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Posted 9 years ago2012-11-30 12:44:44 UTC
in Autumn Steam Sale Post #311244
Steam's European prices include the VAT, don't they? So the games aren't much more expensive here than in the USA if you don't count tax. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-26 21:05:30 UTC
in Autumn Steam Sale Post #311191
I play it occasionally. You need to play it with friends or it's boring.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-23 17:37:06 UTC
in Ideas for TWHL's x-mas special Post #311108
I'm willing to chip in on costs for server(s) and prize(s). I'll win it back anyway :cool:
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-18 05:54:50 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #311031
@noSICK: Is that GoldSrc? The textures and the shadows look great.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-09 22:27:03 UTC
in TWHL Post #310856
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of TWHL who have tolerated my bull**** throughout the years and who have helped me with my mapping and who have listened when I needed to ask or say something.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-08 14:21:19 UTC
in increased vis times Post #310845
Better yet, get VHLT and func_detail your brushwork instead of func_walling it.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-02 13:49:08 UTC
in 2D sketching software for mapping Post #310730
It has never crashed for me. I find it easy to use, and I'm definitely not an artist. I've never used Illustrator.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-30 14:36:03 UTC
in What will you be for Halloween? Post #310669
Around here Halloween is for children dressing up as monsters/other scary things and going around asking for candy. I miss doing that. Nostalgia I suppose.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-28 14:05:59 UTC
in Open Vehicle Sketch Pad Post #310646
You should lay off the drugs, TJB.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-22 20:48:52 UTC
in Your Username Post #310546
I remember reading it, and it's why I thought your name came from Joe and Obama. :\
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-20 17:12:19 UTC
in Problem with save files. Post #310482
Dude, pirating games and software is looked down upon in this community.
By parts of it, yes. Parts of this community also look down upon homosexuality or religion or the very idea of evolution. Not everyone will agree with you on any particular subject. Please try not to judge people.

// Pirate who spends 20 times more money on video games than on clothes
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-12 18:24:21 UTC
in What will you be for Halloween? Post #310343

Is Halloween anytime soon? I think I'll give kids toothpaste instead of candy this year. They'll hate me for it :)
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-18 15:44:01 UTC
in DimQuest Post #303537
Guys, you're being assholes. If you don't want to play, don't play. Don't ruin it for those (if there are any) who feel like playing. Shut up and ignore this thread, it's obviously not meant for you.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-18 03:34:55 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303529
Just enter in the address bar. You'll figure it out from there. I've added you as a friend on Steam. Accept my request and we'll chat.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-18 03:18:38 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303527
You can use the FTP client built into Windows. Open a folder at random and enter the FTP URL at the address bar.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-18 03:15:00 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303525
Which site?
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-17 20:46:46 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303518
When you need testers, I recommend you ask people in TWHL's Steam group.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-17 14:05:34 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303510
See the first post.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-08 21:48:54 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303221
I thought Daubster would announce the servers. I guess he forgot about it.

To get your map on the server, upload it to the appropriate folder (css, czero or cs16) at

To get the server to play your map, connect to the server and write map name_of_your_map in chat (say: map cs_awesome). The map will play for the next 20 minutes.

Game server addresses:
Condition 0:

No fast DL.
Posted 10 years ago2012-02-05 01:12:05 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #303164
Test servers are up. They will be available to you tomorrow, when we're done testing them.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-24 10:30:20 UTC
in Competition 32 Post #301965
@Blitz: It does.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 22:32:07 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301717
Missing maps:

Original map pack in case someone doesn't already have it:
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 18:59:41 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301699
Password: twhlxmas
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-17 17:37:43 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301693

Obligatory download of maps before the tournament begins:

The tournament begins in one hour and twenty minutes from now. Even if you only play a single map, you'll have a chance for the prize. The more frags you collect throughout the tournament, the higher are your chances of winning. In order to be able to win, your player name must contain your TWHL username.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-16 22:12:16 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301648
Added to the map list.

