How do i create a working portal on a map? (JACK editor) Created 4 months ago2022-03-26 19:35:26 UTC by jamie jamie

Created 4 months ago2022-03-26 19:35:26 UTC by jamie jamie

Posted 4 months ago2022-03-26 19:35:26 UTC Post #346365
I want to create a working portal that teleports you to another location of the map, but i dont know how do i do that. I havent tried anything, and when i look help on Google it but there is nothing useful. Any ideas?
Posted 4 months ago2022-03-26 21:51:58 UTC Post #346370
It's quite simple actually. You need a trigger_teleport and an info_teleport_destination.
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Posted 4 months ago2022-03-28 16:29:50 UTC Post #346378
Thank u
Posted 4 months ago2022-03-29 00:37:25 UTC Post #346381
Hi! We have some great tutorials in the wiki I recommend checking out. Most of them assume you use Hammer but you should be able to follow the instructions in JACK too I believe.

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We usually ask for help with our mapping and modding problems in the HL Engine Discussion or Source Engine Discussion forums. Good luck with your map, Jamie!
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