TWHL's Classic DM Server Created 9 years ago2009-07-07 01:15:34 UTC by Soup Miner Soup Miner

Created 9 years ago2009-07-07 01:15:34 UTC by Soup Miner Soup Miner

Posted 8 years ago2010-02-18 21:16:25 UTC Post #279071
Nah, mp_teamplay is already set to 0 per map change so admins don't have to disable it after playing a teamplay map.

They didn't really have to before. It's just that mp_teamplay was set on the teamplay map before now, so it would only take effect on the following map.
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-18 21:26:29 UTC Post #279073
Yes of course, silly me.
potatis_invalid potatis_invalidh̴̅̾̓̊ͤͪ̂͑̀̏̒ͤ͒̂́̀͘i̢̧̎̒͆̃͐ͤ̈́̓͑ͪ͂͒͆ͧ͑͘
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-23 13:15:31 UTC Post #279196
The reason why i don't play much on the server anymore is simply because of the high ping im getting, so i was thinking about starting a second HLDM server so that players with high pings have a choice. If players from EU have a high ping on Soup Miner's server, they probably get a better ping on the EU server.

The server will be identical to Soup's server. Same maps, same settings.

What do you think? Should we start an European server for us Europeans?
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-23 14:25:01 UTC Post #279199
That doesn't sound like the best idea because it would probably split the few players there even are. Is there some other way to lower your ping in the server? Ie. something soup could do. Maybe hosting wise. I haven't been playing much in the server because im trying to get my deathmatch map "stockhouse" done for it and i've been working full time and have school. When I did play I think friday morning or maybe saturday it was a lot of fun and a lot of people were in the server. We played tp_beerfort and a few dm maps. My rats room map was really fun too.
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-23 14:32:37 UTC Post #279200
Having a ping around 180 is no fun. :/

If there's anything Soup Miner can do, do it!
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-23 14:58:45 UTC Post #279201
I think it's still fun with 180 ping. You just have to aim one or two decimetres in front of your target if it's moving. I get good scores, so it works.
potatis_invalid potatis_invalidh̴̅̾̓̊ͤͪ̂͑̀̏̒ͤ͒̂́̀͘i̢̧̎̒͆̃͐ͤ̈́̓͑ͪ͂͒͆ͧ͑͘
Posted 8 years ago2010-02-23 17:49:55 UTC Post #279210
My ping hangs around there, but I still have a ton of fun playing HLDM (which, in the end, is the point).
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 8 years ago2010-04-05 15:19:22 UTC Post #280272
Is the server still online? It doesn't seem so to me.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-15 14:16:47 UTC Post #280274
No problems on my end.

No error logs on the server either.

Edit: Ready for replies.
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-15 14:48:46 UTC Post #283069
Joebama's computer_laboratory makes everyone's game crash because coil2.wad and flickermonitor.wad aren't on the server. You can download those wad files here:
potatis_invalid potatis_invalidh̴̅̾̓̊ͤͪ̂͑̀̏̒ͤ͒̂́̀͘i̢̧̎̒͆̃͐ͤ̈́̓͑ͪ͂͒͆ͧ͑͘
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-15 14:59:04 UTC Post #283070
jeffmod joebama l2 wad include ur stuff. u sux. <3
Skals SkalsGame / Level Designer
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-15 15:15:41 UTC Post #283071
It should be fixed now. There was no res file for the map.
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-23 17:12:57 UTC Post #283373
I might as well just come out and say it instead of having everyone find out on their own.

TWHL's HLDM server is shutting down tomorrow, July 24th. I don't have money that I'm willing to spend on half of another subscription, much less a full one. Judging from the community's activity, I'd guess most of you probably won't notice it being gone.
It's nice to have available, but the lack of players and the overwhelming ping issues due to being a low budget server, coupled with the undeniable fact that HLDM is actually pretty boring these days (be honest)... it's just not worth it with my budget.

TWHL servers are fun to have, I hope another opens up for some game in the future, when people can more practically afford one that's fast enough for people across the world. But right now, this one is going down.

Sooooooooo, yeah.
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-23 17:25:25 UTC Post #283374
Too bad. I never got around to using it. Maybe some other time.
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-23 17:27:07 UTC Post #283375
Yeah, I never got a chance to use it either...
Oh well...
JeffMOD JeffMODCall 141.12
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-24 14:11:42 UTC Post #283395
Awww. D:
Suparsonik Suparsonik#fartbag
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-25 00:04:39 UTC Post #283409
Pretty intelligent move, imo. But I'd personally like to thank Soup Miner for getting the server up and running and maintaining it for all this time using his own time and money.

Good times were had, and for that all I can say is thank you.
Trapt Traptlegend
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-25 00:47:48 UTC Post #283410
Thanks World Crafter, for the hours of gaming with fellow TWHLers!
potatis_invalid potatis_invalidh̴̅̾̓̊ͤͪ̂͑̀̏̒ͤ͒̂́̀͘i̢̧̎̒͆̃͐ͤ̈́̓͑ͪ͂͒͆ͧ͑͘
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-25 11:04:39 UTC Post #283417
It was a blast when it was busy. You know, that one evening?

Anyway, thanks for keeping it going for so long Soup. Next time I'm listening to DnB I'll think of you...

Who am I kidding, I'm listening to DnB right now.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 8 years ago2010-07-25 11:32:39 UTC Post #283420
Even some of the most messed up times were still fun.

Thanks Soup.
Rest in peace server.
Rimrook RimrookGoldsource Guru
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 00:35:45 UTC Post #285550
I really liked playing Carbaseus in the server. Its my favorite map. Well, guess w'ell just have to become friends with another server's admins...
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 03:35:35 UTC Post #285554
No point in keeping a dead server for a dead game going, you did the right thing soup.
Skals SkalsGame / Level Designer
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 03:43:41 UTC Post #285555
The game is far from dead. The server was however, deserted.
potatis_invalid potatis_invalidh̴̅̾̓̊ͤͪ̂͑̀̏̒ͤ͒̂́̀͘i̢̧̎̒͆̃͐ͤ̈́̓͑ͪ͂͒͆ͧ͑͘
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 04:34:56 UTC Post #285556
I agree. Guess there wasn't enough ruins in it... :^_^: jk
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 05:03:51 UTC Post #285557
I had a lot of fun on that server. It isn't like it didn't get any use while it was up. Just not recently...

I think we'd be more successful with impromptu personally hosted games than paying out the ass for server subscriptions. Like, if you wanted to host a game, you'd just let everyone know well beforehand and post up the IP address in a thread, shout, journal post, whatever. Due to our overwhelmingly multinational community, shit-tier ping rates just come with the territory. There's no good way around it... except to move everyone to the U.S.
Posted 8 years ago2010-09-20 07:04:00 UTC Post #285558
If you're paying. ;)
AJ AJGlorious Overlord
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