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Posted 4 years ago2018-05-19 23:15:59 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339663
It's almost unfair to compare other chapters to easily the longest chapter in the game, but the gargantuan Surface Tension is too dam good and as a consequence gets my vote.
Posted 4 years ago2018-05-19 01:33:43 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339654
Exploring Anomalous Materials was very exciting when I played Half-Life for the first time back in 1999.
Posted 4 years ago2018-05-08 18:05:28 UTC
in Half-Life RPG (one for the coders) Post #339526
I figured you'd chip in, SK :) That's a no to that idea :(
Posted 4 years ago2018-05-08 17:59:08 UTC
in Half-Life RPG (one for the coders) Post #339523
I haven't kept up with the development of Sven Co-op but I think this might be relatively simple to implement using ActionScript if you don't want to work with Half-Life's messy DLL code.
Posted 4 years ago2018-05-03 11:52:03 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339486
ST, but both are great.
Posted 4 years ago2018-04-30 19:04:30 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339469
I'm not sure what to think of Residue Processing, but it definitely sticks out from the rest. It plays very differently from nearby chapters and it's good to have some variation. Unforeseen Consequences is a very good start of the game and I think that's my choice.
Posted 4 years ago2018-04-11 17:30:05 UTC
in Your all time favourites Post #339292
Food & Drink
Snack: Crisps with a good dip
Meal: Macaroni salad with Quorn, tomato and leek
Hot beverage: Tie between hot chocolate and coffee. Or the two mixed together.
Cold beverage: Ice water, optionally with some lemon juice
Alcoholic beverage: Weihenstephaner wheat beer

Movie: RoboCop
TV show: Firefly, though the best TV show episode I've ever seen is definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer's The Body, which deals with the topic of death in an absolutely brilliant way. Coincidentally, the same man is behind both shows.
Youtube channel: Tom Scott. Educational and entertaining.
Videogame: Life is Strange. So many tears...
Book: Not much of a reader either, but the stories about Sherlock Holmes are entertaining. If comics count, then anything by Don Rosa.
Band/Artist: I have no strong feelings about any artist or band, but I like Coldplay, and The Strokes.
Track: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

Colour: Burgundy / wine red
Season: Late spring, with all the green and the lovely weather
Animal (domestic): Cat
Animal (wild): Red panda, rabbit, hare
Hobby: Eating new things, playing local multiplayer games
Physical activity: Sex
Day out: A nice long bike ride in the countryside
Foreign country/culture: Tough one. Maybe the UK or Germany. Kyoto in Japan is amazingly beautiful, but haven't seen much outside it. Really looking forward to visiting Taiwan in December
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-21 19:06:39 UTC
in Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Post #338460
The Snarkpit. Of course it goes without saying that the people there are not as clever or good looking as your average TWHLer.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-19 22:21:06 UTC
in What the Health? Post #338434
I'm sceptical because of the way the documentary is cut - there's no way of knowing if the things his interview subjects say are taken out of context. There are a lot of articles on the web criticising this documentary and they make some good points. That's not to say there aren't health benefits to a vegan diet (I wouldn't really know). And I would encourage any- and everyone to eat less meat and dairy products. They're terrible for the environment and farm animals are rarely treated very well. There is a lot of good vegan or vegetarian food - but it can take some effort to find the things you like.

Thanks for caring about our health, Dr. Leslie :)
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-18 17:17:30 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338424
*Exaggeration unit is in full effect
I don't believe you.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-08 19:17:05 UTC
in Just something I wanted to share Post #338351
Thanks for the tip. I linked to it in the comments on trigger_camera
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-03 17:00:11 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #338289
It is illegal in many if not most countries to access intellectual content such as software or source code without a license or purchase of some kind. Is it wrong to do so? I don't think so, but it is definitely illegal in a lot of places.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-24 09:43:07 UTC
in Post Your Entities Porn Post #338190
What does your setup do?
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-22 17:38:03 UTC
in Back without being a prick Post #338153
Okay. Good luck with the mod. VÀlkommen tillbaka
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-21 12:28:50 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #338136
It's stunning to think that the scene in your wallpaper is on about the same latitude as warm Iberia and Sicily, yet it looks so much like cold northern Sweden.
Interesting wallpaper.

