Suparsonik1 week ago2018-11-05 04:38:35 UTC 6 comments
My birthday was a month ago now!
Alberto3091 week ago2018-10-31 02:41:02 UTC 19 comments

9+((120–21·3+10-4)·2:3-(6·9-(80–18·4)·4)+18):2 = ???

Sp00ky... Right?
JeffMOD2 weeks ago2018-10-25 13:11:20 UTC 6 comments
I don't even really listen to this band anymore lol
Rimrook2 weeks ago2018-10-25 04:51:58 UTC 14 comments
And by that, I mean if things turned for the worse, this journal would say something very different.

I’ve been in the hospital for a week for severe and I mean SEVERE abdominal pain. Before I was in the hospital, I dealt with it for over 6 weeks. When I went in, I was on the brink of a system shutdown. Turns out that I have severe ulcerative colitis. Kinda baffles me because my diet is pretty good, but learning my family has a history of it and that stress is a major cause, well there’s the culprit right there. Everything about my life is stressful. In fact, two days earlier before I had testing for anxiety and depression disorders, as well as a test that might put me on the autism spectrum. So I might have that too. Also, here’s an easy one, (31 + 1).

Sorry for the dump, but better this than “hey brohs Rim’s dead lol here’s access to his online backups have at it!”

Maybe next time. :P
UrbaNebula3 weeks ago2018-10-18 00:20:24 UTC 9 comments
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything... minus ten
Admer4564 weeks ago2018-10-15 20:14:52 UTC 4 comments
On the 15th of October 2007, my laptop was manufactured, probably.
Photo from 2016 or soPhoto from 2016 or so
Happy 11th birthday, old chap. Live long enough and you might just end up in a museum, right where you belong. =)
satchmo4 weeks ago2018-10-15 12:49:05 UTC 4 comments
It's a testament of TWHL's community that I am still returning to this site almost two decades after I first joined.

I no longer map, as I have moved on to other things in life. I still play Portal 2 and Minecraft with my son regularly, nevertheless. I don't play much games on my own now.

I have committed myself to lots of community service projects--donating books to schools, helping old ladies with their smoke detectors, and delivering food to the poor. I read several books a week to keep myself entertained (by the way, you should all read "Turtles All the Way Down" if you haven't already.

I'll be around for decades more. I plan to retire in 12 years, and I will probably devote my time writing fiction. My son would have graduated from college by then. We'll see.
Archie1 month ago2018-09-27 08:32:06 UTC 8 comments
Been a while since I've posted a journal of this nature, but it's been a while since I've made something relevant to you guys.

6 hour shoot, 14 hour edit, grade and sound mix. I am beyond broken, but genuinely proud of this given the time constraints. The clients seemed to really like it too, which is always a bonus.
Lemme know whatcha think!

Tetsu01 month ago2018-09-26 12:29:47 UTC 8 comments
No riddle for you guys today.
Also, ive been a member of TWHL for over Half of my Life.

That's crazy
Striker1 month ago2018-09-24 16:53:32 UTC 5 comments
It's basically a small fridge.
What is your latest weird purchase?

[EDIT] It's been on for more than half an hour an nothing really happened, then all of a sudden I hear a small dripping sound and I'm like "oooohhh your first poop!" pats the dehumidifier
[EDIT2] If anyone expected an /r/jokes style post, I'm sorry, but I'm kinda dried-up on jokes right now.
hfc1 month ago2018-09-23 20:10:57 UTC 3 comments
starts now, because of school.
i hope ill be succeed on school.

My school is mechanical engineering.
I hope it will fun beign a mechanical engineering for a lifetime.

And i hope i will make useful machines. Because i dont want to waste my time for not beign a good engineer.

worst thing is im going to travel 750km for school, without my mom.

I have to cook myself for 8 continuous months.

Im so nerveous. because beign unsuccesful is not an option, because all of those above.
hfc1 month ago2018-09-16 22:54:04 UTC 3 comments
I wasnt know "detail textures" were so cool.

User posted image
User posted image
Hello everyone, I really don't like because you don't listen me. I am very unhappy because you care for Discord. For me not.

Discord was owned by Unity3D Team. And they do like very bad to deafness. I never care to Discord. I am sorry - I don't care Discord now.
I would like to say bye for Twhl.Info now. Thanks for mapping and resolving etc..

I am sorry for everything.

Why I leave now. Reason: You have connection with Discord by Unity3D Team about Facebook connection. That is why I am holding back - I don't care for bad social media. Please promise me! I want decide that PenguinBoy, best admin removes all posts, journals, vaults etc.,.from me. Thanks!

Bye now!
Hello everyone,

I think Solokiller is right because I need learn C++ - I found great explanation from Youtube like

class object oriented programming like SoloKiller writes many C++ files.
I am surprised that is not heavy - It is like simple but I understand how does program print line like
in Console writes out "Hello World"
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv)
cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
return 0;
$ ./helloworld
Hello World!
And I type my name for example:
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv)
string name;
cout << "What is your name? ";
cin >> name;
cout << "Hello " << name << "!" << endl;
return 0;
$ ./hello
What is your name?
Jens <- type of my name
Hello Jens!
Wow I understand now. How does it work? Awesome - I need learn more more 100 %

Why I need learn C++ because Many coders love only C++ but it is almost more than C# but C# can work in C++ ( Mono Jit / Aot Embeddings ) by mkbundle or own hard-coded or write prompt for file into byte code with compression ( If you use zlib )

And class object oriented programming looks like wxWidgets or Gtk+2 / Gtk+3 or X11, Cocoa or winapi..

I know we would like to write Half-Life for 64 Bit support because Half-Life works still x86 Bit and lags always. I don't want who argue always. I don't like illegal just - Who want improve Half-life into strong application if Half-life from 1998 looks very old and incompatible and won't work for GPU support for example. Half-Life can't work for VulkanGL. It happens...

Since Half-Life 2 and Source have support OpenGL 2.x

I would like to improve for 64 Bit version if Valve Software accepts our idea like by TWHL, example Shepard, SoloKiller or SysOp or QueryUS ....

I have found example different version by Java coder has written in C++ but it is really awesome work because C++ movement is very faster than Java LwjGL
He writes Java and C++
3D Game Engine in C++
3D Game Engine in Java

GLFW + GLM + Zlib + vorbis + libjpg + libpng and devIL etc = it looks awesome like real game engine.

Thanks for forcing me and explaining me! I need know about C++ Thanks for explanation! I know how do I understand with C++. I don't ignore your suggestions - I am sorry for my ignorances because I understand C++ now.

Edit awesome tutorials


Entity from GameObject
Door from Entity
Player from Entity

And more. Am I correct for GameObject like component of Game?

GameState like in-game and menu. Is it correct?
Here is 2 skins i made for CS 1.6
Gerat 06

Each skin took 2 days to make. I spend 4 days for them.
Im giving links. I would have embed the pics here but there is a lot of pictures. So im not gonna embed them. Sorry.
These are full feature skins, i added everything i could, from sprites to GUI images. So there is lots of pictures to show all these features.