Goldsource group? Created 8 years ago2013-09-16 14:34:30 UTC by Loulimi Loulimi

Created 8 years ago2013-09-16 14:34:30 UTC by Loulimi Loulimi

Posted 8 years ago2013-09-16 14:34:30 UTC Post #315729
Because there's a lot of Goldsource modders who are alones or strewned on some communities, I think that it would be a nice idea to create for example a Facebook group to overcome the lack of communication beetween the Goldsource modders.
A Facebook group has several advantages: notifications and mail notifications for non-Facebook addicts, simple way of communicate and get informed, and also a lot of people have already Facebook.
What do you think about it? It would be really practice, for example, to get help, to chat, to get informed of news softwares or mods, etc.
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-16 15:32:12 UTC Post #315731
Hi Loulimi.

It's a good idea imho. Maybe a Steam Group could be useful too, with Steam group chats it would be easy to communicate, even with microphone (without having to spend money for a Teamspeak/Mumble/Ventrilo server). ;)
I'd like to help you out if you want to. :)

Let me know!
Alberto309 Alberto309weapon_spaghetti
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-16 22:41:26 UTC Post #315737
steam group is a good idea. I do not like facebook.
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-16 22:54:10 UTC Post #315738
i can do both
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-21 04:09:27 UTC Post #315830
Do it!
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-21 05:48:27 UTC Post #315839
Well we have the TWHL group already...
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-22 02:41:23 UTC Post #315857
Yeah I saw it and I joined lol. So, this could be possible... right? :3
Alberto309 Alberto309weapon_spaghetti
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-22 11:01:33 UTC Post #315859
Sorry for the late reply, I don't understand how TWHL works.
Yes, I thunk also to a steam group, we can do both. Steam is usefull to communicate, but nobody read the news on a steam group I think.
There's already a GS modders steam group, I will see if I can reuse it.
Thanks for you messages!
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-22 16:07:47 UTC Post #315868
It's a good idea, however, I imagine there would already be a lot of semi active groups trying to do the same thing.

This was the only group with more than a few members:

Their discussion is dead, there are no comments, only a few announcements :(

I think starting a thriving group will be challenging.
Posted 8 years ago2013-09-22 16:51:31 UTC Post #315869
Yes, I know this group. I spoke with one of this members to offer me to maintain it (post news,...). Can you join it?
For people who don't hate Facebook, they can add me (, then I could create a second group might.
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