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Posted 2 days ago2020-05-24 07:45:00 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344291
Hm, I might have to do some digging (though the offsets and paloffset have both gone missing?) - fb_texturenum was definitely Xash3D specific I thought anyway.
Too bad there is no proper vanilla updated com_model.h - the one that always gets shared around I think has an out of date decal_t at least.
Posted 2 days ago2020-05-24 07:37:35 UTC
in Security guards reloading their gun Post #344290
No worries! Clearly it was planned for Barney (and the assassins) at some point but never finished.
Posted 4 days ago2020-05-22 11:06:01 UTC
in Security guards reloading their gun Post #344271
If you look at hgrunt.cpp you'll see a CheckAmmo method and checks on CheckAmmo - it seems to be part of CBaseMonster and it's all a bit complicated with the schedules and tasks but it's all there.
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-16 03:47:36 UTC
in Compiling dll problem Post #344223
What's in your mod's liblist.gam file?
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 11:05:19 UTC
in item_antidote in TFC Post #344207
That's HL bytheway, I don't know whether this behavior has been removed in TFC.
Probably the Team Fortress Classic player class extends CBasePlayer - it wouldn't be the only Team Fortress Classic code in the Half-Life SDK anyway.
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 11:03:16 UTC
in Brushes can be seen throw the skybox Post #344206
Do you have a screenshot?
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 11:02:56 UTC
in Benefits of changing player hull size Post #344205
Also, there are notes about on Github about some function in the Half-Life SDK having the wrong signature which you'd need to fix to change the hull size.
Blue Shift only has three extra entities from memory - the helmet and vest are easy to do yourself and you can probably find env_warpball in an open source mod somewhere.
Posted 1 week ago2020-05-13 11:00:13 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344203
WIP pics of a single player mod I'm working on. Would love feedback. Really hoping it feels like black mesa. (Also first post so hello!)
Is that GoldSource?
Posted 3 weeks ago2020-05-02 05:28:04 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344159
Yeah I see references to an mextrasurf_s but that looks like Xash3D stuff - not sure how regular GoldSource handles it.
Posted 4 weeks ago2020-04-27 05:29:52 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344148
Hm, and it doesn't look like the global palette array is exposed to client.dll - in that linked code it looks like raw pixels get copied right after the texture_t for some reason? Possibly that still happens in GoldSource?

I wasn't planning on playing with this in software mode but I assume the GLQuake texture_t is the same as what is in GoldSource though?

Maybe it isn't possible to modify the raw texture data at a runtime - IEngineStudio.StudioSetupSkin looked promising but it looks like it only loads the texture ( so I'm not sure why it's even exported to client code.
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-26 05:32:27 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344143
Any luck figuring this out? I poked around again and Mod_Extradata returns raw model data - maybe the offsets work on that point for .mdl files, but not sure about .bsp or .spr files.
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-18 04:55:56 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344127
Any luck figuring what they offset into?
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-07 23:28:28 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344045
Ah right - didn't even think on playing with gl_texturenum
Looking at texture_t though I see offsets and paloffset which I guess give access to the texture data and palette but as I look now I'm not sure what the offsets are relative to - any ideas?
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-07 23:28:23 UTC
in Help! Post #344044
Yes ask here - one of the few places where GoldSource modding chat still happens.
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-07 23:23:38 UTC
in How to add spectator option to existing mod Post #344043
No, just the .dll - I guess those notes are about moving from SDK 1.0 to SDK 2.x
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-05 05:34:40 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344016
Nice work.
I guess that you are limited to the same size texture though? I assume the file is memory-mapped and that overwriting the texture data with a larger texture would overwrite the data that follows it?
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-05 05:33:08 UTC
in How to add spectator option to existing mod Post #344015
Jumbot is closed source (and I think I emailed the author many years ago - he no longer has the source).

Fun fact - the bots in Wanted! are based off Jumbot.
Posted 1 month ago2020-04-05 05:33:04 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #344014
It's GoldSource - just the back-ported VGUI stuff from the Steam version.
Posted 1 month ago2020-03-29 07:15:30 UTC
in How to add spectator option to existing mod Post #343989
I think it is possible - Jumbot is I assume a server only mod (if not this probably won't work).
If you use it with an up to date client.dll, you should be able to write a plugin that loads and passes through to the Jumbot .dll, but in your plugin capture the spectator commands and copy their logic from hl.dll

Hopefully that makes sense.
Posted 1 month ago2020-03-29 07:12:58 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343988
Ah of course! And the same should work for sprites as well.

