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Antialias - what is it?
Antialias is a 3d effect introduced by the voodoo cards in 1996. It blends the normally very visible pixels on textures so that the texture seems to have a higher resolution then it actually has. This effect was a huge step in 3d video card technology but also brought a new problem with it.
software mode
OpenGL (with antialias)
As indicated in the title, it is not a real bug in the normal meaning, but it makes ugly stripes on the edges of brushes where they are not supposed to be. Antialiasing blurs even the edges of textures with the other side of the same texture so that a half pixel thick stripe appears.

| (Link: article1pic3s.jpg)
software mode | (Link: article1pic3o.jpg)
OpenGL (with antialias)
How to fix

For now I know 3 methods to solve this problem:
1. Play in software mode :)
2. The 1 unit method: Adjust the texture not only by clicking on "fit" but also move it one unit so that the stripe of unwanted color dissapears or scale the texture a bit higher (0.01 could already make it)
3. Change the texture: If the stripe appears on the bottom, delete one line at the top of the texture

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