NPC voice acting in 2018 Created 1 year ago2018-01-19 10:00:11 UTC by Striker Striker

Created 1 year ago2018-01-19 10:00:11 UTC by Striker Striker

Posted 1 year ago2018-01-19 10:00:44 UTC Post #338672
Hello guys! I'm currently at work but somehow I remembered I have an incomplete source project I'd like to work on this year, yet I know there's no chance I'll feel good about it without some character animation and voice acting for the NPCs. I haven't touched mapping in a lot of months, and I"m not eager to learn a new game engine, I'd sort of like to continue what I've started in Source.

Last thing I knew about NPC voice acting in Source is that it's kind of impossible. The phoeneme editor(or what's it called) didn't sync well with the spoken words. Is that working now? I know HL1 is much easier since the NPCs just sync their mouths to the sound, but I don't want to go to HL1 again...
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Posted 1 year ago2018-01-19 11:47:11 UTC Post #338674
I've never tried it myself (seems like it was broken for a long time) but possibly the newer SAPI versions give better results than 10 years ago (though the newer SAPI versions probably don't work with what Valve shipped anyway).
Seems like Valve used a proprietary tool which is why theirs are pretty good.
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I actually managed to get face poser to launch a few days ago.
I'm not sure if you can do the auto extract for the phenomes yet but you might be able to do it manually.

It does take a while though.

When i was messing with faceposer, i had a dedicated XP machine to run it
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