For those of us enjoying modding GoldSRC the background image on the main menu is certainly a nice little reward each time you boot your mod up. Really gives it that proper mod feel.

Well, I wanted to do that again, but I didn't have to to go through the pain of splicing up an image, so I decided to spend more time programming something to help me do it than to just do it again every time I needed to make an edit. Saves me some time converting all the files!

And here we have it: GoldSRC Steam Background Image Converter.

This tool is based on the Tutorial: How to Make HD 1080p Backgrounds for HL1/Goldsrc Games. Big shout out to MrFloyd76

You'll need the config files from that tutorial, but it saves you much time in cropping / splicing your images.

The main benefit of this is that you can use any file format your browser supports, bust most importantly: bmp, jpg, png, and even SVG without having to download any third party files. Technically you can use gifs, but the first frame (though not sure why you'd want to do that!).
For now, the tool is set to output at 1920 x 1080, in sets of 256 x 256px,* uncompressed 24-bit TGA images*.

Your input images should be 1920 x 1080px.

Once you've loaded the image click each of the images to download each tga.
Loaded into the tool.
User posted image
User posted image
Erty4 days ago2024-07-11 22:08:21 UTC 3 comments
Finally, after one year of development I've finally gotten Map2Prop to a state that I can call the first official release! 🥳

Especially the last week of development was tough. Been having what feels like might be another case of the covid. So many thanks to Kimilil for testing the release candidates and helping me add in a few extra useful and expected features, and for finding a bug that led me to discover a problem with the vertex sorting function I had not noticed before. 🙏

Many sincere thanks to everyone who has helped me out, given feedback, and made cool stuff with Map2Prop during the pre-release stage. I hope it continues to be helpful to you mappers out there!
This is of course not the end of its development. I still have more features on the todo list, and there's likely some pesky bugs still hiding out somewhere. I'm just finally able to call it a proper app and no longer a simple prototype.

Also, the Vault Item description needs to be updated, and so does the documentation site. Will have to take care of those in the weekend, I'm too tired for that tonight and I need to get some rest.

Again, thank you all.
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #6772
CPripyatUit5 days ago2024-07-10 15:45:19 UTC 1 comment
In order to escape from the hell that is medical bureaucracy, I'm making yet another attempt to return to level design. After deciding that all my passion projects are more ambitious than I can currently manage, I figured I'd start with something smaller, and I decided something with challenging puzzles would be a cool map.

Which raises the problem of puzzle design in Half-Life².

The campaign doesn't have that problem: people playing it for the first time are usually new to the game, so the challenge is figuring out what the puzzle actually is and learn the design language: blue barrels float, wooden beams can be broken, gas canisters can detonate, etc. A battery can be carried around to be plugged in.

For any sort of seasoned HL2 player, that's not a challenge. They know the usual puzzles and the design language, and most of the usual puzzles have become mere chores. Carry A to B, stack X on Y, put L under M to lift it up. The "bring A to B" is the most basic form of puzzle and usually results in copious backtracking and can make the player feel like an errand boy.

So what I want are three things:
  • puzzles that are challenging, in that the solution has to be deduced by the player
  • puzzles that aren't menial, in that the execution is trivial and doesn't amount to pointless labour
  • puzzles that are learnable, in that players don't get frustrated and feel like they were set up to fail
And that is surprisingly tough.

Elaborate physics puzzles are one possible approach. Those either are too obvious ("a wooden beam supporting a precariously balanced ramp that I could blow up and walk down? how convenient!") or too elaborate ("what am I supposed to do, build a pulley?!").

Circuitry puzzles à la Portal seem more promising, but teaching the player an entirely new design language may take more time than a single map can accomplish.

Number locks are simply trial and error.

