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Posted 8 months ago2021-10-13 18:08:51 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345972
That so? Too bad, it felt like he was the only employee who cared. I guess we won't be seeing any more official surprise updates.
Posted 8 months ago2021-10-12 20:44:51 UTC
in Half-Life Updated (custom SDK) Post #345969
Great stuff as always, a question though: Is there a possibility that your work can be integrated to the base game? Maybe contacting Alfred would work?
I'm asking because there is no point of not having your fixes be a part of the actual game, 99% of HL players are unaware of your accomplishments.
Funny how some mods that were on this site, and only on this site once, is now considered "lost". The only hope of ever finding them is hoping that someone saved them in their drive for 10+ years.

All files should have been hosted internally from the start, in my opinion.
Yes, that's the contest I was talking about.

I was ready to upload the Marathon when I saw the edit, that's the mod alright. It also made me wonder the possibility of more mods hiding in obscure parts of Youtube.

Back to digging.
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-19 14:07:49 UTC
in Half-Life continuity deep dive Post #344892
I feel the complete opposite.

I was extremely dissapointed with the story of HL:A and with the game itself to a degree too.
Then again, I felt the same thing with HL2 back in the day, so I don't really care what the future games will be doing. HL kinda died to me after the first game.

Bringing Eli back from the death was a terrible idea that ruined the shocking ending of EP2 and the potential revenge story in the Arctic with a bitter Alyx. You kill a main character, then bring him back like nothing happened? Pointless.
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-18 05:29:19 UTC
in Half-Life continuity deep dive Post #344877
But why are we trying make mods tie into the canon though? If that were an obligation where does mods like Crack-Life stand, lore wise? Gordon's fever dream after being ambushed by the soldiers and hit in the head one too many times?

If we REALLY want to make POV tie into the canon it's one of the easier mods to do so: Because vortigaunts are slaves that are kept in line using their collars the vort we are playing as gains autonomy once he loses it and joins up with Just Barney and Kate at the end, security guards he's been killing since the start of the game.
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-17 22:36:24 UTC
in Half-Life continuity deep dive Post #344871
Both Azure Sheep and Blue Shift are great. Azure Sheep's levels were created by DAV, who's made some top notch mappacks in the 2000's which features some of my favorite oldschool maps ever ( Calling it oldschool doesn't even make sense since mapping in that style was the norm at the time). I like his simple style and elaborate scripting that tries to create different scenarios, especially in his aforementioned DAV levels.

Some Azure Sheep's maps look great , definitely doesn't deserve to be remembered only by blank corridors which you'll zip past by without checking anyway. As for the mod itself, I consider it a classic and one of the best mods ever created for HL.

And since it is a good time to mention it, I also consider "Life's End" one of the greatest mods ever made for the game and it has shaped my mapping style (not overly detailed, set-piece heavy) which I still follow the rules of.
Posted 1 year ago2020-11-15 09:59:18 UTC
in Half-Life continuity deep dive Post #344859
It ruins nothing, especially if you are modding.

Like you said, even Valve themselves made so many retcons to the series that nothing really matters anymore, a break doesn't mean a thing. The Combine either attacked immediately or it took them some time to discover the portal to our world, doesn't make a difference.

Mods should be free from what the canon is or what the story is about. If someone has a cool idea they want to implement they can do it. Who cares about story?
Some news, I've digged up a pretty obscure and unfinished mod called "Marathon: Rampancy". As the name implies, it is based on the Marathon series by Bungie.

The mod itself is playable but very problematic: Empty levels, weapons that lack sounds, maps that start the player under the brushes - requiring noclip to get free etc.
I could upload it if it's considered missing and is not on the archive.

Again, will let everyone know if I come across any more rare stuff.
Exactly, I have never come across a mod that didn't work when tinkered with a little bit. I first started collecting mods and mappacks nearly 10 years ago when I noticed a mod called "Akimbo Half-Life" was no longer available. I'm sure you know - it gave you two pistols and slowmotion which was a cool gimmick but not nearly enough for me to put it to my mod collection, which was seperate from my archive.

When it was deleted by the cretor I felt the urge to preserve the addon, It felt weird that a mod / addon I once played was completely lost so I found it once again and started to archive anything and everything just like yourself until a couple of years ago, when I felt that 75% of the mods and maps were pretty low quality and neither was fun to play nor worth keeping around, pity this topic was created after I purged most of them.

I still check out mod sites daily to see new mods / mappacks / addons, I am confident that I played "nearly" every mod that was released to this day and kept the best ones within my personal collection. The most obscure ones either come from the creators' personal sites which was pretty common back in the day or from sites with foreign languages.

Some of the most obscure mods I still (possibly) have come from sites such as these, some of which are:
  • Lost in Black Mesa (the original version not the FX merge) - A typical BM escape type mappack
  • CSM Mapping Contest 2011 - High quality maps from various users
  • Down-Time - the mod is available on RTSL but it is different from a , in creators own words, harder version which was deleted, luckily I archived it.
  • Sewer - An abandoned project that is mostly puzzle solving
  • Various CS maps like cs_assault and de_dust remaked into singleplayer maps, gruntfests - the names escape me
  • One horror type of mod in which a retextured gonome tries to catch you in an old hotel, it has some cutscenes - the name also escape me
I have been going through my archive for some time now to see whether or not there are some lost or rare mods that could be archived on your list, I will let you know if I come across anything but I doubt it. It seems that even the creators themselves lost the files, our chances are pretty slim.

