surf edges Created 9 years ago2013-04-15 16:42:47 UTC by J0p@p@ J0p@p@

Created 9 years ago2013-04-15 16:42:47 UTC by J0p@p@ J0p@p@

Posted 9 years ago2013-04-15 16:42:47 UTC Post #313319
Hi this has been driving me nuts for more then a week and I hope someone may have a answer.

Ok lets say this a surf ramp I just made.
User posted image
There is a invisible platform that forms on the top of the edge. Allowing me to stand on it very easily.
User posted image
I know they can not be completely removed. but i want to make this invisible platform as small as I can.
Posted 9 years ago2013-04-15 19:22:53 UTC Post #313320
Not certain but:

Pretty sure it already is as small as possible. The reason you can walk on it is because of the players clipping.
Posted 9 years ago2013-04-15 19:53:00 UTC Post #313321
I belive you can get rid of that platform completely if you make the whole surf ramp non-solid (func_illusionary for example) and use BEVEL to "clip" it (to make it solid again).

Or compiling CSG with -cliptype precise should do the trick too.
Posted 9 years ago2013-04-16 14:57:09 UTC Post #313324
The -cliptype precise does not seem to cut it that much.

The bevel texture works great. But do I need to make two brushes for this? One with the bevel texture and one that is Like func_illusionary so I can have a texture on it?
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