Competition 32 Created 7 years ago2011-12-16 17:02:11 UTC by Daubster Daubster

Created 7 years ago2011-12-16 17:02:11 UTC by Daubster Daubster

Posted 7 years ago2012-03-24 17:23:20 UTC Post #304580
Typical, why didn't I think of bribing?
Moaby MoabyMk. III
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-25 01:29:01 UTC Post #304591
Seems cheaper to buy beta keys off of Valve.
Jessie JessieLadytype
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-25 17:25:45 UTC Post #304599
I should've asked for them in my letter.
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-25 17:43:56 UTC Post #304602
Archie i'm glad you liked the car, and i hope a used DB5 was not too over-the-top for tribute gift.. Just in case you didn't like the colour...

Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-25 20:37:46 UTC Post #304609
The colour was fine, but for future reference I prefer the DB9 ;]
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-27 10:33:29 UTC Post #304687
Results! You've all produced some really quality stuff for this one, bloody good job guys. Sorry if you didn't end up winning, it definitely wasn't easy choosing the top 3. :(

The CS:S test server is still up and should be for another few weeks, so feel free to pop in if you'd like to have a go at the Source entries!

Daubster DaubsterVault Dweller
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-27 20:47:03 UTC Post #304704
Wow, thanks so much for such a wonderful surprise on an otherwise work and study cram filled day.

This one was really close! I knew that RabidMonkey had me skills wise and could have easily taken the competition with his entry. If engines were judged seperately he'd have taken first. I really am jealous of your source skills and just may have to take a crack at it. I also loved your map's surrounding city, it was da** beautiful. I see you going far with your skills. If you had implimented gameplay just a tad more you'd have probably taken first!

And Skals, you also had me worried. Your map's layout and pleasant atmosphere was awesome. The sceneries were really impressive and the general layout was pretty darn good. And I am jealous of your non pixelated shadows and wonderful lighting, though perhaps a little bit too orange. It might work for dusk time.

Captain's ambitious goal to recreate 747 was pretty fun to watch too, as was the rest the entrant's progress. 747 could be pulled off but I think the entire layout would have needed to be completely re thought and perhaps carried more into the airport itself. The map fit you well though being more into modeling.

I've wanted to do a remake for de_dust for a long time and it is the only reason I put aside school work to attack this competition. I knew I was going to eventually do it, why not now. I always envisioned de_dust as way too dry and arid and wanted to give it vegetation and water like an oasis to a desert. But as I began mapping it with tons of grass and water it looked a little ridiculous so I had to cut back on it a little.

Anyways, good luck next time! Glad we had great judges with an in depth scope of knowledge. And again, I know how entirely "close" this one was.
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 08:46:28 UTC Post #304719
Gratz to the winners, this was fun. Then for those wondering, those stairs were marble not snow :P
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 09:49:50 UTC Post #304720
Who was in 4th? Tetsu0? Would you like a beta key?
Skals SkalsGame / Level Designer
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 12:10:17 UTC Post #304721
Awesome entries from every one, all tho i FORGOT to vote, the results were pretty much expected.

Congratulations to the winners!
Stojke StojkeOPL - 3
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 15:58:44 UTC Post #304722
A VERY Well-deserved 1st place Zeeba!

I'll have to state the obvious, that you took the most abused map in terms of remakes in the history of counter-strike, and made the theme actually look good and fresh. It would have never even occurred to me to even try remaking de_dust, but you pulled off and then some.

And the icing on the cake is it's all done in 1.6. <enter here fifty adjectives that try to convey the awesomeness of your work>

Well Done Mister! :P
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 17:13:00 UTC Post #304725
Lol sure skals :)
May I ask why?

Also zeeba I wish I had CZ so I could check it out. Mega grats for pulling off a dust remake.

I still haven't play tested mine with humans. I'm eager to jump into the test server
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 17:44:14 UTC Post #304730
Congrats to zeeba and skals! Nice to still see some goldsrc love in 2012, and even moreso maps that can hold their own (and even outmatch as there are some pretty awful CSS dust remakes out there) visually against ones built in a newer engine. Props.
RabidMonkey RabidMonkeymapmapmapfapmap
Posted 7 years ago2012-03-28 17:58:49 UTC Post #304733
Thanks a bunch guys, I will compile for 1.6 probably this summer or maybe sooner. I'll pm those who didn't play it when I do.
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