Hello everyone,

I would like to tell about my game programming with OpenTK 3 and Gtk Sharp 3.22 because they are very compatible to cross platforms like Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

But for Android and iOS are using only OpenTK and Xamarin

I want show you for examples. I already exam more details. But I am very pound to my dream of game programming. Like SoloKiller made with Veldrid with Net Core 2.0 but I know that Veldrid can "embed" with Gtk Sharp 3.22 for Net Core like MonoGame Developer called Harry Cra0zy has written MonoGame embeds in Gtk Sharp but it is really hard to understand. my helper called SpicyWolf and me have improved and suggested about embedding to GUI like WinForms and Gtk Sharp 3.22. I am very happy because I can create sometimes with GUI.

Sorry sometimes titles of my Games are German:
1. Example Draw triangle
Draw triangleDraw triangle
2. Example Draw triangle and fill up colour in green
Draw triangle and fill up greenDraw triangle and fill up green
3. Example Draw rectangle and make colourable
Colourable rectangleColourable rectangle
4. Example Wipe rectangle with textures
Wipe rectangle
5. Example Rotate rectangle
Rotate rectangle
6. Example Rotate cube
Rotate cube
7 Example Full light
Full LightFull Light
8 Example Turn on light like Half-Life's light
Turn on light and throws to cubeTurn on light and throws to cube
9 Example Specular and reflection like Unity 3D or Unreal or Source Engine1/2
10 Example Control like player movement
Control player-movement
Thanks for watching and comment about my development if you want learn how do you write simple game with C#?
Instant Mix6 days ago2018-08-10 20:48:43 UTC 1 comment
Fucking hell.

3 weeks in, 1 week of minor setup getting to know management, another week of intense set up and programming, a literal day of having to do a technical rehearsal with EVERY company in (this is objectively not enough time), and then days of running shoes since.

It's really difficult to get used to because the Fringe exists in an entirely separate reality. Daily 11+ hour shifts are the norm, did a 14 yesterday and have a 12 in front of me today. I can barely get a break in between acts, because we've got such tight turnarounds that all hands are needed on deck.

It used to be worse, considerably less pay for even longer hours, but it can still do better. I'm almost entirely sure the Fringe runs on virtually slave labour, considering those working for other companies are paid accomodation and a tiny food stipend, and that's it.

If I break down my salary into the hours I've worked, I'm 100% earning less than minimum wage. But I'm fairly well off in comparison to other positions..

On a slightly nicer note, I've got to get to know most of our acts, the producers and actors are all lovely and all have to live in this slightly weird world as well. I really love a handful of our acts, but I also conversely fucking despise about three with every inch of my soul. The stereotype of performers / acts with a disgusting ego is unfortunately real at times, and just really gets you down especially given how much effort you've put in for the rest of your job.

Here's to the next few weeks
Admer4561 week ago2018-08-08 22:21:43 UTC 4 comments
Software used: Shadowplay, HitFilm and Handbrake
Source recording: 1280x960, 60fps, 20 MB/s (100 mbps)
Rendering time in HF: 13 minutes (720p60fps, H.264, 2.01 GB)
Compression time in Handbrake: approximately 10 minutes (720p60fps, H.265, 137 MB)
Admer: The Mod
I'm definitely happy with the way it performs. Firstly, my laptop couldn't even record at more than 30fps, and especially not on a high resolution like 1280x960. (it's a 4:3, I forgot to change to something else before recording)

I'll hopefully finish with the benchmarks. I have to test BF1942, BF2, HL2 etc.
So far, 3DS Max has been tested, and Crysis.
Admer4561 week ago2018-08-06 21:31:02 UTC 9 comments
As the title says, I sometimes dream about mapping.

I know a lot of us do, but I decided to share the memories so we can see how bizarre it gets.

One of the oldest mapping dreams I remember was being in a castle, in Hammer 4.
The castle’s brushwork was fine, but there were no textures. In fact, there were lightmaps so it had that blurry lighting. At first I thought I was maybe in a map viewer like Crafty, or using Hammer’s ray-traced preview. But then, I encountered a sprite which was on top of a torch. The sprite was oriented to face away from the wall, and it wasn’t parallel to the player’s view like most sprites are.

I compiled the map, and the sprite was scaled 10x more and it was parallel. Odd.

Next up, I dreamed a huge mapping collab 3-4 days ago. So, a bunch of people from the Sven Co-op mapping scene (Trempler, Puchi, Aurora, Nih, Keen) and I (basically the Dream Team of SC mapping) were doing a huge collab map. But the thing is, it was in a unified “multiplayer mapping” solution that allowed Hammer, J.A.C.K., Sledge and even Trenchbroom users to work on a map in real time, like in Cube 2 Sauerbraten.

