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Unq3 months ago2024-03-18 21:11:16 UTC 1 comment
Yay! The results are in for the Vanilla Half-Life Deathmatch Competition that we hosted in celebration of Half-Life's 25th Anniversary!

Congratulation to the winners, and thank you to all entrants! Some great maps were created for this competition!

See the full results here.
User posted image
First Place: Core Critical by Hezus

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Cabo Fiambre8 hours ago2024-06-18 21:30:39 UTC 4 replies
I think the mod you are describing might be Scientist Slaughterhouse

[|moddb page]

kimilil14 hours ago2024-06-18 15:06:10 UTC 2 replies
Try the <number>_textscheme.txt files at the root of the game/mod folder.
Degeneratus16 hours ago2024-06-18 12:57:04 UTC 2 replies
I did this, but it doesn't work
saenghr1 day ago2024-06-17 19:03:30 UTC 2 replies
Yeah that was the problem. Thanks a lot!
GoldSrcFreeman2 days ago2024-06-16 11:48:07 UTC 4 replies
func_detail can't be water.

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Posted 3 months ago2024-03-06 01:47:32 UTC • Voting closed • 9 comments
Should there be a new poll? (please post interesting poll ideas in the comments, I really struggle to come up with ones)
  • Yes: 65% (26 votes)
  • Isn't this already a new poll?: 25% (10 votes)
  • I never scroll down this far anyway: 5% (2 votes)
  • Bring back the old poll!: 5% (2 votes)
  • No: 0% (0 votes)