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Posted 6 years ago2016-02-14 12:20:42 UTC
in Set maximum Hz for better quality sounds Post #328871
I think you'd have to use another sound engine, like Sven Co-op does. It would take a lot of work.
Posted 6 years ago2016-02-03 11:58:46 UTC
in game_player_equip and 9mmAR problems Post #328640
Use weapon_mp5 instead of weapon_9mmAR.

Reason it works? The 9mmAR is linked to two different entity names in the game code:
LINK_ENTITY_TO_CLASS( weapon_mp5, CMP5 );
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-22 21:35:14 UTC
in How to import guns from other GoldSource Post #328445
So copying models will came with all specifications of weapon (zoom, number of bullets, damage etc.)?
No. You'll need to write code and compile new DLLs. Do you know any programming?
If I take these models from official valve mods (CS, DoD etc.) reskin them and use in my own imagine universe? - is that cool for non profit mod?
Depends on who you ask and how much you take. There's no common etiquette - different people will have different opinions on what's acceptable. It's illegal in most places, but I doubt Valve cares, they're probably just happy people are still making mods, potentially giving people more reasons to buy their old game.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-15 09:14:19 UTC
in TWHL World - Community Project Post #328277
Then you can map for Spirit. Everything unique for Spirit is an optional addition.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-15 01:45:34 UTC
in TWHL World - Community Project Post #328267
I do like the idea of a community Sven map pack though. Sven is great fun, there can never be too many maps for Sven. Something that progresses in a more linear fashion is better for Sven. Maybe the next event? SC5 is coming out soon after all.
And then we can use AngelScript, which I'm really looking forward to trying out. I love this idea.

I'm not voting, because I'm not sure if I'll finish an entry or not. But I'll at least start working on one if you choose GS.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-08 14:46:29 UTC
in Splash screen size? Post #328151
Steam HL (and "non-Steam" versions) allows very high resolution backgrounds, but you need to split your image into lots of small pieces and edit the two files relating to backgrounds in the "resources" folder.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-08 02:01:47 UTC
in [1.6] game_player_equip Post #328141
I've set their values to 1 (true), and left every other to 0 (false)
There's the problem. The value isn't boolean - the number tells the game how many times to give an item to the player. And it always gives at least one copy. Remove all the rows with value 0.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-08 00:02:20 UTC
in [1.6] game_player_equip Post #328136
If you upload the map (only the relevant parts) and explain the desired result more in detail, I'll have a look at it.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-07 20:10:19 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #328131
User posted image
This happens when I try to open any of the Half-Life 1 VMF files from the old Half-Life 2 leak back in 2003. There's probably a good reason I can't open those files, but the error messages didn't stop coming - I had to ctrl-shift-esc.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-07 19:50:05 UTC
in [1.6] game_player_equip Post #328130
Have you tried flagging "Use only"?
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-07 16:06:04 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #328126
Looks good. Is it going to be a Sven Co-op campaign?
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-02 15:06:35 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328052
Check your PM inbox.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-02 14:49:35 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328050
Weird... I just went through the same steps and set up a mod and it worked...

Do you have a Half-Life folder in Steam\SteamApps\YOUR-STEAM-LOGIN-NAME? (you shouldn't)

Are your files named like this:

Is your client.dll 592 KiB in size and your hl.dll 1073 KiB?
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-02 12:23:39 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328048
What's the content of your liblist.gam file?
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-01 23:58:05 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328045
Go to hl_cdll Project properties. Select Configuration: "All Configurations" in the list at the top left. Go to Build Events > Post-Build Event. Replace the text in Command Line with this:
copy "$(TargetPath)" "YOUR-MOD\cl_dlls\$(TargetName).dll"
Replace YOUR-MOD with the path to your Half-Life mod folder. Example:
copy "$(TargetPath)" "D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\mymod\cl_dlls\$(TargetName).dll"
The equivalent Command Line text for the hldll project is:
copy "$(TargetPath)" "YOUR-MOD\dlls\$(TargetName).dll"
Make sure the cl_dlls and dlls folders exist in your mod folder if they don't already.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-01 21:44:57 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328041
Oh yeah, I remember getting that error. I think I installed VS 2010 Service Pack 1 (it's an update):
After that, switch from Debug to Release mode and click Clean solution. It should compile fine after that.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-01 20:34:57 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328039
If you're using the github code, try the pre-made VS project files in the projects\vs2010 folder. projects.sln should work, or hldll.vcxproj and hl_cdll.vcxproj.
Posted 6 years ago2016-01-01 13:40:22 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328026
Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition is free:
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-31 08:53:38 UTC
in Dev-C++ Compiler Error Post #328001
Don't use the code from Moddb. The latest code can always be found on Valve's official github, updated for Visual Studio 2008
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-29 09:26:27 UTC
in TWHL Rocket League Post #327955
Me too. I'm terrible but it's fun.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-16 22:47:59 UTC
in How can I increase the number of edicts? Post #327790
WON mods that run in HL v. usually work without change in the latest Steam version. The main exception is when you've made extensive changes to certain parts of the DLL code.

