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Penguinboy4 days ago2022-01-25 01:06:11 UTC 3 comments
Time for a new competition: Bridge the gap!
User posted image

Create a map from the above template!

Happy 2022!
The goal is to create the coolest bridge to allow players to traverse the gap across the canyon.
Any goldsource game is permittable, and any HLDM entries will be added to the HLDM server.

There are no limitations on setting, style or design - be as farfetched and creative as you want, or perhaps you'd rather make something based more in reality.

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Bridge The Gap

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Meerjel012 days ago2022-01-27 12:06:07 UTC 6 replies
Yes it might have been removed. But the Xbox research repo on the top might give someone a clue how to work with making custom tools. Isn't the CSTs open sourced? Cause that would be a good start I th...
tschumann2 days ago2022-01-27 10:38:37 UTC 2 replies
Yep that looks like it - thank you!
I didn't have heaps of time to track it down but they're defined in sounds/sentences.tx (HEV_TRIPMINE for example) - not sure where they get played in the code but CBasePlayer::SetSuitUpdate looks rel...
So, this is probably a common error, but I tried copying the door from the first level to the second level (both of them having the same global name) and I ran the map. I found that the door on the fi...
Stojke3 days ago2022-01-25 22:08:28 UTC 1 reply
Whoa nice topic, dis gon be good

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