I keep thinking about it, but it's hard coming up with enough learnable, challenging, non-menial puzzles to fill a map.
Stojke1 week ago2024-07-03 00:21:48 UTC 11 comments
User posted image
Our little blue ball a round and a round it goes , with each full cycle our grays it shows. 32th.
kimilil3 weeks ago2024-06-21 23:46:17 UTC 3 comments
Compelled by the discord's discourse, here's the periodic table of elements
H He
Li Be B C N O F Ne
Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar
K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe
Cs Ba Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn
Fr Ra Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Ds Rg Cn Nh Fl Mc Lv Ts Og
La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Rb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Br Cf Es Fm Md No Lr
And here's the periodic table of ElementsSrc™
HydrogenSrc HeliumSrc
LithiumSrc BerylliumSrc BoronSrc CarbonSrc NitrogenSrc OxygenSrc FluorineSrc NeonSrc
SodiumSrc MagnesiumSrc AluminumSrc SiliconSrc PhosphorusSrc SulfurSrc ChlorineSrc ArgonSrc
PotassiumSrc CalciumSrc ScandiumSrc TitaniumSrc VanadiumSrc ChromiumSrc ManganeseSrc IronSrc CobaltSrc NickelSrc CopperSrc ZincSrc GalliumSrc GermaniumSrc ArsenicSrc SeleniumSrc BromineSrc KryptonSrc
RubidiumSrc StrontiumSrc YttriumSrc ZirconiumSrc NiobiumSrc MolybdenumSrc TechnetiumSrc RutheniumSrc RhodiumSrc PalladiumSrc SilverSrc CadmiumSrc IndiumSrc TinSrc AntimonySrc TelluriumSrc IodineSrc XenonSrc
CesiumSrc BariumSrc HafniumSrc TantalumSrc WolframSrc RheniumSrc OsmiumSrc IridiumSrc PlatinumSrc GoldSrc MercurySrc ThalliumSrc LeadSrc BismuthSrc PoloniumSrc AstatineSrc RadonSrc
FranciumSrc RadiumSrc RutherfordiumSrc DubniumSrc SeaborgiumSrc BohriumSrc HassiumSrc MeitneriumSrc DarmstadtiumSrc RoentgeniumSrc CoperniciumSrc NihoniumSrc FleroviumSrc MoscoviumSrc LivermoriumSrc TennessineSrc OganessonSrc
LanthanumSrc CeriumSrc PraseodymiumSrc NeodymiumSrc PromethiumSrc SamariumSrc EuropiumSrc GadoliniumSrc TerbiumSrc DysprosiumSrc HolmiumSrc ErbiumSrc ThuliumSrc YtterbiumSrc LutetiumSrc
ActiniumSrc ThoriumSrc ProtactiniumSrc UraniumSrc NeptuniumSrc PlutoniumSrc AmericiumSrc CuriumSrc BerkeliumSrc CaliforniumSrc EinsteiniumSrc FermiumSrc MendeleviumSrc NobeliumSrc LawrenciumSrc
User posted image
I might have an undiagnosed acoustic problem.
jamie1 month ago2024-06-16 01:30:16 UTC 2 comments
Finally got enough money to build my new PC, with a brand new powerful GPU. I can, finally, run the latest version of blender without having to hear the fans go nuclear.
Striker1 month ago2024-06-07 12:00:22 UTC 0 comments
User posted image
A colleague of mine has the Steam deck so I've asked him to let me try some classics...
Overfloater1 month ago2024-06-02 17:59:14 UTC 4 comments
Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that the reason Pathos updates have been so dry and that I haven't been around, is that I've been dealing with health problems as of late. I had a gastrointestinal infection that, coupled with my autoimmune liver disease, has wrecked my health for the past 2 weeks. I've been mostly away due to not feeling well and needing to(slowly) heal. Once I am better I will be more active. Hope you are all doing fine, and I'll see you around.
CPripyatUit1 month ago2024-05-23 19:41:57 UTC 1 comment
That's another thing that's hard: limiting the space the player can move in. It's easy if the level is indoors, all corridors, like Nova Prospekt or the likes: just lock the doors. Nature's limit on level size.

But outdoors? It's hard to put impassable barriers anywhere without making the gameplay feel stilted, awkward, forced. Artificial.

You're in a part of the city where every exit has conveniently been blocked by collapsed buildings? That doesn't make sense, then how did you get in there, and how is Gordon gonna get out there once the screen fades to black?

Or put up traffic cones and riot barriers and cover them in toolsinvis? That's even worse. Gordon can shoot down helicopters, but a traffic cone is enough to stop him? Nah.

Separating the playable environment from the backdrop that's just there to liven up the scenery is pretty hard, at least in my experience. Guiding the player naturally, so they try to go down routes they can't as little as possible and can tell easily where they are supposed to be and where not is even harder. Campaign maps don't have this problem; each level transitions into the next, so the questions of entrance and exit are already answered, and having only the exit ramps blocked while the highway remains open is much more plausible than walling the player in on all sides. But standalone maps have to have a beginning and end that makes sense (at least that's what I want for mine), and that's tough.

