Snow with spirit? Created 14 years ago2008-04-30 01:54:24 UTC by Soup Miner Soup Miner

Created 14 years ago2008-04-30 01:54:24 UTC by Soup Miner Soup Miner

Posted 14 years ago2008-04-30 01:54:24 UTC Post #249416
Anybody know an easy way to get snowy weather in Spirit? env_rain is out of the question, and I don't want to have to resort to env_shooters in the sky spitting out sprites.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-30 11:40:19 UTC Post #249437
Why not env_rain?
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-30 12:59:35 UTC Post #249441
Its a buggy entity that has a tendancy to overload the engine.
Posted 14 years ago2008-04-30 23:54:22 UTC Post #249460
Unless you're more comfortable with spamming your map with func_conveyors, I don't know any other ways around it.
Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-02 00:13:57 UTC Post #249487
the env_rain is a crap entity that doesn't even look right. On ip_op_iceflow (Flat-Life map) i used a func conveyor. Those are pretty much your only choices
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-02 02:10:35 UTC Post #249497
In the more recent versions of spirit of half-life, there is a different rain entity, rain_settings and rain_modify. These are much less buggy and you can specify wind and such to make the effect look more realistic.

But I don't see a problem with using the env_rain entity, there is no other way of doing it, spamming your map with func_conveyors can cause the too many entities in visible packet list error.
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-02 03:42:06 UTC Post #249498
snow is easy.

i can send you my snow particle setup if you want it?
Rimrook RimrookπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦βœŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Posted 14 years ago2008-05-02 06:02:46 UTC Post #249500
What's wrong with env_rain in spririt of Half-life? Works flawless in original Goldsrc...
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