A custom animated Happy New Year from Black Mesa! Created 1 year ago2021-01-11 21:29:35 UTC by hermanJnr. hermanJnr.

Created 1 year ago2021-01-11 21:29:35 UTC by hermanJnr. hermanJnr.

Posted 1 year ago2021-01-11 21:29:35 UTC Post #345205
I thought it'd be nice to do a little animated short for my YouTube channel update, with Barney acting as my mouthpiece in a cosy little office. Figured I'd share it here with you guys :)

Hope everyone is holding in there during these tumultuous times.

The audio for the dialogue is a bit rubbish half-way through. Ironically I was droning on about how 8-bit wavs aren't great for audio, so...point made haha!
Happy 2021!
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-12 14:04:46 UTC Post #345206
Haha, very nice. A happy new year to you.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-12 14:44:02 UTC Post #345208
Hah. Bliddy marvelous
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-12 17:33:34 UTC Post #345209
this was pretty cool, happy new year! :crowbar:
cambreaKer cambreaKerProfessional HDTFer
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-13 01:33:32 UTC Post #345210
that was pretty good, very creative!
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-13 08:40:08 UTC Post #345213
Very nice! A happy new year to you, too!

I thought I heard a fireplace raging in the background, but you're telling me it was 8-bit noise? :walter:
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-13 12:58:53 UTC Post #345214
Thanks folks. I look forward to checking out the new TWHL tower btw, was just looking at the screenies. Omg <3
Posted 1 year ago2021-01-14 01:05:23 UTC Post #345217
Amazing! Happy new year to everyone (better late than never)! The animations and the sequences are really good and it looks like something Valve or Gearbox woul've made. It would be really cool to see those animations on LD models.
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