I haven't really found a good answer for it yet. Entrances are easier than exits – just some drops that the player can't climb back up –, but it's something I struggle with immensely (and the way my brain works, I can't get to work on the rest of the map until I've solved that problem – it sucks, really).
RoboRufus72 months ago2024-05-09 15:29:05 UTC 2 comments
it has new story, new charactors, betrayl, freindship, and death.
Meerjel012 months ago2024-05-02 14:58:25 UTC 4 comments
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

class CObject
    void ExecuteDeb(int num)
        printf("Printing! %i ", num);

class CObjectLinker
    CObject* objs;
    int numObjs;

    CObjectLinker(int num)
        numObjs = num;
        objs = new CObject[numObjs];

    void StartExecute()
        int number = numObjs;


    void keepExecuting(int& curNum)

        if(curNum < 0)

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    CObjectLinker linker(4);

Might not be of interest but something.
Chimz2 months ago2024-05-01 17:41:18 UTC 0 comments
(Voluntary project so no payment)
Engine: GoldSrc (Half-Life)
Roles Needed: Programmer, Concept Artist, Level Designer (LD role full)

Hello and good day.
Lambda Team is working to revive the cancelled Hostile Takeover expansion as a mod. We aim to make it our own by taking the essence and adding our own ideas and creativity to make it unique and not just a copy.

It's a Singleplayer campaign, set in Half-Life's universe during the events of the second half of the Resonance Cascade, in another region separate from Black Mesa. The player steps into the shoes of a junior G-man and works to complete his assignment while accompanied by members of Team Fortress: Classic (not TF2).

The mod will include:
  • New combat mechanics with new and original weapons, plus G-man "powers".
  • New and original NPCs that change up gameplay.
  • New locations.
You will be working alongside the rest of the team, consisting of Writers and Game Designers who have already begun painting a good picture of the mod and its roadmap. As a member you will also be able to influence the design. Scroll down to see current work in progress

If you're interested, DM me in Discord @Chimz76 even if not meeting all requirements.

General Skill Requirements
  • Good team spirit and communication.
  • Open to feedback and criticism.

Level Designer Skill Requirements:
  • Familiar with Half-Life Level Editor tools.
  • Familiar with Blockout/Grey Boxing and Fast Prototyping.
  • At least one published Goldsource map.
Bonus Points:
  • Familiar with concepts of Level Design.

Programmer Skill Requirements:
  • Able to code NPC behaviors.
  • Able to code weapons.
  • Familiar with FGD development.
Bonus Points:
  • Familiar with Half-Life Featureful SDK.

Concept Artist Skill Requirements:
  • Able to work closely with designers.
  • Able to paint pieces that can be read and used by modelers.
  • Experience in painting weapons, creatures, characters.
Bonus Points:
  • Experience in painting environments.

Some sneak peaks

Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Work in ProgressWork in Progress
Disco Clone2 months ago2024-05-01 12:21:28 UTC 0 comments

Weird nature about the internet. It's both a place to share and not share. What's ok to share, what's not?
Why do I feel more comfortable sending this here as opposed to other online communities, my online friends?

I don't need to share this. I could write this personally just for myself. In this case I already have but I think it's still a fascinating thing to think about.
Maybe it isn't at all and I'm just weird. I already know I am aha.

I'm kind of fortunate enough to have not suffered any major death in my life yet. My grandfather died whilst I was still in the weird "baby comatose state", so that didn't really effect me. I lost a dog, which sucks but at the end of the day isn't a human. A great uncle died and whilst it was a little upsetting, didn't effect me too much.

On Tuesday (yesterday for me) my whole class was gathered up. Someone from our grade had taken their own life. I was quite shocked. Still am.
I didn't really speak to the girl. We had spoken before but we weren't even 'just say hi acquaintances', very neutral to each other I suppose.
I think this is why I wasn't able to have a deeper, more physical emotional response. I simply didn't have that connection. I felt hit in a more "abstract", general or broader way. I just felt (and again still feel) numb, plain, blank, empty.

I couldn't relate to some of the other people in the class. I hadn't really lost somebody before and in this particular situation I didn't lose a friend or family member. Yet it still kind of really hit me. Nobody wants to think or expects that suicide is the path someone will take. Then to hear and have it confirmed they did is pretty heavy hitting.

