Free Games Offer from Steam Created 13 years ago2007-05-31 10:41:42 UTC by espen180 espen180

Created 13 years ago2007-05-31 10:41:42 UTC by espen180 espen180

Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 10:41:42 UTC Post #223935
During a limited time period, all ATI customers will be able to get Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch free through Steam.

AMD has also announced that customers of the new ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT will recieve a free copy of Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 over Steam when these games become available.

This is an incredible offer.

One more thing: in your face, nvidia users!
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If you already have these games, be sure to create a new Steam account and claim your prize anyway. Don't let this opportunity slip past you!
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 10:56:20 UTC Post #223939
Oh thanks for letting me know, because you know, I don't get Steam news.

Wait, yes I do. And so do everyone who can benefit from this offer. Hum.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 11:28:32 UTC Post #223943
I'm still glad i dont have a ATI card though.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 11:29:20 UTC Post #223945
Why is that?
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 11:45:14 UTC Post #223948
As if nobody has those games already... :/
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 14:41:04 UTC Post #223952
In our faces indeed. $10 worth of free games isn't worth the buggy drivers that ATi cards come with.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 14:52:54 UTC Post #223953
Heh.. Yey! =D :nuts:
Thank god.. I have an ATI =DD

Buggy drivers?? Ehm.. I dont think so
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 19:31:29 UTC Post #223979
Not buggy, but more of a pain than the unified nForce drivers, IMO.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 19:57:35 UTC Post #223981
I don't find them buggy at all, and they're always releasing new versions... dl 7.4 not long ago. Besides, there always have been and always will be games and manufactures which favour ATI or Nvidia, whether by choice or 'accidentally'. Most people's opinions of buggy drivers on video cards is because they fail to run a game they like to the same level that friend X can with the other company.

Its late... and that makes no sense at all.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 21:08:17 UTC Post #223985
Bah, what a waste. A tech demo and a multiplayer game no-one plays anymore? WOO YEAH.

How about you fix the crippling errors that come about cos you used shitty Direct X for Source, eh, Valve?
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 21:22:41 UTC Post #223986
never had a problem with ATI drivers. EVER. Been using them since i can remember. I would take the offer, but i already have said games.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 22:14:59 UTC Post #223990
Me neither. But I too have said games... so I made a new account and downloaded them... so I can do whatever the shit i please...
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 22:33:13 UTC Post #223991
How utterly pointless.
Strider StriderTuned to a dead channel.
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 22:46:24 UTC Post #223992
Not really... if I just so happen to get unrightly banned, or I feel the need to give it to someone else... or whatever the hell... what better than free games?
Posted 13 years ago2007-05-31 22:56:17 UTC Post #223993
Oh yeah, cos Valve is stupid enough not to check IPs.
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 00:36:25 UTC Post #223995
The funny thing is that HL2:DM crashes and Lost Coast is just a "omg lol super-mapped reflections" demo.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 01:13:20 UTC Post #223996
nvidia r better!!!11
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 01:19:16 UTC Post #223998
a multiplayer game no-one plays anymore? WOO YEAH.
I was just playing it a few hours ago.
satchmo satchmoWhat you can do today should have been done yesterday.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 02:39:54 UTC Post #224001
My mistake.

A multiplayer game that no-one important plays anymore? WOO YEAH.

AJ AJGlorious Overlord
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 04:08:24 UTC Post #224006
How rude. Immah register.
Posted 13 years ago2007-06-01 06:05:06 UTC Post #224014
erm...I'm an NVidia user and I already got these games free about a year ago. :P
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
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