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We couldn't just let Valve's 25th Anniversary updates for Half-Life go without a TWHL-style celebration!

So we're announcing the Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Competition - make an all-new vanilla Half-Life deathmatch map!
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Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM Competition

Simple: make an all-new deathmatch map for Half-Life and keep it "vanilla" to stay in the style of the game's standard maps.

Deadline: January 3rd, 2024.

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VERC: Compiling 101

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Half-Life 25th Anniversary: Vanilla HLDM

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Captain P8 hours ago2023-12-09 00:53:51 UTC 2 replies
MESS 1.2.2 is available now

Another hotfix, this fixes an issue with the id() function not returning the targetname of the pa...
You can't prove that a map I submit is not a map I made twenty years ago. It's especially true when the theme of this competition is so generic.
Solokiller1 day ago2023-12-07 19:47:51 UTC 39 replies
= Half-Life Asset Manager V2.0.0 Released

Half-Life Asset Manager V2.0.0 has been released. For more information and a download link see this page:
motherlytailed1 day ago2023-12-07 19:08:46 UTC 105 replies
This is a Nice forum i have got many informative information from this site.
Thank you.
Tarek1 day ago2023-12-07 14:56:00 UTC 4 replies
I mean I can think of some rooms like I said, I just asked if people would have some (additional) ideas for some rooms so I can practice some detailing, cause it wont be good if I just use my own idea...

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