H.A.C.K. - a Half-Life 2 Modification is Created 14 years ago2008-04-27 09:20:03 UTC by M4c M4c

Created 14 years ago2008-04-27 09:20:03 UTC by M4c M4c

Posted 14 years ago2008-04-27 09:20:03 UTC Post #249253
H.A.C.K. is a Half-Life 2 Singleplayer Modification develops by Flashpoint Studios.

The whole story takes place in the year 2049 on earth. Effective CPU?s could be manufactured by the efforts of bioinformaticians of Intelligent Biological Systems and the Global Robot Corporation, which permit the production of manlike robots. After inaccurate speculations in shares by IBS, the company was taken over by Global Robot Corporation. When the fundamental reconstruction and the following dismissal of the former director and many workmen were completed, the IBS was integrated. A long time nothing happened, until G.R.C. finished the research activities and stimulated the production. Shortly after this the first robots were attached to the worldwide network. G.R.C has become the worldwide leading producer of housekeeping robots. Fight robots for military were developed in 2052 for the first time.

In the year 2061, you play the young Richard Hawley, who is in the training to become a bioinformatician at the G.R.C.. He examines some research findings when his instructor appears and asks you to get some documents out of the archive. While searching for the documents in the archive the alarm sets. You take refuge directly into a shelter. There you get explained that an accident happened at a test. A person in the shelter asks you to go to the control centre to find out more about this accident. When you arrived there you get to know that a hacker attack happened during the last update of HWR06. New instructions were coded, as the following: Destruction of mankind!
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This was a short summary of H.A.C.K. and some screenshots. We plan to create eight new and interesting main charakters and a lot of different enemys. Nine new weapons, a upgrade system and many new features will be included.

To create all these things we need help.

So we search:
  • Modeller
Charakter or weapon moddeling
  • Graphics Designer
Textures or Concept Arts
  • Programmer
  • Level Designer
  • Composer
Music and sounds

All applicants should have good skills.

You can find more informations under:


http://hackmod.ha.funpic.de/index.php?site=forum,ICQ (300-226-290) or under admin@hackmod.de.vu.

Informations we need about you, if you apply:
  • First name
  • age
  • contact informations
  • skills
  • references
The H.A.C.K. Team
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-27 09:35:24 UTC Post #249254
Hey, this looks pretty awesome.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-27 17:57:40 UTC Post #249274
Now that's how you propose a mod!
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-27 18:06:24 UTC Post #249276
I was going to write the same thing, Penguinboy.
Man vs. Robot could probably make a great game.
If you add some aliens, it would be even better.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-27 22:13:49 UTC Post #249290
that's it

i'd request to apply
but im stuck in goldsource mode ATM and my computer is shit
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-28 00:10:08 UTC Post #249293
Looks sweet, good luck :).
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-28 02:27:47 UTC Post #249296
hmm... should I pitch in or not? damn 6D project.
Rimrook RimrookπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦βœŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-28 04:16:35 UTC Post #249298
Cool, gonna play it for sure when you finish it.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-28 04:46:42 UTC Post #249299
Can't see the screenies. But the judging from the summary, this could be a very awesome mod. I'm looking forward to it.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-28 08:41:53 UTC Post #249307
Thank you for your comments!
Can't see the screenies. But the judging from the summary, this could be a very awesome mod. I'm looking forward to it.
SpaG you can see our screenshots here: http://hackmod.ha.funpic.de/index.php?site=gallery&galleryID=1 and on Moddb.com http://www.moddb.com/mods/10767/hack/ too.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-29 08:25:33 UTC Post #249376
I'm not really impressed by the mapping, but you got a solid concept however.
I'll be sure to keep an eye on this mod. :ninja:
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-11 11:10:01 UTC Post #249846
I could probably provide some texture art, and maybe a few prop models, provided I remember how to UV Map... I can definatly do textures though.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-11 14:14:58 UTC Post #249849
Hi Skeetz,

we need prop modeller and some new texture artist can't be bad. Can you send me some references?

Posted 14 years ago2008-05-11 15:44:03 UTC Post #249851
Yea... the thing is, most of my textures (my good ones, that is) aren't on my Photobucket, and are on my old PC... I'll see about getting them soon. As for my props, I didn't learn how to UV until a short while ago, and even then, it's only basic. I'll get some renders of some of my models, and some of my textures, to you as soon as I can. The good thing though is that its a tiny bit more than a month before summer vacation, so I'll have a lot of time on my hands soon.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-12 06:08:01 UTC Post #249879
When you have some textures found just send them to me. :)
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-12 14:35:55 UTC Post #249893
I could do some music for you guys... Im rather swamped so the progress might be a tad slow. But I always make music when Im not at work so I don't think it'll be a big problem.
  • First name: Oskar
  • age: 20
  • contact informations: oskar.jungell@live.se
  • skills: Music and design
  • references: www.myspace.com/tossevangrim
I can also put a little more 'beef' in sounds. If you have a gunfire sound and want it to be more powerfull, easy.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-12 15:39:10 UTC Post #249900
You got an email Tosse.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-12 19:52:23 UTC Post #249908
I posted an application your forums. All of my good props are there, and links to a small portion of my textures. I can't get the rest yet though, because I can't get them off of my old comp. I got the ones I linked to from the friend I made them for.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-13 13:25:29 UTC Post #249927
We are still looking for animators, weapon modellers and programmer.
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