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Posted 6 months ago2020-01-21 12:13:48 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343664
I'll test it out and let you know, so far if I remove some other models these show up, I'll try removing some brush entities etc to see if it works like you said.

Wish there was some way to know if I have reached the limit while making the map
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-20 21:48:08 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343661
Got some updates, since my map is pretty big and has lots of models as you can see by the pics above, I decided to remove some models of trees and you know, compromise, and whoala models that were missing showed up but downside is I had to remove some models that I would've liked to be there.
So it seems indeed there is some limitation.

Still I would love to find a fix maybe some compiler option or something.

I could forward source files if anyone is willing to investigate ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-20 17:54:23 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343657
@Windawz, Yea can't be that, in picture you can see other models around it are rendered and they are further away from center.
I have placed these lamp posts in different spots on map as well, and they are invisible too.

@UbOh, I decided to simply remove them and place them again in case any errors were caused by me, this time I only placed the model of the lamp by using cycler_sprite entity, this time I also made sure values are all good and they are.
Here have a look at the results in photos and you tell me what you think issue is.

My first thought is that there is some model/sprite limit but I have no idea which option that would be.

Here is screenshot of what I got going on in editor and whats actually in the game after compile.
Editor, only models added via cycler_spriteEditor, only models added via cycler_sprite
Only 3 models are compiled 2 are missingOnly 3 models are compiled 2 are missing
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-20 02:16:18 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343651
Yea they are 100% in editor.

Valve Hammer and compiling with Batch Compiler
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-20 00:36:16 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343649
Anyone got any clues or solutions ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-18 23:58:57 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343644
I was thinking it might be because of too many models in the map because I do have about 20-25 tree models placed with cycler_sprite.

I just tried changing one of these lamp posts to cycler and its still not showing but there is something there blocking me from walking in the place where lamp post should be.

I was thinking because I placed too many models the game simply wont compile or show those extra ones.

Maybe there is a way to increase this limit just a little bit ?
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-18 23:02:24 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343642
Should I use cycler instead ?

My reason is :
If I use cycler_sprite the model itself can be placed properly and I can then add solid invisible brush to block players from walking trough the cycler_sprite, also I can use that solid brush to cast a shadow as you can see from trees in the pic.

Now back to trees in background.
At first I added those as cycler but for some weird reason you could walk trough some but not trough others.
And there were weird things happening as in, I place a model with cycler and you can walk trough it but like 3-4 feet away from it is some "invisible" barrier that you cant walk trough.
Once I switched said model to cycler_sprite this invisible barrier disappeared.

I heard its because some models aren't created properly and they simply cause issues like those I just mentioned, if added with cycler.
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-18 22:08:33 UTC
in After compile some models cycler_sprite missing Post #343640
Hey guys, once again :)
I tried using search but nothing comes up similar to my issue.

I created a prefab of lamp post, it has cycler_sprite(which is model of lamp post), 3 env_sprite entities(for glow effect) and one light_spot entity.
I added this prefab in my map and then copied it 7 times.

Instead of seeing 7 prefabs, only 1 is displayed correctly.
Here is the image.
You can see the one on the right is there, nothing is missing but one on the left, well, there isn't one, there is just light_spot.
Just one lamp, other one not there but light_spot isJust one lamp, other one not there but light_spot is
I am assuming what it might be but I'll let you tell me, please
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-18 21:39:59 UTC
in Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Post #343639
Hey sorry for not answering earlier, what Bruce said worked.
Also what MrMystery said also works, I just didn't bother to read the damn note and a solution :PP

Well its nice to know both work :D
Thanks a lot guys

Now onto the next issue
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-16 22:44:19 UTC
in Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Post #343630
What would be the solution then ?
I am just trying to create somewhat realistic lighting.

My skybox is blue with moon as you can see in the first video.

I want to have sky emit some bluish dark.
Then I want to have these lamp posts shine down their own light and I want it to look realistic.
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-14 22:23:26 UTC
in Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Post #343615
To the floor
New thing lets skip that.

I figured it out, its because of sky texture. for some reason.
Heres the video where I replaced sky texture with some random one and now light works just fine.
no sky texture, just some random red blocks texture
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-14 18:34:23 UTC
in Model wont light up (cycler or cycler_sprite) Post #343613
As you can see from the video, these models won't light up, the bush and lamp posts.

Only light entity is above the lamp post and its light_spot and I pointed where it is at 0:10 in the video.
I also light up the models with flashlight so you can see they are indeed fine just for some reason light_spot is not lighting them up.

I am more than glad to look stupid just to solve this, hopefully final issue, as I am about to finish this map I worked on for months.
What could the solution be to have light_spot and have it illuminate the lamp post and bush ?

Oh btw I am using batch compiler
Models won't light up at all even though light spot is above them
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-13 01:13:04 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343608
Hey guys got the info from creator himself, hehe funny all he did was used two glow sprites, both at the origin point of the light bulb, first sprite smaller one is 0.25 size with additive mode so it doesn't resize as you move away and another one bigger with size of 1 and render mode of Glow sprite only

Here is how it looks like, and I love it
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-12 00:15:46 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343595
Thanks, I understood everything but I just wanted to ask just in case.
I tried everything, placing the entity inside and next to my cycler_sprite lamp model
Also the reason why I asked for different colors is, well, I have about 7-8 lamps like this one and I need to light all of them up with different values and even make one flicker.

Edit on your edit :D :
If you can please open up the link from this banana site I provided, you can see screenshots, creator was clearly able to get only the bulb glowing and that is what I also want to do.

This is what I got so far, weird, any idea ? (edit, nevermind that was sprite, I tried using that too, so far still dark doesnt work)
extra edit : I googled the hell out of this and couldn't find anyone talking about making only the bulb glow or only certain model texture glow.
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-11 23:23:31 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343593
Well I was able to find this model of lamp I want(seems its higher poly than previous one)

Looks like it was made to be used to emit light.
I opened this model with HL model viewer and there is a texture called "wall_lamp_bulb.bmp"

I guess I can just try to make that texture glow.
Edit : i just tried it, can't get it to glow.

Let me ask this, is there a way to have two lamps in my map and have one light up green and one with yellow ?
so far darknessso far darkness
Posted 6 months ago2020-01-11 22:15:10 UTC
in Old street lamp realistic light ? Post #343590
As you can see in the photo I created this small map, made light_environment some nice dark blue and the added this oldstreetlamp.mdl as cycler_sprite.
Then I added a light entity.
What I would like is for this lamp model to glow just like it would in real life, you know from this top spot where bulb is to actually glow and emit light.
How can I do that ?
lamp wont light uplamp wont light up