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Posted 3 months ago2022-04-23 21:07:38 UTC
in Half-Life Asset Manager Post #346470
Hey can you help me when i open Half-Life Asset Manager it says "Couldnt create OpenGL context"
Posted 3 months ago2022-04-23 16:51:24 UTC
in white textures on model Post #346469
Its probably a missing texture. Try to check the texture directories, make sure they are BMP format. If that doesnt work, convert your BMP files into BMP files but select 256 color palette. Also make sure to take a look to the .log file
Posted 3 months ago2022-04-19 21:03:08 UTC
in I made a thirdperson script for Half-Life Post #346458
Im not sure if it works with other GoldSource games. Feel free to try
Posted 3 months ago2022-04-19 21:02:00 UTC
in I made a thirdperson script for Half-Life Post #346457
I made a script that lets you play in 3rd person!
picture in game
Download here
For anyone asking, im using a custom model that can be downloaded here
Posted 3 months ago2022-04-19 17:38:19 UTC
in Barney doesnt die Post #346456
I modified the Barney health and it worked, thank you
Posted 4 months ago2022-04-19 02:04:04 UTC
in Barney doesnt die Post #346453
So there is a sequence in my mod where you see 3 HECU kill a Barney. But for some reason, God itself manages to protect Barney and he kills the 3 of them without dying!
that dude

This probably sounds kinda weird, but how do i make him die? I dont want to make a sequence because i want that it looks natural
Multisource works fine but if you want a more "extended" sequence i recommend to you to use multi_manager.
Posted 4 months ago2022-04-14 00:24:44 UTC
in my model can't walk and shoot Post #346435
Probably because the grunt animations and the combine animations have different names. You should try changing the animation names.
Posted 4 months ago2022-04-11 22:56:07 UTC
in my model can't walk and shoot Post #346428
Check the hitboxes. Sometimes they have big hitboxes and they get stuck in the floor
Posted 4 months ago2022-04-10 00:14:44 UTC
in my model can't walk and shoot Post #346418
Does it have an basic AI?
thank you
I want to retexture models, but it looks like i need them in 256 color palette. So i convert them with Paint, but it loses it quality and looks awfull. How do i convert the pictures without losing quality?
Thank u
I want to create a working portal that teleports you to another location of the map, but i dont know how do i do that. I havent tried anything, and when i look help on Google it but there is nothing useful. Any ideas?