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Posted 9 months ago2021-03-19 01:07:06 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #345454

About You

Name: Niall (pronounced N-eye-ull, not Nail or Niel or Nee-yall)
Age: just about 14
Hometown: around County Down, Northern Ireland
Relationships: nah
Occupation: Grammar School Student
Current goal(s): actually finishing a solo project for once
Politics: what's a politic?
Religion: not really religious, but if I had to choose it would be Christianity

Favourite Things

Food: chicken pie, rice krispies in a glass, beef sausages with mash and gravy
Hot drink: hot chocolate
Cold drink: blackcurrant squash
Snacks: cheeto
Movies: the good ones
Videogames: valve games. shocking i know
Music: Tally Hall
Other: coding (not very good at it but still)

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: baby potatoes, also just any green vegetable. except lettuce and green beans, those are ok.
Hot drink: coffee
Cold drink: squash that has so much water you can barely taste the juice part but you can still taste it just enough so that it tastes really weird
Snacks: worcester sauce crisps
Movies: the bad ones
Videogames: sonic boom shattered crystal
Other: lining up angled walls in hammer
NiallNeNe NiallNeNeWall Sourcian
Isn't Crowbar for Source and not Gold Source
Crowbar has options to compile for GoldSRC games.
NiallNeNe NiallNeNeWall Sourcian
Posted 11 months ago2021-02-01 13:35:40 UTC
in Skybox export locatio Post #345310
I was trying to follow this Terragen skybox tutorial and I was just wondering, where does it actually export the images to? It says they should go to the C:\ directory (and so does the tgs file) but they aren't there, where exactly do they go?
NiallNeNe NiallNeNeWall Sourcian