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Penguinboy5 months ago2021-07-28 07:23:40 UTC 2 comments
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The inevitable Source version of the TWHL Tower project is under way! Whether you're already a Source mapper or new to the engine, TWHL Tower: Source is the perfect chance for anybody to dust off Hammer and create a level in this collaborative mod! Creators are given a template with 1280x1280x256 of available space - what you do with that space is up to you. All skill levels are welcome, so check it out! Submissions are open until December 1st 2021.

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UbOh10 hours ago2022-01-22 09:56:15 UTC 2 replies
I tried setting the flag with func_breakable, func_door and func_illusionary. All of them got deleted with "SUB_Remove called on entity with health > 0", without generating paths. But, building two...
Solokiller1 day ago2022-01-21 18:46:35 UTC 63 replies
= Half-Life Updated betas released Half-Life Updated, Half-Life: Opposing Force Updated and Half-Life: Blue Shift Updated betas have been released: Half-Life Updated:
Meerjel011 day ago2022-01-21 18:14:48 UTC 0 replies
Can someone work with compiler tool source codes here? I still can't let go of the vanishing of the Xbox tools so I would want someone to work on new ones. [
That's because the tutorial was originally written for Sven Co-op, and Svengine (modified GoldSRC) has higher limits.
Dr. Orange2 days ago2022-01-20 11:29:07 UTC 49 replies
Hey, everyone! So we're now past the submission deadline. As I said in the previous announcement, I won't have as much time to dedicate to the project within the near future as I'd like to, so it migh...

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