I am recruiting a team for a mod, but not a Half Life 1 mod... Created 1 year ago2020-12-08 21:34:42 UTC by TheNoobster TheNoobster

Created 1 year ago2020-12-08 21:34:42 UTC by TheNoobster TheNoobster

Posted 1 year ago2020-12-08 21:34:42 UTC Post #345045
Hello, I am looking for a team to make a mod, not for Half-Life 1, or Counter-Strike, but Team Fortress Classic. Basically, a mod that changes animations, weapon designs, to even the models themselves. Everything, so it can feel like TF2 and other modern games. Here is the thing, though. I know how to do most stuff for GoldSrc (mapping, texturing, making sounds, editing the menu, all that.) However, I need a bit of help with some of the needy greedy. Servers, which, I can see why no one would, animations, music, and some of the other stuff. If you feel like helping, comment below. I will make a discord server for this mod if this doesn't become abandoned, so we all can discuss. Here are some of the stuff I need help with.

-A server (doesn't have to be instant, as I am gonna do the needy greedy grease after the easy stuff) (Empty)
-Animations (Empty)
-Modeling (Optional for player models, and semi-optional for weapons) (Empty)
-Enhanced VOX (Optional) (Empty)
-Some other mappers for variety (Again, Optional) (Empty)

And yes, I made this account just so I can post this.
Posted 1 year ago2020-12-09 01:22:26 UTC Post #345046
Hello, I am sorry to inform you that I am no longer taking requests. Answer? Because I am not really that experianced. I have trouble with thinking about posting before I post it, and this is one of those. When I get more experienced with the GoldSrc engine, then I will be opening this back up.
Posted 1 year ago2020-12-09 16:34:38 UTC Post #345048
I recommend giving this a read https://www.moddb.com/members/urbanebula/blogs/urbys-tips-4
Good luck with your learning and modding
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