Damogan 1.0

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Damogan 1.0 by Dimbeak
Posted 6 years ago2011-08-13 01:45:48 UTC • Completed • Other
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Damogan 1.0
Dimbeak Dimbeak
6 years ago2011-08-13 01:45:48 UTC
6 years ago2011-08-13 19:57:28 UTC
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--Damogan 1.0--

At times of doubt, just click ESC to quit.

This is my first version of the game I made. It is a 2d platformer that has an over-world like area. However, it is EXTREMELY buggy. Do read the small textpad file I've added, it explains some of the bugs in the game. I had to rush this game towards a deadline.

This game won me $2 (which I lost), the satisfaction of people loving the game, and an A+. At our GATE class, (Gifted And Talented Education), we had to make a profitable product. I decided to make a video game, since I am hoping for a career in computers. Other kids made a boardgame, a remote-controlled boat, and something out of legos....

So, please comment and rate it. I'm hoping to update it while I can't work on In Search of the Lifia. I'll be looking into longer levels, better graphics, better sound, and there may be an error because of how I tried to play it without sound on my computer that is now in the shop. Try it!

Thanks, potatis, for helping with most of the player's coding.


Commented 6 years ago2011-08-13 01:47:38 UTC Comment #19322
Oh, and at one point it may be impossible to continue because of a guy heading the wrong way, so I guess thats where the game ends from there. (In the later laboratories at the end of World 1.)
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-13 17:46:33 UTC Comment #19318
Don't use gamemaker. Use Construct.

very clunky indeed...
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-13 19:42:11 UTC Comment #19320
This isn't a Map. It does not Belong on the Map Vault.
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-13 19:46:25 UTC Comment #19315
Games have been uploaded to the Map Vault before.
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-13 19:56:53 UTC Comment #19316
Well, try it out, and I'll try to fix some bugs. Shoot, potatis, I forgot to thank you in the description. Edit time.
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-14 09:32:47 UTC Comment #19314
Game maker is a very good game making program, but it has its downs.

Ive used both game maker and MMF2D, and MMF2D is far better, but its not free.


Also, this is the most retarded/lamest game ive ever played.
But its good for an absolute beginner.
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-15 05:39:58 UTC Comment #19417
When I was about 14, I programmed a sort-of-Pong - in VB6.

I wonder if I still have it around.
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-15 08:50:07 UTC Comment #19419
I think most of us made a lame game, but dimbark is shooting for stars here, a large project, but he has no idea how does any of it work.

This is what i dont like about his game.

Instead of starting small and understanding all points of game making and making small shitty games just to test movement, movement/gravity engine, objects, interaction, etc. He just started making a large game, that as you can see turned out horrible.

Dimbark you should first think about what kind of game making do you want to try, get info on it, get tutorials and start game making.
Game making is no easy task and it can take a lot of time, but if you really want to do it, you will always end up happy with the results you acomplished.

Find an interesting forum, search for source codes of free games, analyze them and test test and test.

I can give you Matt's Grandma engine if i can find it. (Matt made games such as Jumper 1/2/3 series, Give up robot 1/2, Runman, An untitled sotry...)
Commented 6 years ago2011-08-29 20:50:44 UTC Comment #19292
I've made tons of game maker games, so gave this a try.

It's nice you have made your own sprites. Well that's as far as I saw. The dialog box is waaaay to tiny I didn't even notice it for the first 3 seconds. And then when games starts a blob throws me off the screen and it sits there beeping the whole time. I tried pressing F1, but didn't work.

For starters PLEASE include instructions in your games.

PS: you should check the platformer tutorials first, also you can try some of my crap because it's boring to have them sit here in the hard drive you know

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