When porting a mod to Steam you usually only want to add a background image in the "resource\background" folder and possibly modify some of the images and layout files in the "resource" folder. But that's all optional.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-16 01:35:28 UTC
in How can I increase the number of edicts? Post #327787
You should put this in liblist.gam:
commandargs "-num_edicts 3072"
That way players won't have to set it manually in Steam. Servers still have to be started with the -num_edicts command line argument. I don't know whether or not this works with non-Steam Half-Life.

As for WON HL, there's no way to accomplish this. But why care? No one should expect a more than 14 years old version of the game to work well today.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 19:34:25 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #327726
The mod focuses on these things:

-New content
New Maps*
New Monsters*
New Weapons
Making the mod feel like a new game, like you're not just playing good old Half-Life

-Customized games. When the map changes, the host or a random player gets to pick:*
-Weapon sets
-Physical properties like gravity, speed, fall damage
-Health, shield strength, shield recharge speed (think Halo, except shields are disabled by default)
-Whether or not the map should contain monster events - random events created by the mapper where monsters appear
-Number of teams
-Gameplay mode: - Deathmatch, Survival, Capture the Flag, Oddball - and Battle Royale (when you spawn you get 1 weapon at random) versions of those.
-Mappers get to define default values and specify things like teams' names, models, health etc. and optionally player classes with different guns.
-Mappers get to create different variations of their maps for the different game modes. A mapper can choose to only support certain game modes.

-A low threshold for beginners - weapons and game mechanics should be as easy to learn as possible.
-It shouldn't be like HLDM where a new player can't even touch an experienced one because they're bunny jumping at 100 km/h scoring headshots with their gauss.
-The stats and behaviours of every HL weapon have been tweaked. As an example, the crossbow now has a single fire mode - it fires a visible bolt affected by gravity
-There's a tiny bit of (optional) rubberbanding - a terrible player will take 10% less damage than someone really doing really well. I realize that rubberbanding is controversial, but when done in moderation I think it helps everyone have more fun - experienced players won't feel a need to hold back
-I actively avoid features like shooting through walls or being able to purchase weapons that make a game harder to learn
-Xbox 360 controller support. Because why not, it was easy to code

-Greater focus on movement and strategy, making it less about having good aim and more about quick thinking:
-Rocket/grenade jumping
-Double jumping
-You slide on the ground when going from running to crouching, making you harder to hit
-The crosshair is now slightly below the center of the screen, which makes it easier to spot enemies above.
-You can blow up enemy explosives by firing at them with your gun
-The included maps will have explosives and other destructibles and features of the environment you can use to your advantage
-I might also include vehicles, but I haven't decided yet. I should be able to pull off the coding, but I'd need good models and animations and I'm not sure how well they'd work for high-ping players.

-Updated visuals. I won't pretend that the HL engine is modern, but a few things can be done to make its age less eye-soaringly obvious:
-Hi-res textures, models, sprites and skyboxes and new maps to take advantage of these resources.
-Higher-quality sound effects.
-New visual effects. For example the weapons are no longer completely still when the player isn't moving and you can now see your own legs.
-A new GUI, designed to look crisp at any resolution.*
-Tripmines now deploy at an angle based on what direction the player is facing.
-The goal isn't to make it look like Crysis, just to make it feel a bit more early 21st century and stylistically pleasing
  • = Not yet implemented
Most of the sprites, models and sounds will be borrowed from other people (I'll ask for permission before releasing anything), but all the maps, code and design and many of the textures will be made from scratch.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 05:22:25 UTC
in TWHL4 Suggestions Post #327702
Autogenerated messages in the shoutbox whenever someone writes a forum post, uploads a map, comments on someone's journal, etc. would make it harder to miss things. Or you could make this a part of the wiki edits thing on the front page. A change log of sorts.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 05:14:05 UTC
in TWHL4 Suggestions Post #327699
... Disregard my last message. In my defence, it's 6 in the morning.

