mod drama #3 Created 11 months ago2017-08-12 21:15:42 UTC by 2muchvideogames 2muchvideogames

Created 11 months ago2017-08-12 21:15:42 UTC by 2muchvideogames 2muchvideogames

Posted 11 months ago2017-08-12 21:15:42 UTC Post #336865
I am not posting links because some TWHL regulars are heavily involved in the issue.

This is the 3rd 'large drama' regarding mods I've seen so far. Unlike the other dramas which was about 'intellectual property theft', this one seems to be centered around the fear of it instead. At least that's what I think.

Here's a quick rundown:
Incumbent mod team
  • slow to develop mod
  • appears to censor disagreeable posts regularly on their forums
  • Bad history with high team member turnovers
  • Feels threatened by the disagreeable former team member
Member that disagreed with incumbent team
  • expert programming expertise
  • dedicated and wants to do alot of work on the mod, to the point that the incumbent development team cannot keep up with inspecting all the changes
  • frustrated with the slow pace of the incumbent development team and especially the incumbent lead developer
The way I see it, this is basic human fear at work. The incumbent mod team has expressed on multiple occasions that they are fearful of the disagreeable former team member and his expertise. They were worried that giving the disagreeable member full source code access would cause 'viruses the next day' and generally felt that he wanted to take complete control of the mod and be 'power hungry'. Now, this is a legitimate fear to have. Other mod dramas I know had this sort of thing actually happen, where the lead developer was ousted and their mod was taken over. This HAS in fact actually happened to other mods like firearms. However, the fact of the matter was that regardless of whether the disagreeable former team member actually had malicious intentions or not, his expertise and fast pace of work is clearly a threat on other team members and the mod leader, who were slower and 'have a life'. This is basic human fear at work. People are always feeling threatened by other who surpass them and will naturally feel dislike at the offender. One thing that's definitely true, was stated by the incumbent mod leader was that the disagreeable member's actions and modus oprandi were not aligned with the rest of the team's. This would naturally cause conflict, since when you have a fast, type A dedicated worker vs a bunch of slower procrastinators, the fast person will immediately be frustrated with the slower's. This is part of a real workplace sociological theory that's already in practice in real companies. Since the incumbent leader and team is of the slower caliber, a fast worker has no place in the team and will be a threat to the leader, and has already made the leader feel threatened as such with their criticism of the slower pace of the leader.

Ultimately I'm just a random observer who never knew any of this before today, and now I feel sad that one of the best mods ever had this shady s**t behind the scenes. I'm not going to judge whos right and whos wrong, but this mod will definitely be affected as a result. It's ridiculous
Posted 11 months ago2017-08-12 21:48:10 UTC Post #336867
Developer who has more time to work on the mod and is putting out work at a faster pace needs to do the following:

1. Have patience
2. Not be a dick

I have no idea what mod we're talking about here, but if the majority of the team has other responsibilities then this single problematic person needs to alter their approach or walk away.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 11 months ago2017-08-12 21:50:01 UTC Post #336868
Can we not go over this again? I'm going to get shit for this if people notice another discussion about it. I'm tired of pointless arguments.
Posted 11 months ago2017-08-12 22:20:15 UTC Post #336869
Closing as requested. Sorry 2much, not your fault since you just discovered this. If you're not talking about Solokiller's stuff and there's some other mod having the exact same dramas let me know and I'll consider re-opening the discussion here.
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