@Moaby: I'm hosting it at @
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-16 20:36:59 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301639
Thanks, but it's missing some files:
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-15 19:26:22 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301599
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-15 17:06:42 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301595
@The Mighty Atom: The download for RPG Arena is still broken.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-14 20:04:06 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #301574
Everyone is welcome to a warmup game on the 16th (Friday), ~19:00 (~7 PM) GMT.
Posted 10 years ago2011-12-06 08:26:59 UTC
in HL3 Rumour Post #301325
Next E3? You're being too optimistic!
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-25 04:38:41 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #301036
It was down for maintenance, it's up again.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-21 19:16:46 UTC
in New Mod: Half-Life: History Post #300948
i believe not using crap hosting that forces popups
Mediafire doesn't do that. Not for me anyway.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-20 22:53:52 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300935
HTTP downloading is enabled, but the server has limited bandwidth. I'm about to upgrade the up width by 1500% so soon it won't be a problem.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-20 18:54:20 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300929
Download all the maps currently on the server quickly all at once so you won't have to download between map changes:
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-19 11:21:10 UTC
in Skyrim Post #300890
Dimbark, you're like the poster-child for why the broadband-native generation need to be monitored by an adult at all times.
Fixed that for you.
Seriously dude, grow up. You're 12, start acting like it.
People mature at different rates. He's a lot more "grown up" than I was when I was 12. Not that that means much.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-17 11:20:18 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #300844
Thanks for all the submissions, keep them coming :)

The download is broken for RPG Arena.
wish i made beerfort sooner. It's always a good map to have around.
The teamplay version is one my favourite maps. It's pretty ugly and the design isn't much to hang in the Christmas tree but the concept is great.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-16 16:19:42 UTC
in MP3 startup problem Post #300818
TWHL removes single backslashes and replaces double backslashes with single backslashes. I think what stojke meant was
warning: MP3_InitStream(29, media\gamestartup.mp3) failed
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-16 11:31:42 UTC
in New Mod: Half-Life: History Post #300814
I think he's programming.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-15 16:40:35 UTC
in The X-Mas Retro HLDM Map Tournament Post #300781
Sorry Skals, HLDM, not CS. Would gladly accept CoreXplosion_v2 or TheCore :)

Change of rules:
The must either have been submitted to the map vault before December 1st, 2007
be the first or second HLDM map you've submitted to the vault.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-15 04:31:46 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300775
What are some useful commands we can use?
The most useful console commands for admins (I gave you admin privileges) are amxmodmenu, amx_help, amx_map, amx_cvar (changes a cvar), amx_rcon (executes a command on the server - the only way to change mp_teamplay), amx_kick, amx_ban, amx_vote (starts a vote) and gal_startvote (forces a map vote and change). For players, the most useful commands are the console command listmaps and the chat commands timeleft and rtv (if enough players write rtv in the chat, a map vote is started).
Also, are you looking into getting the map rotation to work properly?
Should be fixed now.
Could we make this at 7pm GMT?
7pm is fine by me. Is everyone interested fine with 7pm (19:00 UTC)?
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-14 04:17:21 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300751
Good idea. I'll do that.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-13 22:51:41 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300742
Good game.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-12 18:37:52 UTC
in New Mod: Half-Life: History Post #300695
It's always a good idea to show some of the work that has already been done, other than story and ideas, to create interest and to show that you're serious about the mod. I recommend you post a few screen shots, renders, concept art or videos.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-12 17:25:39 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300693
21.00 (9 PM) sounds good.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-12 16:41:26 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300691
Sunday, you say. What's a good time?

I'm definitely up for BrainBread some day. Too bad Flat-Life is Windows only. But ChickenFist was considerate enough to release the source code, so I might try compiling it myself. Flat-Life's great.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-12 07:26:44 UTC
in TWHL's Half-Life Server Post #300682
We have a Half-Life Deathmatch server!


The server is located in Sweden and has been tested by Joe, Dim and Atom and game play is smooth in Europe and eastern United States. It currently runs a few of TWHL's highest rated maps. If you want a map to be on the server, write and I'll install it. Later on I'll create a web page where you can pick any HLDM map from TWHL and the server will automatically install that map. If you want admin privileges, send me your Steam ID (join a game server, write status in console, it should look like this: STEAM_0:1:23456789).
User posted image
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-11 21:59:06 UTC
in Competition 31 Post #300676
50C is nothing.
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-09 05:08:14 UTC
in kHED - Free model editor Post #300625
Type two backslashes (\\) to produce a backslash (\).
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-09 03:54:38 UTC
in "File Read Failure"? Post #300620
Have you tried reinstalling?
Posted 10 years ago2011-11-08 14:48:12 UTC
in I wish Post #300600
I wish Albert Einstein was still alive and I wish Fox hadn't cancelled Dark Angel or Firefly.

Edit: Or Terminator SCC.