Forgotten Bunker 2

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Forgotten Bunker 2 by olograph
Posted 5 months ago2018-05-14 23:41:30 UTC • Completed • Half-Life: Deathmatch
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Forgotten Bunker 2
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Half-Life: Deathmatch
5 months ago2018-05-14 23:41:30 UTC
4 months ago2018-05-17 21:06:48 UTC
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[Look at the related TWHL beta site page for more screenshots:]

The action takes place in a forgotten presidential bunker. Players fight across not politically correct places where the USA flag is just there too often for no reason (LOL) like the presidential briefing room. There's an entrance, a main shaft, a main room and a couple of other side rooms such as the gym, dormitory and kitchen.

It really is a mix of two of the most popular HLDM maps: crossfire and rats but on steroids.

Since people's choice for maps expressed a drift from the common seriously-themed (by massively playing maps such as minecraft and lego world) and poorly-interactive designs, we decided to push on the gas and give people a mouthful by implementing:

-a refreshing crossfire-like event system with 4 distinct self-explanatory events: Xen
Raid, Water-flood, Nuclear Strike and Rapture

which are no more no less than cancellable with the help of a numpad. The Xen Raid
event adds an invited touch of coop in the current tired HLDM dynamic.

-and plenty of elaborate gag features to entertain players:

-Activate turrets with the kitchen toaster.
-Explode your mates from a secret tunnel terminal.
-Disarm everyone with the help of a friend
-Piss everyone by activating the center rotating platform.
-Repeatedly kill a scientist in a booth though 3 different ways.
-Get trolled in the engine room.
-Monopolize the entrance by throwing genades that instantly explode down the main shaft.
-Unlock the surface by defying the death path hazards.
-Annoy everyone with the record player's songs.
-Camp in an invisible hide-out and try to find the VIPs code.
-etc (mini-games, easter eggs, trolls)...

You don't see that everyday. We cranked the dial to just under the GoldSrc's engine limits, squeezing as much stuff as we could. We're proud to present it as one of the most feature-rich HLDM maps and are not one bit ashamed of it.

From thousands of hours playing through about 1000 maps while soaking in HLDM's culture, we though being good candidates to know what answered best the average player's expectations ... contrarily to conservative views. Stimulating Features VS More Inert Space. It's not perfect, but I think it hits what's relevant. Hopefully, you'll agree with us. In any way, enjoy this gift we made with all our heart.

Find the trailer on YouTube:

Trust me, just look at the video, this work is worth a thousand words.

Forgotten Bunker 2 by Olo and Windawz © 2018


Commented 4 months ago2018-05-17 23:53:05 UTC Comment #21343
I know: "What is he bragging about?"

In single player you have way more latitude, because you don't have to render all the chunks at a single time, just one chunk at a time. In the case of this map, all entities (there's a lot of them) for the maps need to be loaded at once. That's why you don't have more elaborate and random Xen creature apparitions. Not because we couldn't make it more beautiful(, I would've loved to.) I had to strip as many entities I could.

This is where I'm telling we have pushed the engine to the limit. We have made as many possible features with the maximum allowed number of entities by being thrifty like there's no tomorrow on the amount we used. We've been ultra entity-efficient.

The map also comes very close to the maximum dimensions by starting very high and finishing very low making required quantities of water for the flooding part hard on resources. It's rarely done to that scale and it's not recommended. We had to recourse to specific techniques not to make the map lag. We're lucky it worked. We abused of the good things.

It's also because entities have been wired to a very far-fetched recyclable workflow where combinations of what you can do (randomness X cancelling a delayed trigger X other kind of stuff) pretty much have been exhausted/made their point. You can increase the workflow, but it will always be some combinations of what I did. I know, I went over the possibilities like a vampire with the finest fine-tooth comb.

Honestly, I can count the number of entities and properties on my hands. I used entities in so many fashions that there's not much more engine features left to play with. I even used the obscure pendulum entity, that is, in some cool bizarre way.

There's also the fact that gameplay can hardly be practically more articulated than it is. There's so many ways you can affect the game dynamics.

-Xen Raid: Players have to fight aliens
-Nuclear Strike: Players must run to the High-Impact Zone
-Waterflood: Players must either go to the surface or High-Impact Zone

-Cancelling Events:
-People must try to defuse the event or stop the one who tries to defuse it.

-Unlocking the surface

-The Detonation Terminal

-Pissing people with the dizzying Main Room Platform and trying to stop the platform afterward.

-Trying to kill the noob that started the annoying record player.

-Disarming everybody with the help of a friend.

I would take you time to run tired of all the things you can do. It can always be different.

Of course, if you don't play HLDM, if you don't know the top 10 maps like crossfire, rats, minecraft and achieve the exploit of disagreeing that events and gadgets are part of HLDM, if you lost sense of the gratuitous, self-deprecating and funky spirit of the game and are more interested in static spaces than stimulating devices, you would find that boring.
Commented 4 months ago2018-05-20 15:49:43 UTC Comment #21347
The map isn't bad but it's not great either. Will probably come back with a more indepth review later.
Commented 4 months ago2018-06-06 23:47:25 UTC Comment #101237
Not too bad. Would work better as a Sven Co-op map.
Some pretty cool entity work is under the hood, though it falls short in its presentation and execution.
While it could be fun for 5 mins with enough beer, the circa-2005 internet 'humour' wears thin really, really quickly and the lack of decent gameplay buries any chance of this being memorable.

With HLDM, the gameplay always has to be priority numero uno.
Commented 4 months ago2018-06-11 13:55:21 UTC Comment #101242
Archie, please explain how the map fails in gameplay. What does that even mean in a deathmap map? And honestly, that's harsh considering the cancellable multi-event system.

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