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cs_lol2 by rufee
Posted 6 years ago2012-01-06 21:22:43 UTC • Completed • Counter-Strike
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rufee rufee
6 years ago2012-01-06 21:22:43 UTC
6 years ago2012-01-06 21:22:43 UTC
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A deagle/m3 map lit completely by texlights.
Before you ask why the name is "lol" let me explain: i have imposed a challenge to myself to make a map every week in the year 2012, or see how long i will last.
This is the second one.
And yes the clip blocks are supposed to be there (don't poke your nose around where you don't have to :) )

It has 16-16 spawns (to support 32 player servers, although that many is too much for the map to handle since it is small)
Used halflife.wad + some custom textures (wadincluded)


Commented 6 years ago2012-01-06 23:55:28 UTC Comment #10114
"Before you ask why the name is "lol" let me explain: i have imposed a challenge to myself to make a map every week in the year 2012, or see how long i will last. "

Good luck buddy but... that's not realistic. Even if you set yourself the challenge of making a map in every month you'll find it very difficult. Still doesn't explain the "lol" name though :).
Commented 6 years ago2012-01-07 00:10:57 UTC Comment #10115
I don't know if making a map every week will help you improve upon skill or anything. If you do see great progress then I say go for it but mapping is usually something takes much time. The current map I'm working on I've been working on and off since October, and it's just a remake of one of my older maps! And our map pack took at least 5 months. Some people though can make amazing things in just hours, so if you can do then go for it man. As for the map, I fairly enjoyed it from the looks department. The lighting is cool and it has some detail though it feels like a Pac-Man layout with a balcony. As for gameplay I can't say I tested it out with anyone but it doesn't seem like it fits CS's normal hostage or plant the bomb so I guess this would be a gun game map if anything. So for what it is, I'd say it's decent. It's not anything great but not necessarily bad, I'll give it a 3.
Commented 6 years ago2012-01-07 07:50:24 UTC Comment #10077
What a cool idea, It's like keeping a mapping diary! Wait till u see how much better your maps get at the end of the year..

I really loved how the map looked, good work! Pretty mean putting clip brushes up so you can't jump on the concreete things. ='(

This might have been neat for the 30 brushes comp as well. Maybe make a playable fy or somethign, and we can play on the cs server in-between testing c32 layouts =)

So many ideas for this! you could release the whole thing as mod when you're done perhaps, possibly the way rimrook did cubicles. In the meantime, you could also post up a screen cap of each map in your profile weekly, with or without a dl link.. just an idea!

Also BTW, modify your naming convention, so you can list all your maps in order by name in HLLP, e.g.: cs_lol003
Commented 6 years ago2012-01-07 11:36:41 UTC Comment #10070
Actually the plan was to make a ka map, this was more of a focus on the lighting than gameplay.
Took me about 5 hours to make.
I don't want to think up 51 map names so its just gonna be "lol".
Good idea il post what im working on in the wip thread.

The challenge is more oriented for me to lose my lazyness rather than improve my skill :)

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