Black : Mesa Classic -
This is a GoldSrc project aimed to remake Black Mesa: Source with Half-Life assets on PC. With a classic visual style and features that push the limits of what's possible within the GoldSrc engine, including detailed textures and a more realistic environment.

Our main vision for this is to give a new look to the original Half-Life in the original Engine, Adding more realism and Inmersion, making Half-Life more enjoyable and giving long live to Goldsrc.

Our second vision is to make a new base for modding, giving some new dynamics and gameplay features keeping the
classic feeling of Goldsrc.

This project aims to be capable for be played on any PC without matter requeriments or High End Hardware. With high optimization tricks for make sure to have high FPS while playing.

We are in dire need of level designers (mappers) right now, so if you are interested, feel free to contact us. We are looking for level designers that are capable to replicate Black Mesa in GoldSrc engine with a mix of Half-Life elements in it.