I didn't speak to her but I saw her, I heard her. She was in my classes, she spoke, she did things. She had a presence within the grade.
Obviously what is shown to the outside doesn't always accurately reflect what somebody is feeling on the inside. Even knowing this concept it's still such a surprise. She was with me on a trip only two weeks ago, speaking and laughing with her friends. She was here last week. She was here Monday, alive. In between me leaving school and arriving in the morning on Tuesday she took her own life.

She's a young adult just like me, at a big opening point in life. She's a person just like me. There's an acknowledgement of her as a person that exists. It's not some far away, unrecognisable name or person.

It's also kind of struck me because I've never applied the thought of mortality to people at school. Obviously I know that death is a thing. Accidents, illnesses and unfortunately things like this can happen. Still, I don't think of a person at school, especially a student, especially one within my grade as being mortal. People dying within your grade isn't a thing that feels like it should happen.

Nobody will be able to gauge exactly all her thoughts and feelings, especially in the moment. I can't confirm whether she did or didn't try to reach out to somebody, whether in the past or even right before it happened. But to think how she must have felt. For however long she had been suffering and before taking her life. To think that at the end of it all, the only perceived option for her was to take her own life over anything else.

I guess it just makes me feel empty. I feel sad and weird because it happened. I then feel weird that I care so much despite having no real connection with her. I feel guilty that I get to just live right now. I feel guilty that I feel this way considering the way her friends and family must feel. I don't know what I can do support or help in the situation, I don't know whether I should.

I just don't know...

Journal over. A weirdly comforting song from a movie genre not so associated with comforting...
Striker2 months ago2024-04-19 22:22:00 UTC 3 comments
It's another revolution! Of Earth around the Sun...

Not much has happened in my life since last year. I'm continuously trying to come to terms with some emotional parts of my life and move on. Acceptance is the hardest thing in life. Taking care of your spirit, or soul, or whatever you want to call it (having a connection with something bigger than yourself) is harder than going to the gym. Constant negative news from the world, new wars, the war next door in Ukraine.... is sometimes taking a mental toll.
Yet, I find myself prepared better than ever to cultivate a positive outlook. Maybe life does get better in the 30s, who knows.

This year marks my first time I went snowboarding outside my country, and I visited the French Alps, specifically Les Trois Vallees! Here's a picture of me on one of the tops! I was constantly in awe at the landscapes. They're breathtaking! (especially at >3000m :biggrin: )
User posted image
Last year I've also exchanged my Hornet for a Tracer, and now I'm timidly planning a hypothetical trip to Italy on 2 wheels. But I'm not sure yet, I think I need to find some partners. I did a 1000km trip last year and apparently it's not as comfortable as a car trip, who knew :)). I have second thoughts about all this stuff. I dream of spending a summer with a girl in my father's countryside orchard.

On the gaming front, I have very little time to play new titles, especially single player ones. I mostly play some CS2 with a couple of regulars now and then, and recently I played a few matches of Helldivers 2. I'm only level 10, but I think this game is a bit overrated. During the Christmas break I played and finished Talos Principle 2. I heartily recommend it, but to be played in order (so Talos Principle 1 -> Talos 2).

On the cinematic side, I guess everybody saw Dune 2. Other than that, haven't seen many new films. Maybe I'm out of the loop but most of the Hollywood stuff, with few exceptions, seems like the same series milked to death, same universes... it's growing stale and tiring. So for some reason I'm shifting my attention to European cinema. Recently I've watched Close (2022) and it was heart breaking. It's a dramatic coming-of-age story, it kinda reminded of some lost friendships, lost childhood innocence and being carefree, and relationships without closure.
I've also started watching The Three Body Problem, I think it has potential.

On the books side I recommend "Scattered minds" by Gabor Mate and books by Carlo Rovelli (ex: "White Holes").

How's everyone doing?
Overfloater2 months ago2024-04-17 18:31:10 UTC 4 comments
Some might've noticed I've been absent on the Pathos Engine channel of the TWHL Discord. I've been dealing with some problems in life and for the sake of my sanity I need to take some time off from the project. Yes, again, and this time for a bit longer. If you have any burning issues, please e-mail me at or submit an issue on the Pathos repository. Until then, take care.