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Created 1 month ago2021-11-06 14:57:59 UTC by Meerjel01 Meerjel01

Posted 1 month ago2021-11-06 14:57:59 UTC Post #346037
I'm gonna show my Source maps that was meant for the Xbox version here. I'm not gonna upload them (Maybe not yet) but I'm gonna show them to people anyway.

A custom map running on the Xbox hardware

Old story mappack played on computer meant for Xbox
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-07 09:23:21 UTC Post #346038
So making custom maps for console editions of HL2 is entirely possible? Or only OG Xbox HL2 can load custom maps?
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Posted 1 month ago2021-11-07 11:33:40 UTC Post #346039
HL2 custom maps are possible cause of Valve's mod friendliness. No matter what platform they would possibly keep the game moddable.

The compiler tools had Xbox 360 specific commands even. Heck, even the PS2 Half-Life 1 was modifiable.

Well custom mapping on the original Xbox is more limited when one have to depend on old or custom compilers.
Here's one of the modders doing progress on this.
Posted 1 month ago2021-11-08 04:11:14 UTC Post #346041
That's quite cool Valve not isn't against mods, but also kinda endorces them with all the SDKs and stuff
Though Orange Box for PS3 seems the odd one out due to not being ported by Valve themselves at first glance, some people managed to integrate Russian text relatively easily.
Should look deeper into it
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Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-11 11:54:59 UTC Post #346048
Apparently I lost the vmf's for Civo so I have to remake the thing. Gives out some possibilities but I'm also very lazy. Can someone please find the Xbox tools for me? I know some of the homebrewers names.

tjd2 and chipsnapper is the only ones I know tho. Maybe toothpaste-hair as well.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-12 20:56:39 UTC Post #346051
Ok so the CIVO project files wasn't gone and I can go back to where I ended. If someone has something to say about my mappack then go ahead and comment on the vault item, I'm eager.
Posted 3 weeks ago2021-11-15 09:27:42 UTC Post #346060
Here's Civo in my style. Might turn this project into a 3DS game in the future.
User posted image
(Being in a Doom House for over 5 years can give you an itch)
Posted 2 weeks ago2021-11-17 15:13:26 UTC Post #346068
Civo isn't the only map series that I had planed. There's also something called Maran which is (Obviously) Marathon related/based.

I can't make custom entities so I had to skip enemy combat all together for this one and go over with puzzle solving instead.

Civo's 4 directional spriteCivo's 4 directional sprite
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