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Posted 6 days ago2019-01-12 10:52:21 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341625
The can't find monster looks like a missing entity:
You'll have to do some searching to figure out what the other one is.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-11 21:14:40 UTC
in The Hype-o-matic (Upcoming games) Post #341621
Still pretty excited for Black Mesa which shouldn't be far away now hopefully.

Other than that not much - ACE Team (the makers of Zeno Clash) say they'll probably be announcing three projects this year so I'm interested to see what they will be.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-11 21:10:08 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341620
Probably wouldn't be too hard to fix whatever is causing the issues - looks like missing animations or something like that.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-11 06:13:49 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341616
Not sure what's outputting them but maybe they're unsuppressible errors? Maybe the engine will always warn you regardless of what developer is set to.
It's a shame that dependencies are so hard.

I guess statically linking to the Visual C++ runtime is okay solution for most use cases? I assume that's what this error is most of the time.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-10 04:54:51 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341609
What is the message?
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-09 04:37:26 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341597
All the TE_ effects are hard-coded in the engine.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-08 04:41:05 UTC
in playing with the console command list Post #341585
Ah thanks - I thought about Cmd_Argc and Cmd_Argv after I posted but I wasn't sure if they'd have the right data in them (I guess they have to).
And yeah I was thinking store the original and only pass off to it if some condition was met, otherwise just print an error or something.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-08 04:39:22 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341584
const.h says TE_TELEPORT only takes three coord arguments - maybe use another SVC message type that has a width parameter.
Posted 1 week ago2019-01-07 21:42:17 UTC
in playing with the console command list Post #341578
cl_enginefunc_t provides GetFirstCmdFunctionHandle, GetNextCmdFunctionHandle and GetCmdFunctionName for playing with the engine's list of console commands, though it looks like the definitions aren't quite right - they should probably be this (some documentation from prsearle):
typedef void (*xcommand_t) (void);    // Pointer to console command handler

typedef struct cmd_function_s {
    struct cmd_function_s *next;    // Next console command structure
    const char *name;                // Console command as typed at console (e.g. "stopsound")
    xcommand_t  function;            // Pointer to function called when command is entered
    const char *description;        // Command description ???
    qboolean    pure;                // ???
} cmd_function_t;


typedef cmd_function_t*                (*pfnEngSrc_GetFirstCmdFunctionHandle_t)();
typedef cmd_function_t*                (*pfnEngSrc_GetNextCmdFunctionHandle_t)(cmd_function_t* cmdhandle);
typedef const char *                (*pfnEngSrc_GetCmdFunctionName_t)(cmd_function_t* cmdhandle);
So it looks like it's possible to modify or remove entries in the engine's command list (though maybe we're not meant to given that the definitions in the SDK aren't usable). My question is how modifying the function attribute of cmd_function_t would work - it doesn't seem to take any arguments and from a quick look at Quake's code it looks like the passed arguments are stored in a global char* pointer which the client code probably doesn't have access to. Seems like there isn't a way to usefully override a console command based on the arguments that get passed?

edit: is multi-line code formatting possible?
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-01-04 23:38:43 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341546
Seems like an okay place for it but if it's not working probably add some logging to see what's going on.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-01-04 23:34:08 UTC
in custom blood colours Post #341545
Ah yep, all the things in efx_api_t that take a colour number too, and all the Quake-style particles I guess.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-01-04 07:08:40 UTC
in custom blood colours Post #341540
So it looks like blood colours actually come from palette.lmp and BLOOD_COLOR_RED/BLOOD_COLOR_YELLOW/BLOOD_COLOR_GREEN are palette indices?
Has anyone played around with palette.lmp? Is it used for anything more than blood colour?
By the time I'd got most of the way through the article I'd completely forgotten about vis.
Anyway, I remember reading which seems to be a moderately accessible document which describes the vis lump among other things (it's for 007 Nightfire but it's close enough probably).
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-01-03 03:42:05 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341538
As for the bots, I'd go with a personality approach (something like int m_iPersonality, or even better, an enum) and each bot gets a random personality at spawn. And then depending on their personality, they can fire slower, faster, and even prefer weapons.
Posted 2 weeks ago2019-01-03 03:39:46 UTC
in Half Life 2 Style Weapon Sway code request Post #341537
Does Deathmatch Classic have it? Maybe look in for references to bob or sway to see how it's done.
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-12-30 04:45:00 UTC
in getting number of sprite frames on server Post #341523
Alright I tried it again and now it's returning the right number - not sure what was happening before - might have passed the wrong pev somewhere.
MODEL_FRAMES( pForward->pev->modelindex ) works (I assume modelindex gets populated by the engine).
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-12-30 04:44:16 UTC
in when to EXPORT an entity method Post #341522
Nice thanks.
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-12-29 06:45:38 UTC
in when to EXPORT an entity method Post #341518
I've never quite understood it but by the looks of it you need to EXPORT a method if you pass it to SetThink/SetTouch/SetUse/SetBlocked?
It seems like things compile without the EXPORT but I guess save-games will screw up without it: it looks like Set* set m_pfn* which get serialised in the saverestore stuff.
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-12-29 01:53:25 UTC
in getting number of sprite frames on server Post #341515
It seems like MODEL_FRAMES in the method that should return that information (based on its usage in the server code) but I've used it on some sprites and it returns some massive number (>1 billion I think).
Is there a way to do this? Without opening the sprite and parsing it myself?
Posted 2 weeks ago2018-12-29 01:51:14 UTC
in Sven Co-op forums shutting down Post #341514
Four year old version of vBulletin probably isn't great...

