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Competition 6 - Scripted!

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Plenty of entries came in, and the standard was very high as well. I had (once again) a tough time judging these maps. In some ways it's not even fair for me to rank them, because I'm only judging what I see - if your map didn't win but you learnt something from making it, then yes! You're a winner!

Anyway, as I said, the maps are of high quality, so make sure you try them all out. And try these ones as well, because they very nearly made it (alphabetical order, BTW :))





The Results

trophy map pic A Bad Day, by Tlax


That title just about sums up Half-Life's story-line too, and with the scripting in this map, you'd be forgiven for thinking for a while that you were playing a chapter of the original! 'Nuff said, I reckon. Download it, play it, and make sure you have a look at the RMF as well.

trophy map pic Another Day, by Jackar


This map comes packed with a great concept: random triggering of sequences. Have a look in the RMF to see how it's all set up (and it's quite a lot of work). It all comes together very well and, well, works.

trophy map pic Bad Day, by DocRock


Another map called 'Bad Day'? What's going on here then? smile - :) Well, it turns out that way for the computer repair man and his trusty security guard. I just like the kind of polished feel this map has - from the rat on the crate to the second scientist wandering past the door. And the conversation is amusing as well. DocRock's done a good job of sifting through the hundereds available to find the most suitable. After all, there weren't any computer repair men in Half-Life, as far as I remember.