Brushes were spawning in front of my eyes, I was so lost, but it was just beautiful. Mappers were represented with light bulb sprites, with a nickname above them. It was a huge map set somewhere in the mountains. I remember that one mapper (Trempler) was making a fence along one path, and I was turning it into func_detail and adding CLIP brushes. When we compiled the map via the network in 30s or so, we ran it on a dedicated server and it was just amazing.

And 2 nights ago, I had perhaps the most unusual one. I was teaching how to make maps. But not in any software – in QuArK. But not to anybody – to a vortigaunt from Iran. Yes, a HL vortigaunt from Iran. How is he from Iran, I don’t know, he probably teleported there from Xen and came to Bosnia.
I was driving a car (another thing that isn’t real) through my village, and came across a house where the vort lived. I remembered he told me to teach him QuArK, so I did. At least I started. I said “QuArK can be used as many things, a map editor, a model editor and object viewer, a texture editor and browser” (I don’t think some of those are true, but hey, it’s a dream) and then my phone started beeping like the “computer talk” WAVs from Half-Life.

Then the dream ended, and I woke up at 5 in the morning.

I was reading about my old dreams and there seems to be one about modeling too:
"An hour ago, I had a weird dream. AleKK and H2Whoa were in it. AleKK was seemingly contacting someone at Valve about a mod that someone was making for Half-Life. The mod had castles and dragons in it. More precisely, red dragons with armour? Interesting. The modder was making the maps in Blender, and all of that stuff on his very old PC. TBH I haven’t had a dream in a long time, so I’m not surprised that this one is so bizarre."
I also recall dreaming part of the actual design process in Blender. It’s miraculous that my dream had a 1:1 Blender UI and stuff, even though I rarely even used Blender.
Hmm. This sounds oddly specific due to the dragons and all. :P
But yeah, it’s a good thing I keep track of my dreams. All sorts of stuff can happen.
I once had a dream where Sven Co-op 7.0 was released and they added “dynamic map geometry modules”.
torekk1 week ago2018-08-05 10:31:28 UTC 7 comments
Specially when it comes to his elevator in blood1:
User posted image
He basically uses 4 doors for the elevator on each side, and then another pair of 4 doors on the outside so that's why all the path_corners.

And then at the bottom we have this trigger_relay magic happening:
User posted image

When I first played the map, I wondered why I hit the max_edict error but seeing that... yeah.

But the result is quite awesome, as you can see here in this video at around 0:15:
What I didn't show in the video: The outer buttons, to call the elevator, even match the state of the elevator. E.g. if you press them, they switch to the active texture as long as the elevator is moving. This is actually quite interesting, because the buttons you see ingame are just func_walls and the real button is hidden inside the wall brush behind the fake button. I wonder why he didn't just put a 1 unit thick non solid brush over the fake button, that would work as well, wouldn't it? I didn't even know you could activate buttons that are "stuck" inside a wall.
User posted image
Thanks god I'm currently just trying a simple elevator with 2 doors, still gonna be a pain to get working I guess. But I found this tutorial which is helpful:

Edit: Wow that tutorial really is helpful, I guess Richman didn't knew about env_global. :D
Hello everyone, I have advanced method of shadow mapping. It is really hard.


It is easy like jail / prison symbol.
Example 1Example 1
There are awesome methods of shadow mapping for GoldSrc.

Remember that info_player_start is 32 x 32 x 72 units and we need scale brush 20:1 measure.

32 * 20 = 720

72 * 20 = 1440

For door height: 80 units * 20 = 1600

2 x 2 units = 40 x 40 units,
4 x 4 units = 80 x 80 units,
and more..

If you are finish to draw and make group and convert to func_illusionary and change Render-Mode with "Texture Mode" and set 175 or 150 in FX Amount and scale down with Chtr + M -> 0.05 in X, Y, and Z and move to your map brushes.

Remember before shadow mapping for customizations for GoldSource Engine - If you want build "faked" shadow mappings in your map.

Don't worry and save your map and run compilations of VHLT / UMHLT!

Than you will run your map and you see like realistic shadow effects. You feel your map like your map have shadows. Hehe!

Bonus tip:
If you make realistic radiant than you need more func_illusionary brushes with 0, 10, 20, 30, etc.... in FX Amount. Like it seems radiant-effectable shadow. or simple texture radiant like light effect or your custom radiant. than it looks realistic. ( Or you can ask The303 for texture with radiant mode )
Dimbeak2 weeks ago2018-07-31 04:53:07 UTC 3 comments
i forgot, so this is a day late now
The Mad Carrot2 weeks ago2018-07-28 20:52:18 UTC 3 comments
Not today.

But then again here it is, without a riddle this time because I don't feel like it.
Dimbeak3 weeks ago2018-07-25 00:47:43 UTC 6 comments
I released an EP. I might be making OKAY music at this point in time.
User posted image

Snehk1 month ago2018-07-17 14:21:23 UTC 4 comments
I usually make a summary of my year and advancements around my birthday. Here it comes!

