Problem: IDLE anim plays between scripted sequences. Created 3 weeks ago2019-11-13 16:30:21 UTC by abbadon abbadon

Created 3 weeks ago2019-11-13 16:30:21 UTC by abbadon abbadon

Posted 3 weeks ago2019-11-13 16:30:21 UTC Post #343357
Well, this is weird. I did scripted sequences before but this time I am having troubles because the IDLE animation plays between each scripted sequence making all look wrong.
Here´s my multimager and scripted_sequences setup.
first scripted_sequencefirst scripted_sequence
Second to fourth are the same except the nameSecond to fourth are the same except the name
Just in case, this is the QC file of the model.
Qc fileQc file
What can you see that´s wrong?. I have used the same scripted sequence and multimanager setup of other sequence but with only the names changed.

Also. How can I do so the turrets will not shoot where Bip01 is and shoot to the center of mass of the model?
Posted 1 week ago2019-11-29 17:48:11 UTC Post #343413
Please. I tried the tuts and something is wrong because the idle anim still plays between each animation.Could someone give me a basic setup for this?.

1.Trigger Auto activates Multimanager
2.Multimanager starts each animation at a given time(aiscript or script), now I am not sure of what should I use, because I used those for generic monsters without problems, the problem came because of me using a monster with its own AI (the handofgod monster).
3.Once done the monster starts its own AI, idleing and attacking.

Help. :pwned: If you need files, or the Mod, or whatever thinng you say, just tell.
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