Here, have a Minecraft server Created 3 weeks ago2022-07-22 13:14:56 UTC by The Mad Carrot The Mad Carrot

Created 3 weeks ago2022-07-22 13:14:56 UTC by The Mad Carrot The Mad Carrot

Posted 3 weeks ago2022-07-22 13:14:56 UTC Post #346742
This was posted in Discord but got scrolled off screen too fast to be noticed.

I just happen to have a Minecraft server that was collecting dust and I repurposed it for TWHL once again.


Version: 1.19
Whitelist: disabled (everyone can join)

Installed datapacks:
  • Afk display
  • Anti enderman grief
  • Armor statues
  • Armored elytra
  • Cauldron concrete
  • Double shulker shells
  • Dragon drops elytra
  • Durability ping
  • Fast leaf decay
  • More mob heads
  • Multiplayer sleep
  • Nether portal coords
  • Player head drops
  • Real time clock
General rules apply: no griefing, no hatred towards other players, stuff like that, use your common sense.
Also please don't leak the IP outside of TWHL as there's no whitelist.


Enjoy and have fun while it lasts.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-07-22 14:21:10 UTC Post #346743
Welp... time to learn Minecraft again
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulaGoldSourcerer
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-07-22 18:45:25 UTC Post #346744
Minimap mod, anyone?
User posted image
Follow these instructions on getting Xaero's Minimap mod working in the game:

1. Download and install Fabric:
This is enables mod support for Minecraft.
The installer will create a new profile for Minecraft, make sure you select this profile in your launcher.
Go into your %appdata%.minecraft/ folder and find the mods folder. If you don't see it, create it.

2. Download this pre-packaged zip file which contains all the stuff you need, plus extra's. Place the contents of the zip file in the mods folder inside your .minecraft folder. The zip file contains the following:
  • Fabric API, required mod for all the stuff below
  • Xaero's Minimap mod, the mod proper
  • Xaero's Worldmap mod, allows full screen map view
  • Lithium, a general-purpose optimization mod for Minecraft which works to improve a number of systems (game physics, mob AI, block ticking, etc) without changing any behavior
  • Sodium, a free and open-source rendering engine replacement for the Minecraft client which greatly improves frame rates and stuttering while fixing many graphical issues
  • Phosphor, a mod which works to optimize one of game's most inefficient areas-- the lighting engine
The last 3 mods are optional and you may choose not to install them, which is totally fine.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-07-23 08:59:43 UTC Post #346745
Oh if I had the time to play some minecraft again... seems like there are so many things sucking my time these days.
Haven't opened the Minecraft launcher in probably more than a year, and it tells me that I need to migrate my mojang account to a microsoft one.
But when I try to do that, it tells me that something went wrong and the only option is to contact support.
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-25 06:32:37 UTC Post #346751
Mad Carrot, your image doesn't show because TWHL uses HTTPS but your website uses unencrypted HTTP.

These days most web hosts offer free HTTPS and you might just have to flip a switch. It would also improve your site's ranking in search engines.

I would join the server, I had fun the last time. Unfortunately Minecraft is too addictive for me 😌
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-26 18:12:57 UTC Post #346753
If I see the image, what does that mean?
Do I need to get a SSL cert to enable HTTPS?
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-26 19:15:18 UTC Post #346754
I'm Swedish and I don't play Minecraft.
Meerjel01 Meerjel01I grab my Soup!
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-26 20:30:51 UTC Post #346755
If I see the image, what does that mean?
That you are using a different browser or a browser with different settings than I. On Android, the image isn't displayed in Chrome v103 or Firefox Focus v102, but regular Firefox v102 displays the image (but with a security warning in the address bar - the red line over the lock icon). It's been a trend that the major browser vendors keep tightening the restrictions around unencrypted content and I believe Chrome is the strictest.
Do I need to get a SSL cert to enable HTTPS?
If you are using a traditional web hosting service they can almost certainly take care of creating and renewing a cert for you (it's usually included for free these days though the rare small web host might charge you for it even though it almost doesn't cost them anything and is almost necessary these days). If not, or if you have your own server or are using a VPS, yes, you'll need a SSL/TLS cert, and you can get one for free from Let's Encrypt (it can be a little bit tricky to set up).
Posted 2 weeks ago2022-07-29 01:53:56 UTC Post #346756
Well balls. It's going to cost me. I need to think about this. I really don't feel like paying even more so maybe this Let's Encrypt is the solution.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
Posted 1 week ago2022-08-03 13:27:34 UTC Post #346757
Updated to 1.19.1

Updated all datapacks added two new datapacks:
  • Player head drops
  • Graves
Please report any issues here or on Discord.
The Mad Carrot The Mad CarrotMad Carrot
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