Moving to university (college for American lads), was a big step - just as it always is. At first I was doubtful about my choice, but when the second semester came I came to conclusion that I actually like philology and language studies in general. I made a lot of progress in my education, and that's only the first year!

When it comes to my personal issues and social life - I've got through with most of the problems, but there are still things that I want to improve, especially in terms of communication. I need to get rid of shyness in certain situations (I become shy around people that I study with but we've never spoken, and when women hit on me, but I'm quite confident when making small talk or helping people - and I do the latter always when I have a chance). I also have problem with going out and doing something alone. I can spend time in my dorm completely alone without any problems, but when it comes to going out alone, I'm all hesitating and lazy. To fix this, I started going out for a walk at least two times in a week. I've met a lot of interesting people and have a pack of psychos that I enjoy spending time with. I still keep in touch with some people from before university, but everyone's busy with their lives now and spend more time with new people.

I traveled a lot this year. I moved across the whole Poland five times: my sister's wedding, becoming a godfather, holy communion of my godchild, becoming a godfather once again, and a Guns 'n Roses concert. I also moved in my local area and between home and dorms. I can't imagine my life without traveling!

Finally coming to title relevant information! I filled in a form, printed several papers and got accepted to study at a second faculty! I received 188 points and had a first rank in the recruitment system! Now I will study both English and Russian philology! In a week, I'm going to Switzerland to visit my siblings and go sightseeing in the mountains, then I'll head to Germany to work abroad.

It feels good to have everything sorted out!
Tetsu01 month ago2018-07-16 21:35:56 UTC 13 comments
I've been a bit busy lately.....
Just bought myself a house!
User posted image
Instant Mix1 month ago2018-07-16 19:21:41 UTC 3 comments
Couple years back I wrote a journal about being the LX Op (Lighting Operator) for an amateur show at the fringe. I'm now the lighting operator in the largest (and therefore, the most demanding and also most popular ) venue for one of the largest companies at the 'Fringe. I have 3 days off from now until the start of September, have an at least 12 hour work day every day and will meet some incredible folk.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world, and bloody hope that this looks good on a CV and can finally get a bleedin' job with a proper company that does them big shows.
Hello everyone,

I am back and I am longer busy because I am developing and resolving with Gtk Sharp 3 apps like WaveEngine but WaveEngine is sad because it has not support for 64 bit that is why I am using Gtk Sharp 3.x I am glad to resolving
This is Gtk Sharp 3.x with changing colors into triangle and backgroundThis is Gtk Sharp 3.x with changing colors into triangle and background
Change color for triangleChange color for triangle
triangle was changed to red color.triangle was changed to red color.
And I can change color from background
Changing color for bvackgroundChanging color for bvackground
Initial test with changing colors
I am so happy because I have experience now.

Remember that 2 different "locked" or "ediatable" variable like C# "private readonly Color4" or "private Color4"

It is really great to understand.


layout (location = 0) in vec4 position;
It can't change position from gizmo like transformation

layout (location = 0) uniform vec4 position;
Yeah it can change position from gizmo. because uniform is like "editable" variable.

out vec4 position;
It is like "public variable"

I feel very excited to develop own Game Engine - I hope I have enough experiences.

I hope you understand in or uniform and out

That is my work-in-progress:
My development with example triangle and background color changerMy development with example triangle and background color changer
Admer4561 month ago2018-07-13 14:39:23 UTC 7 comments
So, in my last journal I was talking about the new PC and stuff. Turns out they didn't have any Ryzen 5 1600s in stock, so I went for the Intel Core i5 8400.
Aaand this morning:
The green, mean, Admering machineThe green, mean, Admering machine
I'll finally sleep calmly, knowing that all my problems are now gone. (at least hardware problems)

However, what about the oldies?

I think I'll reuse the 2005 HP Compaq as a home server (holding a DooM II dedicated server, LMAO; but for real, it would be useful since there are some kids in the neighbourhood and it would be messy to install Evolve for them etc.), and the 2007 Fujitsu laptop is going to retire. I'm typing this journal on it right now.
I'll probably keep using it for performance tests and small tasks.
TJB1 month ago2018-07-12 01:22:55 UTC 7 comments
My birthday was the other day, so as a present to myself I got to fly one of these.
Sitting in the cockpitSitting in the cockpit
Flying levelFlying level
Performing a barrel rollPerforming a barrel roll
The instructor showing me how to perform an inside loopThe instructor showing me how to perform an inside loop
My attempt, during which I completely fail to keep the wings levelMy attempt, during which I completely fail to keep the wings level
It was a load of fun, and I'm now thinking of saving up and training to get a pilot's license when I get home.