cambreaKer1 week ago2022-05-07 07:41:56 UTC 9 comments
Today's my 17th birthday, and that means i can finally play Half-Life in the US! :walter: :hammer:
satchmo1 week ago2022-05-06 20:29:27 UTC 10 comments
After 24 years working as a pediatrician, I am going to become a commercial airline pilot.

There is currently a massive pilot shortage in the United States. It's estimated that we need more than 15,000 pilots over the next five years.

During the pandemic, virtually all flights were grounded due to travel restrictions. Many seasoned pilots were forced into early retirement. No flight school remained open during the shutdown.

Now, with lifting of travel bans and fueled by strong consumer demand, many flights are grounded because there is no one to fly them.

I played a small role in getting the world weather the pandemic, and now the world could use one less doctor but one more pilot.

I will be the third-generation pilot in my family. My grandfather flew for the first Chinese air force. He was naval bomber. Both of my uncles flew fighter jets.

I am fulfilling my destiny as I take to the air.
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Meerjel012 weeks ago2022-04-30 19:06:34 UTC 3 comments
Everyone's allowed to watch my Twitter. I'm asking cause of minor depression.
Daburubareru2 weeks ago2022-04-29 07:01:55 UTC 5 comments
MMProductions3 weeks ago2022-04-27 10:19:50 UTC 2 comments
I'm about to buy a Sony remote assistant for tape decks, it's called RM-S5.

But its remote, RM-S5C, is a very rare remote control to find. I need it. Here some pics.

Does anyone have this remote? Or do you know someone who has it?

If anyone knows anything, please get in touch.
The remote control above belongs to this remote device.The remote control above belongs to this remote device.
Striker1 month ago2022-04-16 10:56:57 UTC 9 comments
Oh yeah, forgot to post here yesterday.

We owe a lot to copper. I mean, virtually all electrical circuitry is made out of it. It's the reason I shocked myself Wednesday when working on a socket, while I thought I switched off the right fuse on the fuse panel. Live and learn - next time I'm, switching off the whole panel. The copper wire was the culprit: it conducted all that electrical potential right through my body. Or maybe, if I'm being rational, me being stupid is the one to blame, not a copper wire. I got a weird vertigo on my left side that day, it was funny.

People use copper tubes for plumbing and sometimes for heating, although plastic ones are more popular nowadays. Not sure what are the advantages and disadvantages as I'm not a plumber.
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Turks have an interesting way to make coffee on heated sand. They use a kind of copper pot that sits on hot sand. Probably not specific only to Turkey, as I imagine this is an excellent way of making coffee on a hot desert day.

Copper is also used for roofing, and in time it oxidizes and get that beautiful teal color.

Anyway, I'm sure copper is an interesting metal to study, I'm just here to bring some cake.

As for me... well, another revolution around the sun, lots of ups and downs, new lessons in life learned, new mental tools acquired, new responsibilities, and maybe a new passion too - I bought myself a Honda Hornet, the 2007 model.
Oh well, we all need some kind of personal therapy.
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Have a nice day everyone!
Hello everyone and my valuable friends,

I wanna to show how do you write shader without annoying like
" ... \n"
Then you should define simple for GLSL for example:
#define GLSL(version, shader)  "#version " #version "\n" #shader
Then you would like know to write if gcc or cl won't throw error lines. :)
For example with shader sources under cpp file:
User posted image
I hope I can help everyone and happy coding!
VeryCoolMoment1 month ago2022-04-04 08:55:15 UTC 0 comments
If you don't know recently i've been playing a indie game called Celeste and I love it so i feel like it warrents being talked about here
I'll just be talking about Chapter 1-7 since i haven't gotten around to completing every B-Side
Spoilers for Chapters 1-7 Below!

The first thing i want to talk about is the Music, If you don't know Lena Raine did the music for Celeste (The same Lena Raine who made some songs for Minecraft and even Deltarune Ch2)
Theres a few that make me really happy, sad and even the song "Anxiety" makes me feel worried about what happens in the game
I enjoyed ALOT of the Chapters but theres a few that i got really annoyed about because of me not picking up on how to do a certain mechanic or me not reacting as quick
Tbh i really disliked Chapter 3 and 5 since the sot of enemies in that area is annoying
and i felt like i relate to Madeline with her anxiety (I don't think i've had a panic attack but it just feels like i can relate with her anxiety)

When i finished Celeste i felt really happy and like i acomplised something incredible
Anyways ending this Journal here before i go on talking about stuff i know about Ch9
Celeste is a great game and i seriously recommend it :)
Anyways goodbye for now!
Meerjel011 month ago2022-04-01 10:39:40 UTC 4 comments
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These are old models. I'm gonna try make better ones. (The 2D eyes will stay for the day this gets to the Xbox)
satchmo1 month ago2022-03-28 20:34:56 UTC 2 comments
I co-founded this organization with the project manager of Sister Cities of America, and I created the website this weekend:
Papa Smokes1 month ago2022-03-26 20:08:52 UTC 3 comments
I will probably next to never use this feature but here's my cat
Daburubareru1 month ago2022-03-24 22:40:02 UTC 7 comments
I feel like 2022-2023 will be a good year for the Half-Life modding scene I miss stuff like Frontline Force, Afraid Of Monster, They Hunger, The Specialists and y'know Science And Industry?
A modding re-insurgence would be awesome :3
VeryCoolMoment2 months ago2022-03-18 10:20:38 UTC 8 comments
Hey its that day again (March 18th) so you know what that means :P
Its my birthday!
And i got a macbook (I have to split the money between me and my dad) but its amazing
and i got some clothes but yeah
REBELVODKA2 months ago2022-03-17 08:38:21 UTC 6 comments
I said in Gamebanana days ago, I'll try create a serie of maps about
different conflicts on ex-USSR republics/slav world.
Some examples are Theatre Dubrovska hijack or
Coup attempt of USSR in 1991. I said these examples
for you have an idea about what I mean.
My biggest project I have in years since
my hated chs maps :P