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Competition 11 - Glass!

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Here are the results, judged by Andy and Seventh-Monkey.

Special mention goes to Hans (download): This was probably my personal favourite. No readme, sadly, and was a little small, but the gargoyles are pretty cool. Good stuff; pity you didn't concentrate more on this one, Hans, instead of submitting several.

The Results

trophy map pic Agamemnon Icarus Glass, by Trapt


This starts off with a really well-mapped corridor, really show-offy with dramatic lighting, then down to a planet made of glass! Masterful vertex manipulation, so I had to give it first place even though it didn't really honestly use glass to its fullest.

trophy map pic Glass Defence System, by Vassy


Okay, so the name isn't too original, but Vassy used a property of glass in this good entry, which is why, although the lower-floor architecture isn't too superb, it wins silver. I love the entry (the grunts are on roller-skates, according to official reports).

trophy map pic Funhouse, by BJ


Admittedly this is rather trite idea seeing as we had about five glass mazes submitted, but this was well-made and nicely-lit. Good entry from BJ with a nice extro sequence.