Is it digitally painted?
Yes. I highly recommend having a look at the artist's website. He has lots of paintings featuring alternate versions of the Swedish and American 80s and 90s. They often have a sci-fi or fantasy theme, but despite this they often feel very real and nostalgic.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-21 10:27:22 UTC
in Decals not rendered Post #338132
Don't mention it.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-21 06:22:04 UTC
in Decals not rendered Post #338129
Thank you
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-20 14:40:54 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #338119
My school/work computer
User posted image
Wallpaper by Simon StΓƒΒ₯lenhag
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-20 14:27:24 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #338118
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-19 11:57:25 UTC
in Keeping the activator reference through Post #338106
I would try a game_counter (init val 0; limit 1; reset on fire) in place of the trigger_relay. I haven't tested; I just had a quick glance at the source code and I think it might work.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-16 02:02:02 UTC
in HL content in CS Post #338062
It's really weird that it doesn't have all the Half-Life content, it really should unless they've deleted the files intentionally.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-15 09:15:40 UTC
in HL content in CS Post #338060
Also make sure all the file paths are lower-case. Windows is case-insensitive but Linux isn't and a lot of people run HL/CS servers on Linux.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-15 06:50:26 UTC
in HL content in CS Post #338058
Did you supply a .res file? Maybe he's generating .res files using a program like ResGen and it included those sound files for some reason and he's reacting to that.

Check your file paths. Are they relative, like this:
D:/Games/Steam Games/steamapps/common/Half-Life/valve/sound/ambience/drips.wav
Perhaps you can try specifying that the files are in the valve folder, like this:
I'm just speculating here. Ask the admin what the problem is and if he got an error message.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-13 15:46:59 UTC
in Start HL in Deathmatch Mode Post #338039
I think it's listenserver.cfg. Also take a look at autoexec.cfg
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-13 04:45:47 UTC
in Start HL in Deathmatch Mode Post #338031
You can also add other console variables like +sv_cheats 1, which I personally find convenient when testing maps.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-13 04:37:53 UTC
in Use HTTP Secure to protect login informa Post #338029
Hail Γ°ΕΈΒΒ§Γ°ΕΈβ€˜Β¦!

HTTPS has two non-obvious advantages: most browsers require it for HTTP/2 (which unfortunately TWHL's host DreamHost doesn't yet support for shared hosting, but it's probably only a matter of time before they update their infrastructure) and HTTPS-enabled sites are prioritised in Google search results.
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-06 08:21:52 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Post #337982
Lunch is a bit cheaper in India.

Downloading the mod. Will be fun to play a single-player Half-Life mod again. It has been a while.
Posted 4 years ago2017-10-19 14:01:20 UTC
in Func-Tank with rotating turret and movin Post #337792
That's really interesting! I don't know the answer, but you could find out by decompiling one of the maps with tanks
Posted 5 years ago2017-08-10 18:39:53 UTC
in HYPE TRAIN! Post #336840
I wish I had time traveling abilities so I didn't have to wait for Life is Strange: Before the Storm. That'd be hella awesomesauce.
Posted 5 years ago2017-08-09 19:09:20 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #336830
Jeff what is that? Looks great
Posted 6 years ago2016-08-02 21:43:23 UTC
in Waypoints for firearms Post #331057
For bots? Most bots for Half-Life and its mods require manual creation of waypoints (very tedious work), the only exception I know of are the CS bots used in CS: CZ. Does the bots you've installed include any documentation? That's where I'd start looking
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 6 years ago2016-07-31 21:33:14 UTC
in TWHL4 Suggestions Post #331037
We need to getting this mapping community... mapping.
Sounds radical. Ban him
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
This post was made on a thread that has been deleted.
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-24 13:52:24 UTC
in Cs sdk? Post #329535
It looks like there's a complete reverse-engineered remake of the server DLL at

It even has func_vehicle...
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-10 17:40:04 UTC
in Hello... English inarticulate again... Post #329298
Don't worry about your English. It's not the native language of half of us.
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-06 02:08:49 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329226
was "Opposing Force", which I thought was a delightful pun.
It was, now that you've explained it.

@EsprimoP: path_track
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-05 20:57:56 UTC
in Cs sdk? Post #329210
That is a third-party partial recreation. Unfortunately Valve hasn't released the code for most of their GoldSrc games, including CS.
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-05 20:07:27 UTC
The mod is called "Half-Rats: Parasomnia". Don't be a pedant.
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-05 19:53:05 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329202
H is the eighth letter of the alphabet,
L is a character in Death Note,
BSP tree,
Windows .exe icon
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-05 15:30:11 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329197
Correct :)
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-04 22:05:33 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329194
Alt version:
User posted image User posted image User posted image User posted image
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-04 21:21:43 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329192
No, but I'd like to know how you thought.
Posted 6 years ago2016-03-04 17:05:15 UTC
in Dumb Entity Game Post #329186
This seems fun. See if you can figure out this one:
User posted image User posted image User posted image User posted image