And yeah it doesn't look like client.dll has any per-entity callback (looks like they're mostly per-frame). Too bad but better than nothing.
Posted 1 month ago2020-03-29 07:11:48 UTC
in Get rid of menu options. Post #343987
I thought there were text files somewhere in gfx/ that controlled this? Nothing in the Steam version that I can see...
Posted 2 months ago2020-03-07 06:16:45 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343863
At that point I'd probably do a MDL and SPR parser, if I just wanted to read the texture data. It'd be easy too, there are several open-source apps doing that stuff, so, we can use it as a reference / steal the code.
Oh agreed - I was just hoping the data was modifiable at runtime.
Posted 2 months ago2020-03-07 06:15:52 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #343862
I never got through all of Wanted! but I did like the concept. The bots were pretty good too (they were based on Jumbot from memory).
Posted 2 months ago2020-03-07 06:12:34 UTC
in What are the fonts used in Half-Life? Post #343861
Hm, I thought they were specified in valve/resource but maybe not? marlett.ttf is in that directory but it's all symbols.
I thought Verdana was used but maybe it's for Steam? The halflife Github has some stuff about fonts (specifically on Linux) so that might have some information.
Posted 2 months ago2020-03-01 05:07:23 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343833
Yes that's what I thought - the client gets a read-only view of entities, and I remember trying to get the texture data for models or sprites but couldn't find a way.

Nice work with the big maps - looking forward to the tutorial.
Is there a model entity with no model set somewhere in the map?
Posted 2 months ago2020-02-29 05:52:07 UTC
in Gilding the lilly: selective types of sttack Post #343820
STRING(pEnemy->pev->classname) or something like that should tell you the enemy type.
Posted 2 months ago2020-02-29 05:51:11 UTC
in Texlights, only for brushes? Post #343819
In studiomdl.c there are seven different texture flags - do they all work in regular Half-Life?
Posted 2 months ago2020-02-29 05:49:28 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343818
Oh I meant model_t.entities would be read only but a lot of the others should be modifiable.
Posted 3 months ago2020-02-16 07:11:25 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343751
Interesting - I figured not all of it would be read-only (though I feel like not all texture data is exposed? some of it must be a summary). Entities would be read-only for sure.
Hm, I wonder why it was software only.
The last 32 colours - did the Quake engine use the ~ prefix or something else?
Posted 3 months ago2020-02-15 05:39:44 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343745
Yeah not sure - there is lighting data in the model_s struct in client.dll but I suspect it's read only (maybe?) and you'd need to write your own lighting rendering to use that data.
Or you could use dynamic lights but I haven't played with them enough to know their limitations.

And with the map coordinate bounds I thought that server to client messages 1 through 64 (or whatever is handled by the engine) might have clamped coordinates - is that right?
Posted 3 months ago2020-02-07 21:45:16 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343729
Interesting - I hadn't considered the problem of .bsp files needing different lighting. I guess that's not controllable via client.dll
Posted 3 months ago2020-01-31 23:16:12 UTC
in HL2x Custom Maps Post #343709
I'd be very interested if you manage to track down a 2005 build of the Source SDK as I looked a few years ago and couldn't find anything.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-23 10:48:11 UTC
in Trigger_push underwater Post #343685
Ah thanks - I'll have to take a closer look at the qcsg code.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-23 10:45:34 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #343684
Never used Milkshape myself (probably should try it out - never done much with modelling).

@cindor what game/mod is that for? Looks very much like Gunman Chronicles.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-23 10:43:31 UTC
in "abs: ambiguous call to overloaded function" Post #343683
I think I just changed them all to fabs when updating to the latest version of Visual Studio and that worked.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-18 05:26:31 UTC
in Trigger_push underwater Post #343636
I couldn't see any cur_ textures in Half-Life's .wad files so I guess they're not used in any official maps? Is there any documentation on them like
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-18 05:24:29 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #343635
What modelling program are you using?
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-12 07:25:06 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #343602
How do you draw the AABBs? I think it's r_drawentities for the hitboxes.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-12 07:23:41 UTC
in Trigger_push underwater Post #343601
How do cur_ textures work? Where are they used?
I think you should be able to debug a release build if the .pdb file is in the same directory as the .dll?
Anyway, you should copy your changes into a clean project so that things are set up correctly (probably too hard to recreate Debug - I'm sure Visual Studio takes care of a lot of stuff).
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-12 07:21:36 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343599
Would using a light_spot with a small radius/brightness work?
I don't know - probably do some debugging and see what is setting the idle animation in the code.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-01 01:36:56 UTC
in Friendly func_tanks? Post #343544
Not without changing the code I think - CFuncTank::FindTarget takes a player parameter (which is the player that is in the tank's line of sight) and returns that player.
Posted 4 months ago2020-01-01 01:30:36 UTC
in Trigger_push underwater Post #343543
Is it undertow in Half-Life Deathmatch with the flowing water that ends at a waterfall?
Posted 4 months ago2019-12-29 04:57:06 UTC
in Fate of Gunman Chronicles Post #343529
The uncorrected proof of Raising the Bar talks about it a bit - some of the team worked at Valve with other Valve employees to finish the game.
I doubt the map editor is the problem. Did you write your AI from scratch or copy it from something else?