Emission texture ( Like Unity 3D or Unre Created 3 months ago2018-02-26 18:21:37 UTC by SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxer

Created 3 months ago2018-02-26 18:21:37 UTC by SourceSkyBoxer SourceSkyBoxer

Posted 3 months ago2018-02-27 00:39:42 UTC Post #338874
Hello everyone, I am sorry - I don't know where is an emission of full-light from texture for Source Engine like info_texlight of Half-Life.

How do I use with Source Engine? I cannot find google search because they are using light.rad but I don't see like vmt with light's color or light.rad?

And how does texture throw lights from model like prop lights / static lights ?

How do I add color in glowing texture if I don't use lights.rad?

Is it correct or wrong for glowing textures?

I have done test with emission texture for Source Engine - but I have bad screen - It happens with CS:GO screen

Now It resolved but - How do I know if emission textures should look like Unity or Unreal Engine? Is it correct or wrong?

If Source Engine has limitation than I respect that.

Code: If it is wrong or correct?
$basetexture test/LIGHT_WHITE
$selfillum 1
$color "{ 1 1 1 }"

Posted 3 months ago2018-02-28 11:03:03 UTC Post #338886
The article you linked says "rad files are the only form of glowing textures that generate any light" so I guess you need to use a .rad file.
Posted 3 months ago2018-03-02 21:02:16 UTC Post #338928
Actually info_texlight was a feature of ZHLT I think right?
I guess that might explain why no such thing exists in Source/vbsp.
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