What subforums have the good information? I never really used the Sven Coop forums much.
Posted 3 weeks ago2018-12-27 23:05:51 UTC
in mdl flags Post #341497
So this was discussed a little while ago but the thread has since been closed.
Anyway, I got the effects using $flags working in empty models. The effects are pretty basic - just streams of little coloured circles, but it works.

Source for env_projectile entity to test it:
Source for models with flags set:
Source for map with some entities to test the models:
Posted 3 weeks ago2018-12-26 04:32:14 UTC
in The Ballet of the Bots Post #341488
Seems like expected behaviour - the bot AI is just a set of rules the bots follow - the same inputs will probably produce the same outputs so if all the bots see the same enemy and have the same weapon available, they will target the same enemy and use the best weapon based on a set of static rules.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-09 03:53:40 UTC
in Sandpit v4 released Post #341407
I've released a major update to Sandpit:
Top of the changlelog is that it's on the latest Half-Life SDK now but under the hood the Model Menu now shows items from Opposing Force if you've got it mounted and the Pose Menu now gives you a lot more flexibility (the body changer now works for all bodygroups).

Sandpit is now also based on Basis (something like Spirit of Half-Life that I've been doing on the side).
New pose menuNew pose menu
You can follow progress at and give it a vote for Mod DB's Mod of the Year if you're feeling generous too.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-07 21:54:04 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #341405
tschumann, is that for adding entities on a map? I did something similar a few years ago. Even made custom K/V fields and ability to work together online. Did you make a FGD parser or it's just hard-coded?
Yeah it's for spawning and posing entities.Nothing fancy like key/value editing (yet anyway) and it is hard-coded.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-01 23:46:07 UTC
in Peer Review Post #341373
Nice work.