Will let everyone know.
Does anyone remember a mod called "Labcoats Required" ? Every now and then the name pops up in my head and I am sure I am not confusing the texture with the same text on it with that ( possibly nonexistent ) mod.

Can anyone confirm?
This is simply not true, I have been playing mods for a long, long time and I never had any problems with the Steam version. Even some of the oldest mods, not to mention mappacks, work without problems on Steam version of HL. I have currently 182 mods on my collection, some are decades old and every single one of them work flawlessly.
Please do seguroquehayotro, I hope you find it, it is one of the few mods that is actually worth unearthing.
Looks great!

By the way, is the next mod you are talking about "Black Mesa Research Outpost" ?
The problem is, I left the filenames exactly as the authors gave them, all of them are tested but most of them are unpacked. There are countless valve.rars and folders simply titled "hl". There is no way to know what they contain without playing them all over again.

It is a chore to comb through them but I'll do some digging anyway, check the liblist to see the names at least. Even though there are maps as old as from 1998, I don't remember playing anything from your list. It also doesn't help that most mods have or had, very generic names.

I wish a thread like this was created sooner, I cleaned up a huge chunk of my collection a couple of months ago, deleted every badly made project that I wouldn't play again.
I have 33 gigs of mods and maps stored on my HDD, collected from various sites from different years, and 23 gigs of regular "non-missing" mods as my personal collection intended for playing.

Funnily enough, none of the mods mention here are present on my collection, I will re-check to see again nevertheless. Some of them sound very familiar though "Dormitories" , "Water Drilling" , "Flat" etc. It is possible that I downloaded but deleted them after discovering their lack of quality. I also remember searching "Can Headcrabs Float?" a long time without success, looked well made.

I agree with 23-down, many of the lost projects were very low quality beginner maps and mods. Still, I would love to discover them for preservation purposes.
Posted 2 years ago2020-06-09 10:57:39 UTC
in Competition 39: The Buddy System Post #344381
To me: hermanJnr. > Burnerman56 > Captain P.

We all know how capable Captain P, that goes without saying. The map itself wasn't really about a "buddy" helping you out during your adventure though, at least this is what I gathered from the goal of this Compo. You push a button and your buddy, the fan, helps you escape while Burnerman's entry was all about you escaping with your fellow soldier(s).

hermanJnr's entry was the undisputed winner for me. It is basically a minimod with custom animations and voice acting. Mapping was a little basic but some setpieces like the warehouse battle made up for it.

Congratulations to everyone involved.
Posted 2 years ago2020-01-15 08:41:56 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343620
Okay, I'm guessing the same thing also applies to weaponstrip?
Posted 2 years ago2020-01-15 05:28:33 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343618
Are we supposed to put a blank level change for the next map?
I just fixed both of them actually, by some liblist.gam editing.

I thought that the map names being uppercase letters were messing with the transition, and they were.
I have some issues with some mods where, after triggering a level change, the game doesn't spawn / instantly kills player.

It is like when you don't put an info_player_start to a map and start it with console commands. Since there is no place for the player to spawn, it places you to the map's center, where you can't move.

"Rescue 9-1 Freeman" and "Assassin Mark II" are two mods that I have this problem with, not every level change breaks it, only a specific one.

What causes this problem and more importantly, how to fix it?
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-24 00:29:49 UTC
in About " hud_color " Command Post #343080
Visual Studio 2015 I think, deleted it three days ago.
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-20 22:16:37 UTC
in About " hud_color " Command Post #343054
I tried coding, whatever I do, I can't get it to compile.
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-18 17:43:59 UTC
in About " hud_color " Command Post #343045
It is a Spirit code, doesn't work with regular HL.
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-18 14:40:51 UTC
in About " hud_color " Command Post #343043
Even if it works that way it is not a good way to realize it. It should be activated as soon as the game starts, without the player's input.
Posted 2 years ago2019-08-18 14:10:09 UTC
in About " hud_color " Command Post #343041
So, in theory, hud_color R G B should work when written to the autoexec.cfg, except it doesn't. Other codes such as impulse 101 do seem to work but hud_color only works when written to the in-game console.

Is there a workaround for this without coding, a way to trigger the code when the game starts?
Thanks, but as I have said before, I already created a thread for this question.
I tried making a func_monsterclip brush with the AAATRIGGER texture and as I have suspected, it let both me and the monster through, and as I have said before, when the monsterclip flag is ticked on the monster, if doesn't let the monster pass but still allows player to pass through.

I want the opposite of that.
Is it possible to make a wall that blocks the player but allows monsters to pass through?

I have been experimenting with "clip" texture but it seems to block the monster too - I though that was the case if the "monster clip" flag was ticked while using the func_monsterclip?