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Posted 1 month ago2022-03-25 10:52:51 UTC
in Shiny missing texture? Post #346361
Is there an error in the console?
Nice - I'll have to put some time aside for this.
Posted 1 month ago2022-03-25 10:47:30 UTC
in Creating a basic bot Post #346359
I think the Half-Life SDK has the Counter-Strike bot code:
It is probably more advanced than botman's code but it won't work without a lot of modification.
Posted 2 months ago2022-03-06 06:06:08 UTC
in Problems when level changes [Coding] Post #346322
Agreed - the logic for HealthThink should be part of CBasePlayer.
Posted 2 months ago2022-03-06 06:04:40 UTC
in Model spawning at wrong coordinates Post #346321
Are these models you've made yourself? I think that happens if the origin of the model is wrong.
I think player models have their origin in the centre of the model but other human models have it in the middle of the feet.
Posted 2 months ago2022-03-06 06:02:26 UTC
in compile crash 512 textures Post #346320
It's crashing the compiler right? Or the model viewer?
Do you have the source so we can try and see why it crashes?
Posted 3 months ago2022-02-20 00:02:02 UTC
in Problem with water reflections in 3D Skybox Post #346290
Hm not sure - are there any retail maps in any Source game with water in the skybox?
Posted 3 months ago2022-02-02 20:25:08 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #346245
I've also added a new debug-only feature to help diagnose incorrect usage of SetThink, SetUse, SetTouch and SetBlocked. If you try to set one of these to a function pointer that does not belong to the class hierarchy of the entity that you're setting the function on you'll get an error message in the console warning you about it. Setting a function incorrectly can cause strange bugs and crashes so this will help a lot.
Where is that change? I couldn't see anything obvious in the most recent commit messages.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-30 09:41:57 UTC
in compileX Post #346240
Yes CST is open source.

My plate is full and I'm not too familiar with how rad or lighting works. I want to read Michael Abrash's book at some point though.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-27 10:38:37 UTC
in Quake (alias) models in Half-Life Post #346238
Yep that looks like it - thank you!
I didn't have heaps of time to track it down but they're defined in sounds/sentences.tx (HEV_TRIPMINE for example) - not sure where they get played in the code but CBasePlayer::SetSuitUpdate looks related.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-27 10:24:07 UTC
in compileX Post #346236
Ah - maybe there would be information in the original Source SDK but it was probably removed with the Episode One changes.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-23 08:38:09 UTC
in compileX Post #346222
Oh, I didn't realise there were compile tools for the Xbox version of Half-Life 2.
What was there? Episode One studiomdl and early map compile tools (maybe Custom Source Tools a.k.a cst) should work out of the box I think - just no .xtf exporter.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-23 02:27:00 UTC
in Quake (alias) models in Half-Life Post #346220
I remember on another forum seeing a modder using Quake models (called alias models by the engine) in Half-Life.
I tried this myself and the models load but are rendered full-black but his models were properly rendered (probably custom client.dll code).