- Vault - maps are the first thing you see on the home page, right at the top. The MOTM and the latest map come first, then 5 top-rated maps and the 5 most recent maps. There's separate sections for models and textures, and potentially applications and tools. The upload limit has been increased to 16MB.
I'd like a mod section, too.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 05:08:29 UTC
in TWHL4 Suggestions Post #327697
I'd like to see the map upload size restriction loosened. 2MB is rarely enough and we've already lost a lot of externally hosted maps.
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 05:00:18 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #327694
I posted in the wrong thread...
Posted 6 years ago2015-12-09 04:59:49 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #327695
I'm working on a multi-player mod. Did a quick retexture of the medkit model from Deathmatch Classic:
User posted image
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-29 18:07:58 UTC
in Jackhammer Compile Config Post #327591
I don't think there's anyone here who uses Jackhammer I'm afraid, or at least not many.
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-26 15:53:24 UTC
in Is the site dead? Post #327554
People have been saying this for almost a decade. TWHL isn't dead, it has just always been slow. Like a sloth. A beautiful, cuddly sloth.
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-25 17:30:58 UTC
in special entity "game_playerdie&quot Post #327542
I just had a look at the game code. Unfortunately game_playerjoin, game_playerleave, game_playerdie and game_playerkill only work in multiplayer mode. The only exception to the rule is game_playerspawn.
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-22 06:47:51 UTC
in back to menu when player dies Post #327505
Do you really need another entity? Have you tried naming the trigger_endsection "game_playerdie"?
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-20 15:49:41 UTC
in Make grunts or player invincible? Post #327494
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-16 13:57:22 UTC
in back to menu when player dies Post #327451
That entity could be a game_end or something that distorts the player's view.
Posted 6 years ago2015-11-02 00:27:16 UTC
in Halloween 2015 Post #327382
User posted image
My half-arsed attempt at Ron Weasley. I had a cold but I still had fun at the Halloween theme day at my school. Got well drunk that night. Sadly not on butterbeer.
Posted 6 years ago2015-10-10 18:16:36 UTC
in TWHL Tourney Post #327244
We don't to decide which game to play. We need for someone to make this real - creating a list of maps, setting a date and setting up a server. I wouldn't mind doing it (in which case we would be playing CS, HL or CSGO) but I'm too busy the next three weeks
Posted 6 years ago2015-10-04 00:12:28 UTC
in TWHL: Bakurai (TWHL PROJECT 2) Post #327172
That should be the latest version (v34), Tetsu0. The last version released in 2014 was v33.

You can find the different versions here:
Posted 6 years ago2015-10-04 00:07:30 UTC
in TWHL Tourney Post #327189
Duck Game <3

Sadly it's 4 players max.
Posted 6 years ago2015-10-03 20:17:15 UTC
in TWHL Tourney Post #327181
HL Rally doesn't work properly on many systems since the last big Half-Life update.
Posted 6 years ago2015-09-30 23:19:40 UTC
in TWHL Tourney Post #327125
CS, CS:GO, HLDM, L4D2 Versus, Jaykin' Bacon, GTA2... Anything would be fun.
Posted 6 years ago2015-09-06 20:12:02 UTC
in Xash3D problem... Post #326925
Sounds like a bug that should be reported to Xash3D's developer.
Posted 6 years ago2015-08-22 20:14:15 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #326799
func_vehicle 2015!!
You're making me really, really happy, Trempler
User posted image
Posted 7 years ago2015-07-31 15:26:30 UTC
in Sledge (Hammer Alternative) Alpha Build Post #326600
Maybe it's the based on the order they're defined in the .map? Which is probably the same in the source .rmf. Just speculating (not at home so can't test it).
Posted 7 years ago2015-06-23 02:54:22 UTC
in Trigger random output? Post #326075
Posted 7 years ago2015-03-27 22:46:21 UTC
in warehouse models, prefabs, Post #325056
I'm glad to hear hl-lab is back! You have a crazy number of Half-Life models.
Posted 7 years ago2015-03-22 14:50:46 UTC
in TWHL Tower Post #324915
I'm out.
Posted 7 years ago2015-03-22 00:07:18 UTC
in TWHL Tourney Post #324866
That was good fun! Thanks again to everyone who made it happen.
I did however get a picture of Potatis_Invalid taking a selfie with someone or other:
That "Potato" guy is a cheap imitation. I was "Oskar/potatis_invalido"
Posted 7 years ago2015-03-09 05:21:14 UTC
in TWHL Tower Post #324574
It looks like I won't be finishing my floor. I'm going to Gibraltar and Malaga for a week with school, so there'll be no time for mapping. And I've run out of ideas. I might repurpose parts of the floor for another map. Good luck everyone.
Posted 7 years ago2015-03-02 02:24:02 UTC
in This is a title Post #324496
Make awesome games, have fun, and die happy and old!
Posted 7 years ago2015-02-25 18:52:57 UTC
in Coding/ Programming help. Post #324414
Still can't wrap my head around it. Just not a thing i recommend to a beginner.
I agree. While C++ is a fantastic language and I recommend every programmer to learn and master it at some point, it's complicated and it allows the programmer to shoot himself in the foot in so many different ways. It's best to start with something simpler.
This probably isn't the thread for it, but I wonder why you would want to declare "std::" more than once.
You wouldn't want to. But you get used to it. Consistency makes the code easier to read. You can't put using namespace std in the header files because then you'll force your own programming decisions on everyone that uses your header files (directly or indirectly) and that's never popular. See the top answer to this SO question for a good explanation.

@zeeba-G: Stackoverflow is a good QA site for programmers.