How do I make a sky texture Created 14 years ago2008-04-02 20:47:26 UTC by HLGenius HLGenius

Created 14 years ago2008-04-02 20:47:26 UTC by HLGenius HLGenius

Posted 14 years ago2008-04-02 20:47:26 UTC Post #248390
Making SKY textures in half-life 1

Ok, i'll go directly to the in the world can i make a SKY texture??? And one more thing, i know the last two letters mean in every "sky file" (targa file(.tga)).

Do I just need to make a group of 6 TARGA files and then add two letters that mean the location of the texture then use it??? YES or NO?
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-02 21:58:55 UTC Post #248393
Yes, but you can't just pickup a photo divide it in some parts and its done, actually, there's programs wich do such things with more quality than a 'handmade' skybox.
Look for these programs in order to make Skyboxes:
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-02 22:06:59 UTC Post #248394
Terragen's good, just remeber to set your FOV to 90 as the default is 120, I think.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-03 00:14:32 UTC Post #248395
The TGA files have to be in a specific format (8 bit!) and they have to be 256x256.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-03 00:26:05 UTC Post #248397
Nope. The HL's TGA skyboxes are all 24 bits.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-03 07:03:18 UTC Post #248401
Terragen... Skypaint
Agent-X/WorldCrafter: Could either of you draw up a quick tutorail for either/both, or point to some links? I've never been able to get either to work well for me or been able to find good tutorials, and end up making the sky from scratch, which almost always looks shitty as you said.
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