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Castle by AJ
Posted 16 years ago2004-01-02 00:18:00 UTC • Unfinished • Half-Life
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16 years ago2004-01-02 00:18:00 UTC
16 years ago2004-01-02 00:18:00 UTC
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This my second map. Could someone plz test it for me as i dont have the time :P
Give me some feedback and all that as this map is nowhere near finished!


Commented 16 years ago2004-01-02 01:44:56 UTC Comment #654
Come on ppl dont be mean!! its my second map!!!
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-02 06:10:40 UTC Comment #657
I would, but my Windoze XP is dead atm so I'm on ME without any proggies :(
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 00:00:23 UTC Comment #663
Oh yeah also with this map i plan to make more detailed...too bad biut ur comp Seventh....
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 05:00:59 UTC Comment #672
OK i finally got round to running this map...with no lights its a bit hard, but im trying to find something good. Anywho theres this weird error on the side of the castle. I've included a screenshot to show what it is...anyone kno what the heck is going on here?!?! Also how come no one has replied or commented on this map?
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 05:03:59 UTC Comment #673
OK that download is stuffed sorry. Read what i wrote and download this file
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 05:08:18 UTC Comment #674
ok, i am asuming there will be quite a bit more to this map, it looks good and will look amazing when u have added more detail but there seems to be little gaps in your map leading out into the void and the back of the 'castle' (as it is sofar) i am also asuming that this will be fixed and let there actually be something there. overall it looks good, and with stuff to do it will turn out a very good and interesting map i am hoping. keep at this map, it will turn out well
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 05:10:20 UTC Comment #675
i suggest it be at night and with some rain! then it will be utterly amazing and really give that castle effect
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 05:17:34 UTC Comment #676
try adding the wall again, (the one that has the holes) and compile again, that sometimes helps (dunno y)
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-03 06:16:38 UTC Comment #677
I did that and compiled yet the holes remain...someone plz tell what this is!!
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-04 03:24:21 UTC Comment #684
Have a look at this.
Holes almost fixed. The problem is the VM used on the roof. Will e-mail full ideas later.
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-04 03:27:54 UTC Comment #685
Thanks Andy. I had a feeling it was the VM...
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-04 03:39:09 UTC Comment #686
Sorry, The sever kicked me... I have e-mailed it, but I know how fickle Hotmail is..
Here it is again.
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-04 03:42:14 UTC Comment #687
Sorry, The sever kicked me... I have e-mailed it, but I know how fickle Hotmail is..
Here it is again.
Commented 16 years ago2004-01-04 15:45:15 UTC Comment #691
haha double post
Commented 16 years ago2004-05-12 17:34:10 UTC Comment #1857
there should be more rooms and buildings. You have alot of room outside but then the large area is good for fire fights. You should add a stable and a little bit more cover. Try adding towers too. add more detail its a lil blocky. map looks promising. i abandoned my castle map, i mite get back to it.
Commented 15 years ago2005-02-12 07:39:33 UTC Comment #5971
This map took a long time to compile on my machine for such a simple design...prolly 'cause of the weird vm problems.

That aside, looks really cool. Reminds me of the old french castle inside the walls of Fort Niagara. I've been thinking of doing a map of it myself.

Commented 2 years ago2017-12-17 10:34:13 UTC Comment #21167
Hey, Ant? This isn't terrible. Excluding the fact this isn't finished, my main issue is that this castle is actually an elaborate cupboard.
But, really. Test your own maps.

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