I watched the video wondering which level it was (though I last played Decay probably more than 10 years ago) but I see on Mod DB that you've chosen to make some changes.
Yeah putting bot-specific logic in the weapon class is probably not the best approach.
I think botman's bots have some edge cases in the shooting code though - there are no checks on the minimum amount of ammo required to shoot.
Posted 1 month ago2018-12-01 00:38:26 UTC
in Got better Post #341364
Is a Garry's Mod ragdoll any different to a regular Source engine ragdoll?
Maybe try asking on the Facepunch forums anyway - probably a few more Source engine modelers there.
I guess this a MetaMod problem - what version are you using? The normal game shouldn't crash if there is a missing entity.
You should be able to stub out an entity with a plugin but I agree that ripent is the best/easiest solution.
Posted 1 month ago2018-11-24 06:31:26 UTC
in mod icon Post #341308
I've copied game.tga from Half-Life to use in my mod and in I've tried saving it with various different settings (24-bit, 32-bit, with and without RLE compression) but whatever I do, I end up with the icon rotated 180 degrees in the menu bar and task bar of Windows.
Anyone had anything similar? Or any other ideas to try?
Posted 1 month ago2018-11-24 06:28:59 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #341307
Next version of Sandpit is getting close:
Monster MenuMonster Menu
Prop MenuProp Menu
Pose MenuPose Menu
Everything seems to be working; just tying up a few loose ends at this point.
Posted 1 month ago2018-11-24 06:26:29 UTC
in Visual underwater effect Post #341306
Looking at the code it might be possible to modify func_water - looks like pev->skin can be set to CONTENTS_WATER, CONTENTS_SLIME or CONTENTS_LAVA (at least as far as the .fgd is concerned) and I guess that somehow ends up in pev->watertype?
Maybe another CONTENTS_ constant will keep the fogginess but I'm guessing the engine probably only does that for CONTENTS_WATER, CONTENTS_SLIME and CONTENTS_LAVA. You can do client-side fog but I don't think it's as flexible as water textures.
Posted 2 months ago2018-11-17 07:00:58 UTC
in Weapon Strip (HUD question) Post #341260
I'm guessing it could be fixed in code - are you just making a map or making your own mod?
Posted 2 months ago2018-11-17 06:53:43 UTC
in Using black mesa or half life 2? Post #341259
If you're planning on doing any programming then Half-Life 2 is realistically the only option (I think Allied Modders might provide a Black Mesa SDK but it's more for plugins I believe), otherwise I assume both provide Hammer and relevant compile tools.
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-16 11:08:15 UTC
in rendering bounding boxes Post #341049
Ah, size must be what I want.
I'm working on the client and size doesn't seem to be in entity_state_t
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-16 11:07:30 UTC
in Explosive mines working just first round Post #341048
Yeah there was a thread here in the last few months about to make various entities reset between Counter-Strike rounds though I think it was more to do with doors.
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-16 11:06:25 UTC
in where workshop files get stored Post #341047
Doesn't look like it - there's no workshop/ folder under left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/maps/ or any other of the game directories.
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-14 01:49:10 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #341035
Looks like "cooledit" is now Adobe Audition:

The one time I tried playing with looping/non-looping sounds it didn't seem to work so I moved on to playing with something else.
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-14 01:43:58 UTC
in where workshop files get stored Post #341034
Anyone know where they get stored in Steam/? I can see steamapps/workshop/content which has some stuff but I installed the files in https:/ today and can't see them there, or anywhere obvious in steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-14 01:41:51 UTC
in rendering bounding boxes Post #341033
Where do the values passed to UTIL_SetSize actually get stored? Is it anywhere in entvars_t?
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-06 05:17:36 UTC
in rendering bounding boxes Post #340994
Is there a way to show an entity's bounding box client side? I mean the bounding box from setting UTIL_SetSize too as I've tried using the TriAPI on an entity's mins and maxs but that doesn't seem to work (it renders but I'm not seeing a bounding box that looks like it matches what was passed to UTIL_SetSize).
Posted 3 months ago2018-10-06 05:15:36 UTC
in archive Post #340993
Wouldn't hurt to (though probably archive the original too).
I'm guessing it's probably hard-coded in Counter-Strike's client.dll but I don't know.
Posted 3 months ago2018-09-21 21:39:11 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340930
What is Otis' AI - just Barney's copy+pasted?
Posted 4 months ago2018-09-16 06:40:47 UTC
in Creating teams and loadouts Post #340892
I think the client.dll code has a bunch of code related to those screens though they're not hooked up and ready to use.
The different weapons per class would be handled in the server .dll - I think the Deathmatch gamerules class you can see where you get the crowbar and pistol - you've just switch on pev->playerclass (I think).
Posted 4 months ago2018-09-09 05:42:59 UTC
in dynamically scaling a model Post #340822
Many thanks - it worked.
There was one change that was required and that was to check that the value of scale was greater than 0 as it seems weapon and player models have a scale of 0 by default.
Posted 4 months ago2018-08-31 22:08:27 UTC
in vgui combobox Post #340756
Ah too bad. I'll see what I figure out.
Posted 4 months ago2018-08-31 22:08:14 UTC
in dynamically scaling a model Post #340755
Thanks, I'll give that a go.
Posted 4 months ago2018-08-31 22:07:54 UTC
in SharpLife - Dot Net Core based modding p Post #340754
Looking good
Posted 4 months ago2018-08-28 10:55:38 UTC
in vgui combobox Post #340707
Anyone know if there's a VGUI combo-box? I had a look through the code base but couldn't see anything obvious, and a git grep -i of combobox just returned a .lib (no plain source files).