody plays Hl1 now, so mapping for it isn't a good choice. Only Goldsource game really played is CS 1.6
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 16:48:18 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255692
I don't understand why are you mapping for Hl1 having the graphics card you have.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 16:35:20 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255689
just fix the fucking problem... if you're the only one on the internet means that it's your PC problem, not the card
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 14:51:52 UTC
in Ati Driver .....ONNA ..... Post #255678
Do a thing. Select 2D view on 3D view
then select 3D view.

Because I can't see in 3D view when I open Hammer 4.0. I change it to 2D view, then I turn on it to 3D and it works perfect
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 13:54:43 UTC
in Ufo Sighting in Illonois! Post #255675
Yeah, and my grandmother belives in God.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-19 04:17:11 UTC
in Blender models into Halflife 1 Post #255662
LOL milkshape sucks hard
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-18 15:59:57 UTC
in have to see to believe Post #255623
BigLittlePlanet pwns :D
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-18 14:35:43 UTC
in have to see to believe Post #255615
It's cool, but doesn't look nice atm.
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-18 14:31:44 UTC
in Lighting, oh the joy. Post #255614
Build cubemaps!

And it's a nice start, you'll be amazed when you discover all the things you can do with source
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-17 12:38:05 UTC
in Competition 26 Post #255559
potatis I have Vista LOL and it's good, it only takes 10% more ram than xp and isn't slower than it.

And Striker, have you instaled the last drivers from amd site? Because I don't have any problem with it, and you shouldn't, so no, don't take another card and fix the problem, update Vista or something.

Posted 13 years ago2008-09-17 11:31:49 UTC
in Competition 26 Post #255554
I'm changing my video card
LOL hd4870 is working fucking great on my computer
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-17 05:48:16 UTC
in Profile suggestion Post #255540
I can't do any more code until the christmas break.
bad news
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-17 01:18:01 UTC
in Zombie on CSS Post #255091
I think it's not, if so, which one is it?
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-15 15:49:22 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #255440
Posted 13 years ago2008-09-15 08:01:08 UTC
in Respawnable crates Post #255415
Yeah Striker, you're a nuclear romanian flag

Posted 13 years ago2008-09-14 17:18:36 UTC
in Desktops of September Post #255390