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Penguinboy3 months ago2022-01-25 01:06:11 UTC 17 comments
Time for a new competition: Bridge the gap!
User posted image

Create a map from the above template!

Happy 2022!
The goal is to create the coolest bridge to allow players to traverse the gap across the canyon.
Any goldsource game is permittable, and any HLDM entries will be added to the HLDM server.

There are no limitations on setting, style or design - be as farfetched and creative as you want, or perhaps you'd rather make something based more in reality.

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Bridge The Gap

Map from Base • Judged (each engine separate)

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.............. --- DAY 7 --- .............. Day 7 : here are the numbers ! initial goal : 370 500€ amount raised : 2€ number of contributors : 2 remaining amount : 370 498€ [https://www...
jamie4 days ago2022-05-16 21:50:05 UTC 2 replies
Yeah, its what i was looking for! Thank you
UrbaNebula4 days ago2022-05-16 20:13:04 UTC 1472 replies
> Lost Coast took place in Ravenholm. I thought it took place in St. Olga...
lifefighter667995454 days ago2022-05-16 18:04:20 UTC 19 replies
this mod looks awesome i cant wait to play it and this mod reminds me of doom 3 and system shock
livewired4 days ago2022-05-16 17:05:52 UTC 0 replies
Here`s a link to Chapo`s Hlbox17b C# code someone might find it useful, its a BSP packer and wad tool, I think it also has click`n`play that downloads and installs maps for you with a single click....

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