Does anyone remember this? I've tried to track it down but couldn't find it.
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-23 02:18:17 UTC
in compileX Post #346219
Which vanishing do you mean?
Posted 3 months ago2022-01-23 02:12:29 UTC
in [help] Rendering a model fullbright Post #346218
Yes I think you're right - I could have sworn that an extra one of those texture flags was secretly usable but I can't remember where I saw that.
Posted 4 months ago2021-12-24 04:50:04 UTC
in [help] Rendering a model fullbright Post #346158
I tried the STUDIO_NF_FULLBRIGHT flag but that didn't seem to work - I thought I'd discussed it with someone and it worked in Half-Life.
What do you mean you saw stairs? The image is a bit small to see what is going on.
Posted 4 months ago2021-12-24 04:42:53 UTC
in Half-Life mods reimplementations updates released Post #346156
Nice work @malortie.
Posted 4 months ago2021-12-24 04:42:32 UTC
in Swapping between players Post #346155
Hm, is it possible to swap the edict_t* of the players?
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 23:04:05 UTC
in [help] Rendering a model fullbright Post #346145
The studio.h that ships with the latest SDK has a STUDIO_NF_FULLBRIGHT flag. I haven't tried it to see if the engine supports it but if it does you could IEngineStudio.SetForceFaceFlags( STUDIO_NF_FULLBRIGHT ); in StudioModelRenderer
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:59:29 UTC
in Help Client.dll not found Post #346144
Did you manage to get client.dll to load before you made your changes?
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:59:03 UTC
in Specific PAK file loading Post #346143
Yeah this probably isn't really doable - you could load both sets of models with different names and do conditional rendering in client.dll based on the map name but that's probably about it.
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:53:52 UTC
in Half-Life mods reimplementations updates released Post #346142
Nice work - did you recode it all by hand?
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:52:58 UTC
in Swapping between players Post #346141
I thought about how to do this a while ago but never looked into it, and I don't know what the Decay mod did but I imagine you could decompile their .dll and see.
I'd try just swapping the pev of the two players and see how that goes.
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:51:15 UTC
in adding back the alpha 0.52 blood stream effect? Post #346140
Probably not easily - UTIL_BloodStream just sends an engine message that does predefined stuff.
You could spawn an entity that trails blood when something takes damage and make the entity move with a sinusoidal pattern. If you add the EF_GIBS flag to the model it will automatically trail blood.
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:42:30 UTC
in A bit of trouble making the hud purple Post #346139
Have you changed sprites.txt or something like that? Those code changes shouldn't change the sprites used.
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:40:19 UTC
in [HL] Enabling shadows in latest engine - Tutorial Post #346138
How does it work? What is GL_StudioDrawShadow + 35 in the engine?
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:38:35 UTC
in Messing with Half-Life controls Post #346137
The first one may be tricky - I'm not sure off the top of my how the long jump works but I believe there's a buttons variable and the code would check that both the crouch and jump bits are set. Changing it to double-tap of the spacebar would be doable - on the first jump set a flag on the player and if the player presses jump again within one second or whatever, long jump, otherwise clear the flag.
If Half-Life supports mousewheel press I think that would just be an extra binding in config.cfg
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:32:20 UTC
in Changing a texture's palette Post #346136
Player models have special texture palette handling:
Does it load with fewer than 32 materials? Source's HLMV might be hard-coded to only load 32 or fewer.
I'm not sure but it would be somewhere in the resources/ directories in one of the .res files. I think some of them have x any y coordinates but I've never tried playing with them.
Posted 5 months ago2021-12-20 22:23:26 UTC
in Changing Props,NPCs materials in game Post #346133
All you need to do is find the texture a (a .vtf file somewhere in the materials/ directory) and overwrite it.
VTFEdit lets you create new .vtf files:
I think there may be a PhotoShop plugin somewhere too.
Posted 1 year ago2020-09-20 11:23:35 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344726
Spawning models in 007 NightfireSpawning models in 007 Nightfire
I've been doing some playing around in 007 Nightfire:
It doesn't have VGUI though which is a shame.
Posted 1 year ago2020-09-20 11:20:36 UTC
in [HELP] Extending the sentence limit Post #344725
Do .seq files work without the trigger_sequence entity from Condition Zero Deleted Scenes?
If you're making a mod you should be able to get it to work by disabling backface culling in client.dll I think.
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-30 05:38:33 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344326
Also, in model_t textures is a texture_t** - is this to deal with animated textures or something? I never noticed it before to give it any thought.
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-24 07:45:00 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344291
Hm, I might have to do some digging (though the offsets and paloffset have both gone missing?) - fb_texturenum was definitely Xash3D specific I thought anyway.
Too bad there is no proper vanilla updated com_model.h - the one that always gets shared around I think has an out of date decal_t at least.
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-24 07:37:35 UTC
in Security guards reloading their gun Post #344290
No worries! Clearly it was planned for Barney (and the assassins) at some point but never finished.
Posted 1 year ago2020-05-22 11:06:01 UTC
in Security guards reloading their gun Post #344271
If you look at hgrunt.cpp you'll see a CheckAmmo method and checks on CheckAmmo - it seems to be part of CBaseMonster and it's all a bit complicated with the schedules and tasks but it's all there.
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-16 03:47:36 UTC
in Compiling dll problem Post #344223
What's in your mod's liblist.gam file?
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-13 11:05:19 UTC
in item_antidote in TFC Post #344207
That's HL bytheway, I don't know whether this behavior has been removed in TFC.
Probably the Team Fortress Classic player class extends CBasePlayer - it wouldn't be the only Team Fortress Classic code in the Half-Life SDK anyway.
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-13 11:03:16 UTC
in Brushes can be seen throw the skybox Post #344206
Do you have a screenshot?
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-13 11:02:56 UTC
in Benefits of changing player hull size Post #344205
Also, there are notes about on Github about some function in the Half-Life SDK having the wrong signature which you'd need to fix to change the hull size.
Blue Shift only has three extra entities from memory - the helmet and vest are easy to do yourself and you can probably find env_warpball in an open source mod somewhere.
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-13 11:00:13 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #344203
WIP pics of a single player mod I'm working on. Would love feedback. Really hoping it feels like black mesa. (Also first post so hello!)
Is that GoldSource?
Posted 2 years ago2020-05-02 05:28:04 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344159
Yeah I see references to an mextrasurf_s but that looks like Xash3D stuff - not sure how regular GoldSource handles it.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-27 05:29:52 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344148
Hm, and it doesn't look like the global palette array is exposed to client.dll - in that linked code it looks like raw pixels get copied right after the texture_t for some reason? Possibly that still happens in GoldSource?

I wasn't planning on playing with this in software mode but I assume the GLQuake texture_t is the same as what is in GoldSource though?

Maybe it isn't possible to modify the raw texture data at a runtime - IEngineStudio.StudioSetupSkin looked promising but it looks like it only loads the texture ( so I'm not sure why it's even exported to client code.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-26 05:32:27 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344143
Any luck figuring this out? I poked around again and Mod_Extradata returns raw model data - maybe the offsets work on that point for .mdl files, but not sure about .bsp or .spr files.
Posted 2 years ago2020-04-18 04:55:56 UTC
in A Utopia At Stake Post #344127
Any luck figuring what they offset into?