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ORIGINAL TITLE: "mip>=loadmodel->numtextures"

Too many textures used, keep the number below 100. However here is a different point of view, a quote from Jay, VALVE programmer:
This is a check on the validity of the BSP file. If this happens, it means that some texinfo is referencing a texture map (by index) that isn't in the BSP file. This shouldn't happen under any normal circumstances. Maybe the build failed and you have a partial/bad BSP?

It should be easy enough to debug if you have a map that produces the error. Also, the buffer for loading textures is a little larger than 340K (256K + 64K + 16K + 4K) because it assumes 4 mip levels are present and the max mip level is no larger than 512x512. This is kind of a silly limitation now, but it's a real one in goldsrc. However, looking at the warnings for large textures, none of them is actually over 340K so this isn't a problem (if that data is correct and complete). bspinfo may shed some light as well, but I don't recall if it prints out the texdata entry count - it may only print the lump size.


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